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The Kappa are savage turtle-like creatures that carry their eggs on their shell.

Kappa tend to live in large groups near water both flowing and petrified, so they are found in prodigious numbers in such varied locales as Shing Jea Island, the Jade Sea and even in the dank sewers of Kaineng City. Befitting their habitat, Kappas are near exclusively Water Elementalists. The Kappa of the Jade Sea are said to be servants of Zhu Hanuku.

Except in Guild Wars Beyond, all Kappa are referred to simply as "Kappa". However, Kappa vary strikingly based on location and level in their visual appearance, skills used, and drops. It can be assumed that Kappa gain strength as they age, based on the trophies dropped by the different variants. Therefore, it's often easiest to differentiate varieties of kappa by their respective trophy.

List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Region Name Trophy
Guild Wars Factions
Shing Jea Island Elementalist 1 (22) Kappa (Hatchling) Kappa Hatchling Shell
Elementalist 6 (23) Kappa Kappa Shell
Elementalist 10 (24) (Elder) Kappa Elder Kappa Shell
Kaineng City Elementalist 20 (26) (Ancient) Kappa Ancient Kappa Shell
The Jade Sea Elementalist 23 (26) (Archaic) Kappa Archaic Kappa Shell
Guild Wars Beyond
Kaineng City1 Monk 15 (25) Scourged Kappa
Necromancer 15 (25) Diseased Kappa
Mesmer 15 (25) Fevered Kappa
Elementalist 15 (25) Violent Kappa
Ritualist 15 (25) Maddened Kappa
Ancient Kappa Shell
  1. Only during quests.


  • Kappas are amphibian creatures from the Japanese folklore with a turtle-like carapace on their back.
    • Canthan Guards on Shing Jea Island will occasionally mention that Kappa are particularly fond of cucumbers. This is a reference to the japanese Kappas as well, as the threat they pose to humans can be placated with cucumbers.