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Formatting guideline

This page is an accepted formatting guideline on the Guild Wars Wiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all contributors should follow. Before editing this page, it is suggested to gather consensus on the talk page first.

This article provides a guideline to standardise usage of profession related templates.

Profession ordering, colors and icons[edit]

Each profession is identified by a unique icon for that profession and the following color codes have been selected to represent the professions on the Guild Wars Wiki. For information grouped by profession, always use the profession ordering seen on the character creation screen, Skills and Attributes Panel or Heroes tab on the Party Search panel, which is ordered as follows:

Profession Icon Tint color Background color Border color Color template
Warrior Warrior {{w}} #FFC #FF8 #EA3 {{w-color}}
Ranger Ranger {{r}} #EFC #CF9 #5A0 {{r-color}}
Monk Monk {{mo}} #CEF #ACF #44B {{mo-color}}
Necromancer Necromancer {{n}} #CFE #9FC #0A5 {{n-color}}
Mesmer Mesmer {{me}} #EDF #DAF #80A {{me-color}}
Elementalist Elementalist {{e}} #FDD #FBB #B33 {{e-color}}
Assassin Assassin {{a}} #FEF #FCE #A08 {{a-color}}
Ritualist Ritualist {{rt}} #DFF #BFF #0AA {{rt-color}}
Paragon Paragon {{p}} #FEC #FC9 #960 {{p-color}}
Dervish Dervish {{d}} #EEF #DDF #77C {{d-color}}
Any Any {{any}} #EEE #DDD #666 {{any-color}}

"Any" refers to items and skills that can be used by any profession. These items and skills are also referred to as "Common".

The following templates are also available for use for situations where a normal profession does not apply:

Profession Icon Tint color Background color Border color Color template
Unknown None {{x}} #EEE #DDD #666 {{x-color}}
Monster Monster {{monster}} #EEE #DDD #666 {{x-color}}

Profession-independent items or skills are always sorted below those that are profession-specific. Monster skills are always sorted at the bottom.

Color templates[edit]

In order to simplify the usage of the standard colors and eliminate the need to memorise the codes, templates have been implemented to represent each color for each profession. These templates can be used to simplify the insertion of the standard colors into articles. Example usage:


Where xxx is one of the following values:

  • lighter
  • light
  • dark

An alternate set of values that could be used are:

  • tint (same as lighter)
  • background (same as light)
  • border (same as dark)

If xxx is not specified, the default value is light, although leaving it as the default is discouraged.

Aside from special circumstances, always attempt to use the more appropriate set of color values - either lighter-light-dark or tint-background-border. Avoid mixing them up.

Icon templates[edit]

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