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Formatting guideline

This page is an accepted formatting guideline on the Guild Wars Wiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all contributors should follow. Before editing this page, it is suggested to gather consensus on the talk page first.


This article provides information on starting, expanding on and completing articles about Missions in Guild Wars.

Syntax and example[edit]

{{Location disambiguation|<location name>}}
{{Mission infobox
| name = Mission Title
| campaign = Campaign
| region = Region
| type = Cooperative/Competitive/Challenge/Elite
| partysize = 1, 4, 6 or 8 (defaults to 8)
| requiredhero = <Hero name>
| duration = Short/Medium/Long/Very long
| preceded by = [[Quest Title]] or [[Prev Mission Title]]
| followed by = [[Quest Title]] or [[Next Mission Title]]

An overview of the mission will go in here.  It might describe
some context for the mission, mention the objectives and provide
a summary of the Walkthrough section.

==Mission information==

<!-- Anything which you need before you can enter the mission (not quests or missions) -->

<!-- Mission description, copied verbatim from ingame -->
* Objective 1.
* Objective 2.
* ADDED: Objective 1.
* *BONUS* Objective 1.

<!-- See the main template page at [[Template:Mission rewards]] for detailed usage -->
<!-- For Nightfall and Factions, don't forget to specifiy the bonus requirements and rewards. Also specify the reputation reward type --> 
{{Template:Mission rewards|<Campaign name [Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall & Eye of the North]>
<!-- Completely describe the steps required to complete the mission -->

<!-- Provide a walkthrough of what is required for the bonus -->

===Hard mode===
<!-- Optionally describe how to solve the mission in hard mode if there are differences from normal mode -->

===Skill recommendations===
<!-- Suggest types of skills which will assist the player in completing the mission -->

==Interactive objects==
<!-- Objects used while performing the quest (such as levers, bundles) -->

<!-- List all creatures found in the mission. See the basic outline below for more info on proper listing -->

[[Human]]s     <!-- creature type (in plural), i.e. [[Dragon]]s, [[Human]]s, [[Plant]]s -->
*{{p}} 20 (20) [[Kormir]]

<!-- A list of non-boss foes which could be encountered in the mission: -->
[[Demon]]s ([[Margonite]]s)     <!-- creature type (in plural), i.e. [[Demon]]s, [[Human]]s, [[Plant]]s -->
*{{w}} 24 (24) [[Margonite Executioner]]
*{{r}} 24 (24) [[Margonite Bowmaster]]
*{{mo}} 24 (24) [[Margonite Cleric]]
* and so on...

<!-- bosses and any (elite) skills / greens found in this mission. -->
[[Mummy|Mummies]] ([[Undead]])     <!-- affiliation in brackets, i.e. [[Undead]], [[Kurzick]]s, [[Torment creature]]s -->
*{{w}} 28 (28) [[Avah the Crafty]] &rarr; [[Elite skill]] ([[Unique item]])
*{{n}} 28 (28) [[Nehmak the Unpleasant]] &rarr; [[Signet of Suffering]]

<!-- Transcription of cutscene dialogues. -->

<!-- Any additional notes that are not covered by the walkthrough -->

<!-- For all your mission trivia needs -->

<!-- Navigation templates -->
<!-- add in the navigation template for the campaign of the mission -->
{{Nightfall Missions}}

<!-- Categories -->
<!-- Add any additional categories not automatically added by the template -->

Basic Outline[edit]

Article header[edit]

The following should always be placed at the beginning of the article.

Use the {{Location disambiguation}} template to redirect users if they weren't looking for this mission article. If the mission article is a stub, use the {{mission-stub}} template to add the page to Category:Mission stubs.

In Factions, certain mission names are shared by two outposts (one for each faction). For that case, use {{Faction mission outpost link}}.

