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On January 31st, at Noon Pacific (-8 GMT), Cantha begins a weeklong celebration with festive item drops and games in Shing Jea Boardwalk. It all culminates on February 6th with a feast for the celestial visitor, every three hours starting at 12:01 AM Pacific. For more information, visit [sic]

Login screen announcements

Join the people of Cantha as they prepare a heavenly feast to honor the Celestial Animal of the coming year! This annual week-long celebration features Canthan cuisine, festive fireworks, special prizes, and the famed Shing Jea Boardwalk!

Official website

Animal Year
Pig 2019
Rat 2020
Ox 2021
Tiger 2022
Rabbit 2023
Dragon 2024
Snake 2025
Horse 2026
Sheep 2027
Monkey 2028
Rooster 2029
Dog 2030
Pig 2031

The Canthan New Year, or Lunar Festival, is a special event that occurs annually from January 31, 20:00, to February 7, 20:00 UTC,[1] which celebrates the particular Celestial Animal which will watch over Canthans during the coming year. During the celebrations Canthan citizens work to prepare special meals for the Celestial Animal and if the animal is pleased, it will bestow good luck upon the citizens. The primary celebrations occur on Shing Jea Island on the Shing Jea Boardwalk, but Canthan citizens have brought the tradition on a smaller scale to both Lion's Arch and Kamadan.


PST (UTC-8) UTC / GMT[1] Description
Noon, 31 January 20:00, 31 January Start of the event.
12:01 am, 6 February until 12:01 am, 7 February 08:01, 6 February until 08:01, 7 February Finales every 3 hours. (See accompanying chart.)
Noon, 7 February 20:00, 7 February End of the event. Celestial Miniature Token-related NPCs (i.e. Ikura and Qili), Lunar Fortune Giver, Lunar Gift Keepers, Rollerbeetle Trainers (who still allows access to the Rollerbeetle Racing outpost and its NPCs, but nothing happens when you click "Enter Battle"), Seiji, and Sheng Yi continue to appear.
Noon, 14 February 20:00, 14 February All remaining Canthan New Year NPCs disappear.
Last update
Saturday, 23:11 UTC
(24 hr format)
12:01 am 08:01
3:01 am 11:01
6:01 am 14:01
9:01 am 17:01
12:01 pm 20:01
3:01 pm 23:01
6:01 pm 02:01
February 7
9:01 pm 05:01
February 7
12:01 am
February 7
February 7


Chef salute.png

Several chefs stand in Shing Jea Monastery. They collect specific ingredients during the finale. For each ingredient your character turns in, you receive a Lunar Token from that chef.

Imperial Chef Yan
Imperial Chef Reun
Imperial Chef Jiong
Imperial Chef Chen
(Main Course)
Imperial Chef Tian

Finale rewards[edit]

After the celestial feast has been offered, all characters in Shing Jea Monastery (including those in Shing Jea Boardwalk) will be rewarded with prizes in their inventory based on how many successful dishes are presented to the Celestial Animal in that district.

Lion Mask.png
Lion Mask
Red Gift Bag.png
Red Gift Bags
Crate of Fireworks.png
Crate(s) of Fireworks
Celestial Summoning Stone.png
Celestial Summoning Stones
0   1 2 0 0
1    4 1
2    6 2
3    9 3
4    12 4
5 16 5 5
If zero dishes were successfully completed, every player character in the district are temporarily transformed by a disguise specific to that year (e.g. Celestial Snake appeared during Canthan New Year 2013 finales in the Year of the Snake and characters were transformed by Snake Form).

Decorated towns[edit]


These quests, except Take My Sister, Please, are only offered to characters that are level 5 or higher.

Sunqua Vale
Shing Jea Monastery
Plains of Jarin


Other festivities[edit]

Each Canthan New Year will make the Shing Jea Boardwalk, Dragon Arena, and Rollerbeetle Racing available for use as well. Lunar Tokens also randomly drop from PvE foes for the duration of the event.


