Imperial Chef Chen

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Imperial Chef Chen
Imperial chef m.jpg
Affiliation Celestial Ministry
Type Human
Level(s) 10
Campaign Factions

Imperial Chef Chen is one of the five chefs given the honor of cooking for the celestials during the Canthan New Year. He is tasked with cooking the main course, a creation he calls scurry and turfy: azure steaks with a side of spider legs drenched in an unctuous cream sauce served on the half shell.



Prior to Canthan New Year finale:

"Hello there. Here, taste this! Is it not grand? I have been blessed with the opportunity to create the celestial’s main course, and I am planning an intricate and exquisite dish. I do, however, need help gathering the following ingredients:"
Igneous Spider Legs
Ebon Spider Legs
Bonesnap Shells
Azure Crests
Unctuous Remains
"Bring me each and every gastronomic component so that I might please the celestial during the festival. I am counting on you!"

While requesting ingredients:

"The main dish is extremely complicated: azure steaks with a side of spider legs drenched in an unctuous cream sauce served on the half shell. It simply is not going to work unless I can get some <ingredient>. Can you spare some?"
Ask You're in luck. As a matter of fact, I've got some right here.
"Well, if you happen to stumble across any, please stop by."
No I'd love to help, but I don't have that ingredient. (If ingredient requested is not in inventory.)
"Let me have a little taste.... Ah, yes. Magnificent! It is important to sample your ingredients before using them. Food preparation is a delicate science not to be taken lightly." (If ingredient requested is in inventory.)

After preparing his dish:

"I am shocked. The main course is a success! I could not have done it without you, <character name>." (If dish was successful.)
"It was a valiant effort, but the dish was a disaster. We did everything we could. Here's to hoping the celestial does not eat us instead!." (If dish was unsuccessful.)


When requesting ingredients:

"Excuse me, if anyone has any <ingredient> they could spare, please come and see me."

When presenting to the celestial:

"I have prepared for you this day a sizzling azure steak broiled to perfection with a side of steamed spider legs and a delicious butter unctuous dipping sauce, all served in a half-shell. It is a dish I call scurry and turfy. I hope you enjoy." (If dish was successful.)
"I must profess my utmost apologies, great celestial. I was given the honor to cook for you and I have failed. I hope our final dish, the dessert, will appease your delicate palate after this failed creation." (If dish was unsuccessful.)


  • His dish, scurry and turfy, is a reference to a main dish found in North American steakhouses called "surf and turf" - a combination of meat and seafood.
  • All Imperial Chefs wear an Iron Ladle.

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