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The Canthan New Year finale is a time when the Celestial Animal will visit Shing Jea Monastery to bring in the new year. Please the celestial and be rewarded with good fortune for the year, offend the celestial and face misfortune. The visiting Celestial Animal for each year depends on the Chinese zodiac on the Chinese calendar.


Five chefs have been honored to prepare the feast for the celestial. Each chef requires different ingredients for his dish, and players will be asked to supply these ingredients. An eight minute countdown timer will appear, and players in the district are required to give the ingredients to the chef. Chefs will give a Lunar Token in exchange for each ingredient. Each ingredient is a salvage item (i.e. Half-Eaten Blob and Ebon Spider Web) or trophy that only drops in Prophecies or Factions; some of them can be awarded from a Sack of Random Junk.

Imperial Chef Yan (Appetizers) Imperial Chef Reun (Salad) Imperial Chef Jiong (Soup) Imperial Chef Chen (Main Course) Imperial Chef Tian (Dessert)

Once all five dishes have been successfully completed or the countdown timer reaches zero, the celestial will appear. Once the rewards or punishment is given, the celestial will roam around the monastery. If all five dishes were successfully completed, it will be followed by a group of similar animal NPCs (i.e. the Celestial Tiger will be followed by Tigers as seen in the accompanying image). The celestial will then depart the monastery, along with the group of animals.

Level 2 Tiger NPCs following the Celestial Tiger
Celestial Animal Animal1 Finale introduced in
Celestial Pig Pig (Warthog) 2007
Celestial Rat Rat (Jahai Rat) 2008
Celestial Ox Ox (Water Buffalo) 2009
Celestial Tiger Tiger 2010
Celestial Rabbit Rabbit (Brown Rabbit) 2011
Celestial Dragon Dragon (Kuunavang) 2012
Celestial Snake Snake (Krait Neoss) 2013
Celestial Horse Horse (Stone Scale Kirin) 2014
Celestial Sheep Sheep (Dolyak) 2015
Celestial Monkey Monkey (Cloudtouched Simian) 2016
Celestial Rooster Rooster (Phoenix) 2017
Celestial Dog Dog (White Wolf) 2018
  1. Level 2 animals that follow the Celestial Animal around at the end of a finale. Is also the appearance that is applied to player characters via a disguise (e.g. Snake Form in 2013) if zero dishes were successfully completed. The creature name displayed in brackets is the appearance used for the animal if it differs from the name used for the animal.


After the celestial feast has been offered, all player characters in Shing Jea Monastery (including those in Shing Jea Boardwalk) will be rewarded with prizes in their inventory based on how many successful dishes are presented to the Celestial Animal in that district. If zero dishes were successfully completed, all player characters in the district will be turned into the current year's animal for less than 30 seconds.

A district affected by Pig Form for failing to please the Celestial Pig
Lion Mask.png
Lion Mask
Red Gift Bag.png
Red Gift Bags
Crate of Fireworks.png
Crate(s) of Fireworks1
Celestial Summoning Stone.png
Celestial Summoning Stones2
0   1 2 0 0
1    4 1
2    6 2
3    9 3
4    12 4
5 3 16 5 5
1 From 2008 onwards.
2 From 2010 onwards.
3 In 2007, a Miniature Pig was awarded in districts with five successful dishes.


Welcome dialogue[edit]

Coordinator Tahyaa: Everyone! The time for the feast approaches! Soon, the great celestial will arrive to bring in the new year!
Coordinator Tahyaa: Gather 'round! Our skilled Canthan chefs will require your help to prepare the meal for the great celestial. They need specific ingredients for each succulent dish.
Coordinator Tahyaa: When a chef needs a particular ingredient, he will shout out for everyone to bring that ingredient to him.
Coordinator Tahyaa: Remember, every completed meal will add to all our fortunes in the coming year through the blessing we shall receive from the great celestial.
Coordinator Tahyaa: Chefs, prepare your meals!

Feast preparation[edit]

Imperial Chef Yan: I need some <ingredient> for the appetizer dish. Do not hesitate to bring it to me!
Imperial Chef Reun: I need some <ingredient> for my delicious salad. Bring some to me. Quickly!
Imperial Chef Jiong: My soup requires <ingredient>. Bring some to me immediately!
Imperial Chef Chen: Excuse me, if anyone has any <ingredient> they could spare, please come and see me.
Imperial Chef Tian: Can anyone spare some <ingredient>? Pretty Please?

Arrival of the celestial[edit]

Coordinator Tahyaa: The great celestial approaches. Chefs, prepare to present your dishes!
Coordinator Tahyaa: People of Cantha, bow to honor our guest, the great celestial.
Coordinator Tahyaa: Great celestial, bringer of fortune for the coming year, we have prepared a meal we hope will please you.

