Imperial Chef Tian

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Imperial Chef Tian
Imperial chef m.jpg
Affiliation Celestial Ministry
Type Human
Level(s) 10
Campaign Factions

Imperial Chef Tian is one of the five chefs given the honor of cooking for the celestials during the Canthan New Year. His feast dish for the celestial is the dessert, a Canthan Truffle Delight. He is also known for creating the Birthday Cupcake recipe.



Prior to Canthan New Year finale:

"Do not speak. I must concentrate on my dessert for the great celestial. If you want to help, you can bring me the following ingredients:"
Ebon Spider Webs
Half-Eaten Blobs
Azure Remains
Icy Lodestones
"I’ll be laying the truffles on a soft bed of ebon spider webs, then dusting the entire creation with a thin layer of chocolate and powdered sugar. What about the half-eaten blob, you ask? You will just have to wait and see what magic I create with it!"

While requesting ingredients:

"Every moment is precious. Do you have any <ingredient> I can use for this one-of-a-kind dessert?"
Ask I've got what you need!
"What the.... You don't have what I need! Come back when your bags are full of something delicious, will you?"
No I don't have that ingredient on me. (If ingredient requested is not in inventory.)
"Your timing is impeccable, <character name>. Stay close. I have a feeling I'll need your help shortly." (If ingredient requested is in inventory.)

After preparing his dish:

"The dessert is finished. It is a miracle! The great celestial will surely reward us with good luck now." (If dish was successful.)
"The dessert was a steaming pile of filth! The celestial will surely lose its appetite now...." (If dish was unsuccessful.)


When requesting ingredients:

"Can anyone spare me some <ingredient>? Pretty Please?"

When presenting to the celestial:

"Honorable celestial, I sincerely hope this desert [sic] provides the perfect denouement to a delightful meal. I present to you an exquisite confection of my own creation, Canthan Truffle Delight." (If dish was successful.)
"I fear my dessert has been a failure, great celestial. In my grand attempt to truly impress you, I foolishly took on a dish too difficult to complete. It was an honor to be allowed the opportunity to cook for you, and I am shamed by my failure." (If dish was unsuccessful.)


  • In Mandarin Chinese, Tian means sweet.


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