Imperial Chef Reun

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Imperial Chef Reun
Imperial chef m.jpg
Affiliation Celestial Ministry
Type Human
Level(s) 10
Campaign Factions

Imperial Chef Reun is one of the five chefs given the honor of cooking for the celestials during the Canthan New Year. His feast dish for the celestial is an alpine salad.



Prior to Canthan New Year finale:

"What kind of New Year celebration would it be without crispy, leafy plant matter tossing in your belly? Preparing amazing salads is an art form all its own. You shall find many great Canthan chefs, but none who respect mixed greens as I do. They all fail to see the subtleties that make salad preparation the craft it is! The dish I am preparing to please the great celestial requires the following ingredients:"
Alpine Seeds
Guardian Moss
Celestial Essence
Dragon Root
"Help me find all of these items for the arrival of the celestial."

While requesting ingredients:

"I am desperately in need of some <ingredient>. If this salad has any chance of pleasing the celestial, I simply must acquire some! Do you have any you can give me?"
Ask I have the salad ingredient you need here. Take it.
"You got me all excited, but it seems it was for naught. You lack the ingredient I need!"
No I'm afraid I can't help you with that salad ingredient. (If ingredient requested is not in inventory.)
"Wonderful! This salad will ensure us a blessing of good luck from the celestial." (If ingredient requested is in inventory.)

After preparing his dish:

"My irresistible alpine salad has proven itself a tremendous success. Hurrah!" (If dish was successful.)
"My creation is a miserable failure! My lofty ambitions to please the very spirits of the constellations has ended in colossal disaster. Gyah!" (If dish was unsuccessful.)


When requesting ingredients:

"I need some <ingredient> for my delicious salad. Bring some to me. Quickly!"

When presenting to the celestial:

"Good celestial, I have created for you a masterful medley of mixed greens, a wondrous alpine salad you shall still taste even when you return to the heavens." (If dish was successful.)
"I apologize, oh great one. My attempted creation was simply too fanciful to craft and failed in the end, though the beauty of its very concept astounds me still. I hope you feel the same way." (If dish was unsuccessful.)


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