Presenting the feast[edit]

Imperial Chef Yan: Oh venerable celestial, I have prepared for you a lovely appetizer to spark your palate and prepare your taste buds for the sumptuous dishes to follow.
Imperial Chef Yan: I present to you my creation, spicy hot griffon wings! (If dish was successful)
Imperial Chef Yan: I fear my dish could not be completed in time to present to you, great celestial. I give you my most humble apologies and hope the sumptuous dishes to come will alleviate my dishonor. (If dish was unsuccessful)
Imperial Chef Reun: Good celestial, I have created for you a masterful medley of mixed greens, a wondrous alpine salad you shall still taste even when you return to the heavens. (If dish was successful)
Imperial Chef Reun: I apologize, oh great one. My attempted creation was simply too fanciful to craft and failed in the end, though the beauty of its very concept astounds me still. I hope you feel the same way. (If dish was unsuccessful)
Imperial Chef Jiong: Today, I have crafted for you, oh great celestial, a delicate kappa shell soup with a tantalizing aroma and a light, but piquant flavor that has no flaw. I have no doubt that once you try this divine concoction, you too, great celestial, shall feel the same. (If dish was successful)
Imperial Chef Jiong: My soup would have been flawless, a consommé worthy of a god, if I had but more time to perfect the recipe. I shall prove to you when you next return that I can prepare correctly that which went wrong today. (If dish was unsuccessful)
Imperial Chef Chen: It is an honor to stand before you great celestial, and to be allowed to cook for such a divine connoisseur. I hope good fortune goes with you in the coming year.
Imperial Chef Chen: I have prepared for you this day a sizzling azure steak broiled to perfection with a side of steamed spider legs and a delicious butter unctuous dipping sauce, all served in a half-shell. It is a dish I call scurry and turfy. I hope you enjoy. (If dish was successful)
Imperial Chef Chen: I must profess my utmost apologies, great celestial. I was given the honor to cook for you and I have failed. I hope our final dish, the dessert, will appease your delicate palate after this failed creation. (If dish was unsuccessful)
Imperial Chef Tian: Honorable celestial, I sincerely hope this desert[sic] provides the perfect denouement to a delightful meal. I present to you an exquisite confection of my own creation, Canthan Truffle Delight. (If dish was successful)
Imperial Chef Tian: I fear my dessert has been a failure, great celestial. In my grand attempt to truly impress you, I foolishly took on a dish too difficult to complete. It was an honor to be allowed the opportunity to cook for you, and I am shamed by my failure. (If dish was unsuccessful)
Coordinator Tahyaa: I have bad news, one and all. The great celestial is not pleased! we[sic] have produced not a single dish worthy of its greatness. I fear that bad fortune shall follow us throughout the year. (If zero dishes were successful)
Coordinator Tahyaa: Everyone, take pride! We have produced a single dish to please the great celestial! Some good fortune shall be ours in the coming year. Let us celebrate! (If one dish was successful)
Coordinator Tahyaa: Missing (If two dishes were successful)
Coordinator Tahyaa: Missing (If three dishes were successful)
Coordinator Tahyaa: Missing (If four dishes were successful)
Coordinator Tahyaa: I have wonderful news everyone! We have produced five dishes that have pleased the great celestial! Good fortune will overflow for all in the coming year! Let us celebrate this great event and ring in the fortune that await us in the new year! (If all five dishes were successful)
Coordinator Tahyaa: You will be pleased to know that the celestial has decided to alleviate our misfortune for this year, but only if we promise to provide an even more massive feast for it upon its return. I have, of course, agreed to this deal! (Only if all five dishes were not successful)

Celebrating the new year[edit]

Coordinator Tahyaa: The celestial has feasted! It is now time to move forward and celebrate the new year! (If all five dishes were successful)
Coordinator Tahyaa: It has long been Canthan tradition to don ceremonial headdresses and dance with the great celestial to drive off bad spirits for the coming year!
Coordinator Tahyaa: Of course, what is a ceremonial headdress dance with no ceremonial headdresses? Thankfully, the emperor, in his infinite kindness and benevolence, has provided for one and all!
Coordinator Tahyaa: Commence the fireworks! Ring in the new year! Let the celebration begin. Dance, Canthans, dance!
Coordinator Tahyaa: Alas good friends, all parties must come to an end. It is time for the celestial to return to the heavens, let us all join together and thank the great celestial to return to the heavens, let us all join together and thank the great celestial for bringing us fortune in the new year!


  • The Canthan New Year finale often sees many guilds and alliances "sponsoring" a district - providing all the ingredients for the feast. To find out whether a district is being sponsored, look in the Party Search panel or ask in the chat window.
Anomaly Anomaly.If your inventory is full when giving an ingredient to a chef, he will take the ingredient, but you will not receive a Lunar Token.
Anomaly Anomaly.If you are in the boardwalk during the finale you may see the entire finale dialogue when you return to the monastery proper after the event is complete. The dialogue might also loop several times in a row at random times when you're still in the boardwalk.