Just My Luck

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Just My Luck
Section Festival Event Quests
Event Canthan New Year
Given by Hapless Chong
in Sunqua Vale
(Shing Jea Island)
Type Festival quest
Kaabo Cemetery map.jpg
Guwon in Kaabo Cemetery in Sunqua Vale
Nong Berry Bush map.jpg
Nong Berry Bush location
Just My Luck - Sheldon and Spring Water.jpg
Sheldon the Verminator and Spring Water location
Just My Luck - finish.jpg
Guwon in Panjiang Peninsula

Try to help Hapless Chong defy fate.

Quest information[edit]





  1. Go to Guwon the Wise at Kaabo Cemetery straight from Hapless Chong or Tsumei Village. (You can skip this objective, which saves time, and go acquire the three items.)
  2. Find the three items she requires:
  3. Return to Guwon the Wise to give her the items.
  4. Map travel to Tsumei Village and exit into Panjiang Peninsula following the quest marker to the beach south of Kaitan Village.








Initial dialogue[edit]

Hapless Chong
"Why do I burden the world with my presence? Who would miss poor old Chong if he just leapt off this cliff and snapped his useless neck? *sigh*
Don't mind me. I am simply coming to grips with my fate. That blasted fortune teller...no, Chong, it is not her fault. You should not blame her for doing her job. *cough* The wise and revered fortune teller revealed some unsettling news. This year something terrible will befall me. I cannot help but drown myself in depression. After all, what does dear old Chong have to look forward to? Unless...I did hear talk of a gifted woman. One so smart the gods themselves seek her counsel. Plead my case to Guwon the Wise. Only she can reverse my terrible fortune. Give me a reason to live, won't you, <character name>?"
Yes Accept: "Signs point to yes."
No Decline: "Outlook not good."
Ask Ask: "Did you find Guwon the Wise at Kaabo Cemetery, <character name>? Please, she is my only hope."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Guwon the Wise
"I find the sound of the tides comforting. What is it you seek, child? Enlightenment? Eternal bliss? Affordable housing? Wait...yes. Do not speak. I know your intentions. To solve this calamity, I require three items: a bunch of nong berries, a sparkling kappa shell, and a vial filled with Raiyan spring water. Bring these items to me and I will have what I need."
Guwon the Wise
"Ah, I was beginning to wonder when you would return. I cannot very well have my morning nong berry tea in the afternoon, can I? Now please leave me to ponder the mysteries of the universe."
Ask Aren't you going to help Chong?
"Oh, of course. What was his problem again? Ah, the fortune teller delivered grave news as to his untimely demise? Terrible shame. I can change a man's destiny with a proper cleansing ceremony. A few words, dunk of the head, and voila! He shall be free of troubles in no time. Meet us on the shores of Kaitan Village. I will need your energy to help power the cleansing...and to hold his head under water should he resist."

In Panjiang Peninsula:

Guwon the Wise: "People of Cantha, bear witness to a life-changing event."
Guwon the Wise: "Chong, you stand before the gods a humble servant. Your fate doled out mercilessly by agents unknown."
Guwon the Wise: "Let your soul be cleansed this day. Sit and feel benevolence from beyond!"
Guwon the Wise: "Oh dear."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Guwon the Wise
"How unfortunate. It appears that your friend could not escape his destiny no matter how hard I tried. Why do you look at me like that? This is not my fault! It was obviously fate that brought this about. However, I cannot afford to let news of this...incident...leak out. It would ruin my reputation! Take this. It is the money Chong gave me to alter his destiny. I was looking forward to putting it toward a vacation, but your silence is a better investment. Remember, the word is, I believe, "mum.""


  • You do not need to collect the items in the order listed.
  • A character can run this quest for other party members if the runner completed all objectives up to "Meet Chong and Guwon on the shores of Kaitan Village", since completing that objective completes the quest for all party members regardless of whether they collected all the items or completed the "Bring the ingredients to Guwon the Wise" objective. Upon completion of the "Meet Chong and Guwon on the shores of Kaitan Village" objective, the other party members can then either accept the reward from Guwon the Wise in either Panjiang Peninsula (in Kaitan Village) or (map travel to Shing Jea Monastery or Tsumei Village and go to) Sunqua Vale (in Kaabo Cemetery).


  • This quest was designed by John Stumme and written by Bobby Stein.
  • The level 5 requirement was added in Canthan New Year 2008; it was heavily farmed during the 2007 celebration.
  • The accept and decline dialogues are probably a play on the sorts of responses found on a Magic 8-Ball.
  • The "ask" offer dialogue section is possibly a reference to Princess Leia's line in the movie Star Wars, "Help us Obi Wan Kenobi. You are our only hope."