Imperial Chef Yan

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Imperial Chef Yan
Imperial chef m.jpg
Affiliation Celestial Ministry
Type Human
Level(s) 10
Campaign Factions

Imperial Chef Yan is one of the five chefs given the honor of cooking for the celestials during the Canthan New Year. His feast dish for the celestial is the appetizer, spicy hot griffon wings.



Prior to Canthan New Year finale:

"Hello, my name is Yan. Some people say I can cook. I have a grave responsibility my friend, and it is one that requires outside help if I am to please the great celestial. I am preparing the first dish the celestial will feast upon... the appetizer, if you will... that will set the tone for the entire feast. If the celestial is not pleased with the first course, the entire meal will be ruined! I need the following ingredients:"
Iridescent Griffon Wings
Tangled Seeds
Fiery Crests
Smoking Remains
"Bring me all of these ingredients for the arrival of the celestial, and I will be forever in you debt."

While requesting ingredients:

"I am really in need of some <ingredient> to give this appetizer the zest it so desperately needs. Do you have any on you? Check your pockets."
Ask You're in luck. I have just what you need!!
"You do not have the ingredient?! What good are you?"
No I'm afraid I can't help you with that ingredient. (If ingredient requested is not in inventory.)
"Mmm...yes. This will do the trick quite nicely. Thank you." (If ingredient requested is in inventory.)

After preparing his dish:

"A delicious plate of spicy griffon wings would even make a vegetarian's mouth water! I am so proud of how my dish turned out. I could not have done it without everyone's help. Thank you." (If dish was successful.)
"I had hopes my spicy hot griffon wings would be fit for the great celestial. They turned out worse than a greasy pork sandwich served with a pile of moa droppings." (If dish was unsuccessful.)


When requesting ingredients:

"I need some <ingredient> for the appetizer dish. Do not hesitate to bring it to me."

When presenting to the celestial:

"Oh venerable celestial, I have prepared for you a lovely appetizer to spark your palate and prepare your taste buds for the sumptuous dishes to follow."
"I present to you my creation, spicy hot griffon wings!." (If dish was successful.)
"I fear my dish could not be completed in time to present to you, great celestial. I give you my most humble apologies and hope the sumptuous dishes to come will alleviate my dishonor." (If dish was unsuccessful.)


  • Name based off either North American TV cooking shows: "Yan Can Cook" (featuring Chef Martin Yan) and "Wok With Yan" (featuring Stephen Yan).
  • All Imperial Chefs wear an Iron Ladle.

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