Chaos Rift

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Chaos Rift
Chaos Rift.jpg
Type Interactive object
Campaign Core

Chaos Rifts are portals to the Realm of Torment, summoned by servants of Abaddon. They are formed in the Shadow Nexus and were originally a means made by the Five Gods for their servants to access the Realm of Torment.


Guards of Chaos Rifts[edit]

In Tyria, Cantha and Istan, Chaos Rifts are often guarded by Wrathful Storms (Lvl 24), Grasp of Insanity (18, 22), and Torment Claws (20, 22, 24).

In Vabbi, Chaos Rifts are often guarded by several Margonites, Torment Claws (24), and in Sebelkeh Basilica Mission, The Blasphemy (27).

In Gate of Madness Mission, the Chaos Rifts summoned by the Undead Lich are guarded by Titan Abominations (Lvl 28), Armageddon Lords (28), Margonites (24, 28), Torment Demons (all 28) and Portal Wraiths (24). In this mission, if you do not attack the five rifts, the Portal Wraiths will summon Torment Claws, Margonites and Torment Demons.


A Chaos Rift as seen in Dragon Festival.
  • Chaos Rifts also appeared in the Dragon Festival 2006, with prop duplicates appearing in subsequent Dragon Festivals.
  • Although the Portal Wraiths summon servants of Abaddon, the Wraiths themselves are not servants; the spell Lightbringer's Gaze is ineffective against these, as well as the Tyrian Titans.
  • In Factions and Prophecies, Chaos Rifts require the player to stand next to the object until the rift is no longer factioned to the enemy.
  • In Nightfall, Chaos Rifts require players to defeat all surrounding foes.
  • In the Mists, Chaos Rifts require players to defeat the Portal Wraiths.
  • While under attack, the Portal Wraiths can still summon demons.