Haiju Lagoon (mission)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a Dragon Festival mission. This name is also used for an explorable area, an explorable area during Winds of Change, a Zaishen vanquish quest, and a landmark.
Haiju Lagoon
Haiju Lagoon (mission) map.jpg
Event Dragon Festival
Region Shing Jea Island
Type Cooperative
Party size 4

The first of the reenactment missions offered during the Dragon Festival.

Mission information[edit]


  • Destroy the "chaos rifts" in Haiju Lagoon. [0...8] rifts destroyed.



Walkthrough map

Enter via Captain Rujiyo in Shing Jea Monastery. Opening the mission map will show you the locations of the rifts. Red flags are open rifts, blue ones are closed ones. The Chaos Rifts can be reopened by patrolling mobs, so be sure you kill all enemies in the surrounding area.

Make your way to rift 1 --> 2 --> 3 --> 4. Then backtrack (walk the same way back) all the way to rift number two, this prevents other popups. From there go to rift 5 --> 6 --> 7. After you have finished closing all these 7 rifts, start making your way towards rift number 8, you will find that it's an island. Take a lap around the island first, to kill the patrol mobs, after you've done that, pull the mobs that are guarding this last rift.


  • Bring hexes and skills that inflict conditions and spam targets for your heroes, they will quickly dispose of the foes.
  • Make your target priority Wrathful Storms (area of effect damage), Banished Dream Riders, Scythes of Chaos, then Grasps of Insanity.
    • If your party can spread apart to avoid having 2 or more party members being hit by the Wrathful Storms' area of effect damage, then the target priority can be Banished Dream Riders, Scythes of Chaos, Wrathful Storms, then Grasps of Insanity.






Introductory dialogue[edit]

Captain Rujiyo: "Places, everyone, places. *Ahem* Canthans, our troops report enemy forces arriving en masse. Check in with me to receive battle orders!"
Imperial Guard Musashi: "Captain! Enemy forces have been sighted all across Haiju Lagoon."
Captain Rujiyo: "Do we have spare troops to that region?"
Imperial Guard Musashi: "No Captain, all troops are currently engaged."
Captain Rujiyo: "We need to organize anyone with fighting experience. Those rifts must be closed!"
Captain Rujiyo: "Get back to the lagoon and monitor their movements. I'll send reinforcements as soon as I can."
Imperial Guard Musashi: "Yes, Captain. Right away!"

Entry dialogue[edit]

Captain Rujiyo
"My troops have received reports of rifts opening across Haiju Lagoon. The enemy is using these portals to conquer the small villages on the eastern half of the island. We've called for mainland reinforcements, but they've yet to arrive. We desperately need the help of skilled individuals such as you. Will you serve the emperor?"
Accept: "Yes, I am ready to help the emperor."
Decline: "Not right now, I'm busy."


  • This mission is only available for a 30 minute period on the schedule set for the Dragon Festival.
  • The average completion time for the quest is 20 minutes.
  • The actors share the same racial traits as the creatures they imitate and thus only corpses from Demon and Wurm actors are exploitable.


  • 50 Jade Wind Orbs was the reward in 2006
  • In addition to the monsters listed above, Terrorweb Dryders also appeared during Dragon Festival 2006.
  • In subsequent years, all quests and missions were re-enactments of the first year's events. As such, the original monsters were replaced with actors and the rifts with pinwheels.