In Defense of Theatre

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In Defense of Theatre
Section Vabbi Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Royal Finance Minister Oluda
in Honur Hill
Required hero Goren
Preceded by Valley of the Rifts‎
Type Secondary quest
(Difficulty: Master)
In Defense of Theatre map.png
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Travel to Resplendent Makuun and protect Prince Bokka's theatre against the besieging Margonite demons.

Quest information[edit]


  • Required hero: Goren


  • Travel to Resplendent Makuun and protect the theatre against the besieging demons.
  • See Prince Bokka the Magnificient [sic] for your reward.



For this quest, Prince Bokka will spawn in the northeastern plaza, in the vicinity of the resurrection shrine, rather than his usual location in the throne room. This is also where the enemies are headed.

When you arrive at the quest marker, four Margonite groups will spawn outside and split up and approach from both sides of the central stairway. Confront the groups on one side to avoid letting them join up; even if the other groups slip past you, there is a delay before they will attack Bokka, so you have plenty of time.

You also have time to set traps or spirits on the stairs before the party triggers the quest start. Take advantage of the natural choke-points (such as narrow archways & stairs) that the party can retreat to and block/hold off the Margonites.

If you have some difficulties and wipe, there is a resurrection shrine near Bokka, so you should still be able to complete the quest.




Demons (Margonites)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Royal Finance Minister Oluda
[Difficulty: Master]
"They're coming to get Prince Bokka! The rifts have opened! Quick. You must get to the theatre and help the guards beat back the demons before they hurt the prince!"
Yes Accept: "Consider them beaten back."
No Decline: "I have to see a guy about a thing."
Ask Ask: "What are you doing!? Get to the GATES and take care of those demons before they hurt the prince!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Prince Bokka the Magnificent
"I really wish you didn't have to leave, but if Varesh isn't stopped, these rifts will tear apart the very fabric of reality itself! Why, it could destroy more than even my vast demesnes."
"You've saved my life twice now, so the least I can do is give you this. Now go on, save the world, <Character name>. Win this one for the Bokkas...and the Gorens...everywhere!"