Bottle of Rice Wine.png Bottle of Rice Wine Bottle Rocket.png Bottle Rocket Celestial Summoning Stone.png Celestial Summoning Stone
Champagne Popper.png Champagne Popper Crate of Fireworks.png Crate of Fireworks Celestial Miniature Token.png Celestial Miniature Token
Lion Mask.png Lion Mask Lunar Festival Grab Bag.png Lunar Festival Grab Bag Lunar Fortune.png Lunar Fortune
Lunar Token.png Lunar Token Red Bean Cake.png Red Bean Cake Red Gift Bag.png Red Gift Bag
Sparkler.png Sparkler Sugary Blue Drink.png Sugary Blue Drink


Miniature Introduced1 From Lunar Fortunes2
Miniature Pig.png
2007 2007
Miniature Celestial Pig.png
Celestial Pig
20084 2019, 2031
Miniature Celestial Rat.png
Celestial Rat
2008 2008, 2020
Miniature Celestial Ox.png
Celestial Ox
2009 2009, 2021
Miniature Celestial Tiger.png
Celestial Tiger
2010 2010, 2022
Miniature Celestial Rabbit.png
Celestial Rabbit
2011 2011, 2023
Miniature Celestial Dragon.png
Celestial Dragon
2012 2012, 2024
Miniature Celestial Snake.png
Celestial Snake
2013 2013, 2025
Miniature Celestial Horse.png
Celestial Horse
2013 2014, 2026
Miniature Celestial Sheep.png
Celestial Sheep
2013 2015, 2027
Miniature Celestial Monkey.png
Celestial Monkey
2013 2016, 2028
Miniature Celestial Rooster.png
Celestial Rooster
2013 2017, 2029
Miniature Celestial Dog.png
Celestial Dog
2013 2018, 2030
  1. All Canthan New Year miniatures became available after the introduction of the Celestial Miniature Token in Canthan New Year 2013.
  2. These miniatures dropped from the Lunar Fortunes acquired during that year's Canthan New Year event.
  3. Miniature Pigs were given to every character in a 2007 district that had a successful finale; they also dropped from 2007 Lunar Fortunes (i.e. Lunar Fortune [Year of the Pig]).
  4. Miniature Celestial Pigs were available in 2008 from collectors in exchange for 5 Miniature Pigs.


These Canthan New Year NPCs appear with Shing Jea Boardwalk event NPCs:

Shing Jea Monastery Lion's Arch Kamadan, Jewel of Istan Great Temple of Balthazar
  • Lunar Gift Keeper


Chef salute.png
Name Location Collects Campaign
Kao Tseng Shing Jea Monastery 25 Festival Tickets Factions
Lunar Fortune Giver Shing Jea Monastery 3 Lunar Tokens Factions
Lunar Gift Keeper Shing Jea Monastery 5 Lunar Tokens Factions
Qili Shing Jea Monastery 1 Celestial Miniature Token Factions
Seiji Shing Jea Monastery 5 Victory Tokens Factions
Sheng Yi Shing Jea Monastery 10 Victory Tokens Factions
Lunar Gift Keeper Lion's Arch 5 Lunar Tokens Prophecies
Zaishen Supply Master Lion's Arch 5 Victory Tokens Prophecies
Zaishen Supply Master Lion's Arch 10 Victory Tokens Prophecies
Lunar Gift Keeper Kamadan, Jewel of Istan 5 Lunar Tokens Nightfall
Zaishen Supply Master Kamadan, Jewel of Istan 5 Victory Tokens Nightfall
Zaishen Supply Master Kamadan, Jewel of Istan 10 Victory Tokens Nightfall
Little Jack Rollerbeetle Racing 200 Racing Medals Core
Lunar Gift Keeper Great Temple of Balthazar 5 Lunar Tokens Core
Zaishen Supply Master Great Temple of Balthazar 5 Victory Tokens Core
Zaishen Supply Master Great Temple of Balthazar 10 Victory Tokens Core




  • Canthan New Year draws inspiration from the Chinese New Year. Among many similarities, the zodiacal animals match with Chinese astrology, the Nian are creatures from the Chinese New Year, and the festival culminates in a huge banquet.
  • Beginning with Canthan New Year 2013, the duration of the event was extended from a weekend to a week long event. The start and end of the event was also changed to fixed dates instead of occurring on the weekend immediately after or during Chinese New Year, which cause finales to no longer always occur on a Sunday and Monday (PST and UTC).
  • Prior to 2013, the Canthan New Year occurred on the weekend immediately after or during Chinese New Year, with the exception of 2012:
Year Canthan New Year Chinese New Year
2007 16 – 19 February 18 February
2008 8 – 11 February 7 February
2009 30 January – 2 February 26 January
2010 12 – 15 February 14 February
2011 3 – 7 February 3 February
2012 2 – 6 February 23 January


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