Mission infobox template[edit]

Use the {{Mission infobox}} to create the info box. See the template page for detailed instructions. Example usage:

{{Mission infobox
| name = Gate of Desolation
| campaign = Nightfall
| region = The Desolation 
| type = Cooperative
| duration = Long
| preceded by = [[Crossing the Desolation]]
| followed by = [[A Deal's a deal]]}}
The name of the mission. This parameter also specifies the file name of a map showing the mission route and points of interest for the mission. The image is automatically resized to 250 pixels wide.
An image for the map may be specified but should only be used if a different width needs to be specified.
The campaign in which this mission belongs. Mandatory.
The region where this mission is located. Mandatory.
The type of the mission; "Cooperative", "Competitive", "Elite", or "Challenge". Mandatory.
Categorize the mission length as "Short", "Medium" or "Long". "Very long" can be used for elite missions. Can be omitted.
preceded by 
The name of the quest or mission which immediately preceded this mission. Can be omitted if not required.
followed by 
The name of the quest or mission that the player must undertake to continue the storyline. Can be omitted if not required.

Preferably, stick to the order shown above for consistency.


Provide an overview of the mission to help the reader get to grips with the basics of what is expected of them in the mission. This might include some context for the mission in the story, a review of the objectives of the mission, a statement about the perceived length or toughness of the mission, or step through the main points of the included walkthrough for the mission. If the mission article as a whole is short this section can be omitted.

Mission information[edit]

Details about the mission.


Note anything which you need to have to enter the mission, such as a particular hero in your party. This does not include prerequisite quests or missions, as those are recorded in the infobox.


Transcribe the objectives as given in the Log screen during the mission.


If rewards are tiered (i.e, Standard / Expert / Master), show in a table how the bonus objectives relate to the rewards tier. Only include any XP, gold or Skill Point rewards if they are different from those usually rewarded for missions in the campaign. If the rewards are not tiered do not include this section.


Provide a walkthrough for the primary objective for the mission. Provide a basic strategy for completing the mission and note any problems, with tricks for avoiding them. Listing every single group and patrol encountered and how to pull them is too detailed; however, indicating the number of groups you might encounter on the way and noting any complicated patrol routes is not. Refer to locations on the map for the mission to simplify the description. Try to integrate notes or tips into this section rather than creating a separate "Notes" or "Tips" section.


Provide a walkthrough of how the mission's bonus objective(s) can be completed. Again refer to the map to simplify the description. This section is not necessary if the bonus is based on mission completion time, as long as the steps given in the Walkthrough are sufficient to achieve the time required for the Master's reward.

Hard mode[edit]

If the walkthrough for hard mode differs sufficiently from normal mode, describe the walk through (including bonus and skill recommendations) for hard mode here.

Skill recommendations[edit]

Provide any skill tips which players can use to help make a build to easily, or at least successfully, complete the mission. Suggest by skill function rather than actual skills or professions, as not everyone has all the elites or all of the campaigns.

Interactive objects[edit]

List key objects that are to be found in this quest (i.e. Levers, Bundles). If possible, these should be marked on the relevant map. Ordering should be by alphabet.


List all NPCs encountered in the mission. Group them by species, then order them by profession (according to the in-game ordering, see: Guild Wars Wiki:Formatting/Professions). Additional ordering should be done by level and alphabet.


List any NPCs included in the mission whom you must protect, who help you, or who simply follow you around. If there are no allies then this section should be omitted.


List all hostile NPCs which you might encounter during the mission.


List the bosses in this mission including any elite skills which might be captured from them and any unique items they drop. If possible, these should be marked on the mission map also.


Transcribe any cutscene dialogues in the mission. Use sub-headers and indenting where necessary.


Mention any bugs, side quests, or notes on skill capture. If there is nothing in this section it should be omitted.


Capture any trivia or easter eggs in this section. If there is nothing in this section it should be omitted.

Article footer[edit]

The following should always be placed at the end of the article.


Include the navigation aid template for the mission's campaign.


The page is automatically put into categories for missions by campaign and missions by type using the template. If possible add further categories to the template first rather than adding them to each mission page.