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Party Search panel (Europe)

The Party Search panel (default keyboard shortcut [P]) allows players to search for a party for questing and missions, for trading, hunting (e.g. for elite skills), and guild requests.


Players tab[edit]

Party Search example

In this tab you can search for human party members. You can use up to 31 characters to describe your request in the description field. The dropdown menu lets you specify the request type (Mission, Quest, Hunt, Guild and Trade). To submit a request, check on the Seek party checkbox. This checkbox can also be activated by pressing Enter in the description field. Doing so will create chat message, <character name>: <text> (Party search). Alternatively, you can create a chat message that will automatically create an entry using the keywords, WTB, WTS, or LFG. Alternatively, you can create a listing by entering in an appropriate chat message.

In European districts only: Show districts in other language allows you to view all entries regardless of the language used in the originating district.

This tab cannot be selected in a guild hall. During special event finales, this tab might not display any entries if the town (e.g. Shing Jea Monastery during the Canthan New Year finale day) has a large number of districts and your character is in a high numbered district.

Symbols used[edit]

Party search invitation.jpg You have requested an invitation to an existing group
Party search invited.jpg You are invited to a group, double click or click the Join button to join the party.
Party search normal party.jpg This party has one out of four members.
Party search green party.jpg This party has three out of the maximum 4 members for the area. If you join this party, it will become complete as indicated by a green number. The number in brackets indicates the quantity of heroes/henchmen within the party
Party search red party.jpg This party has four out of four members. Your current party is too large to join this one as indicated by a red number. The number in brackets indicates the quantity of heroes/henchmen within the party.
Party search same district.jpg Both parties are located in the same district as indicated using green writing.
Party search other district.jpg This party is in another district. If you join, the smaller party will travel to the larger party's district. If both parties have the same size, the invited party will change districts.

Heroes tab[edit]

This tab shows all available heroes for your character. You can select a hero and click on Add hero to add them to your party or use the Kick button to dismiss them. Alternatively, you can double-click on a hero's name to add or remove them from the party. This tab cannot be selected if your roleplaying character has not recruited any heroes or if your PvP-only character is on an account that has not unlocked any heroes. Heroes are sorted by profession order. If the tab is open as a new hero is recruited, they will temporarily appear at the bottom of the list instead. Similarly, if a hero levels up or changes secondary profession while the tab is open, their respective level does not update in the list.

Henchman tab[edit]

Lists all henchmen available in the current guild hall, outpost or town. You may select one and click on Add henchman to add them to your party or use the Kick button to dismiss them. Alternatively, double-click on a henchman's name to add or remove them from the party. Henchmen are not sorted by any particular order.


Bug Bug.After approximately eight and a half hours, your entry in the Players tab will be deleted.


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