Honur Hill

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Honur Hill
Honur Hill.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Region Vabbi
Type Outpost
Party size 8
Exit(s) Resplendent Makuun
The Mirror of Lyss
Honur Hill world map.jpg
On the world map
Honur Hill inside.jpg
A view inside

Honur Hill is situated at along the road that leads to the more opulent areas of Vabbi, namely the areas under the control of Prince Bokka the Magnificent.

A rag-tag community of artists, actors, and other unsavory types, the natives of Honur Hill make their living fleecing wealthy patrons on their way to the Bokka Amphitheatre. If you need a reproduction statue of Grenth or some fake memoirs of a Prince of Vabbi, the merchants of Honur Hill will be happy to oblige you. Otherwise, hold on to your purse with both hands and walk fast.

— in-game description

Getting there[edit]

The primary quest All's Well That Ends Well will lead through here as you attempt to gain an audience with Prince Bokka the Magnificent. This outpost is located at the southeastern corner of the Mirror of Lyss, east from the Kodash Bazaar.


Quests available[edit]




(all level 20)

Other allies[edit]

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