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Rollerbeetle Racing

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the arena. For the outpost, see Rollerbeetle Racing (outpost).
Rollerbeetle Racing
Rollerbeetle racing map.png
Region The Jade Sea
Victory condition 1st to finish
Party size 1
Allowed levels Any
Priest/Obelisk No
Effect Rollerbeetle Racer

Rollerbeetle Racing is a free-to-play minigame in which players are transformed into Rollerbeetles and compete against each other using special skills to speed through a race track. The game is only open during Shing Jea Boardwalk events.

Game mechanics[edit]

Six players compete against each other in a race to the finish line. Each player automatically receives three core skills which become available when the gates open and when they travel through each of the checkpoints. The other five skills can be charged only by hitting a Power Up Box. When a Power Up Box is hit, one of the five skills will randomly be charged. You can only hit the same Power Up Box once.

Each player has a bar that appears in the Mission Progress panel called RRPM (Rollerbeetle Rotations Per Minute), which affects your movement speed. You move faster as your RRPM increases.


There are seven checkpoints spread through the racetrack, each of which recharges your three core skills. Take advantage of this by making sure that you use each of the core skills before crossing each checkpoint.


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Rollerbeetle Dash.jpg
Rollerbeetle Dash
Harden Shell.jpg
Harden Shell
Distracting Lunge.jpg
Distracting Lunge
Spit Rocks.jpg
Spit Rocks
Rollerbeetle Echo.jpg
Rollerbeetle Echo
Rollerbeetle Blast.jpg
Rollerbeetle Blast
Super Rollerbeetle.jpg
Super Rollerbeetle

Terrain effects[edit]

  • Hills and slow inclines reduce your speed to a crawl (about 10%)
  • Water reduces speed by 50%


Order Gamer points Racing Medals Balthazar faction
First place 10 10 50 for victory
50 for a flawless victory
50 for five consecutive wins
Second place 7 7 Unknown
Third place 5 5 Unknown
Fourth place 3 3 Unknown
Fifth and sixth place 1 1 Unknown

After the first player crosses the finish line, the remaining players have 30 seconds to finish the race to receive a reward. The race awards Gamer points, Balthazar faction, and Racing Medals.

First place is always awarded a victory and flawless victory. The Balthazar faction is awarded after the race is over (which is met by one of three conditions: [a] 30 seconds after the first player crosses the finish line, [b] all players have crossed the finish line, or [c] the remaining players that have not crossed the finish line leave the race via Log Out, map travel or resign). If the player awarded first place leaves before the race is over, the player awarded second place becomes first place and is awarded the Balthazar faction (but not the first place Gamer points and Racing Medals, since those are awarded once the player crosses the finish line) after the race is over. The player awarded first place will automatically remain in Rollerbeetle Racing and wait on the countdown timer to enter another race with an opportunity at five consecutive wins, while the other players will be sent back to the Rollerbeetle Racing outpost.



  • Players start out with 600,000 points and lose 1,000 for each second that has elapsed.
    • If your score drops to 0 (i.e. by taking more than 10 minutes to finish), you will be ejected (regardless of your placement in the race).
  • Sync enters are sometimes organized between players who wish only to grab the fastest times and not impede others.
  • Rubber-banding is a common issue in Rollerbeetle Racing.
  • You cannot mouse-click move while you are under the effects of Rollerbeetle Racer.
  • Some players choose not to use any of the attacks skills (4,5,7 in skill bar) and use Ram only at keypoints in order to try to set a speed record.
Anomaly Anomaly.Characters on an account that does not have Guild Wars Factions can participate in Rollerbeetle Racing; however, those same characters cannot participate in Dragon Arena (i.e. they cannot enter the Dragon Arena outpost).
Anomaly Anomaly.If you resign or leave your team, which consists of only you, you gain dishonorable points.
Bug Bug.Sometimes after clicking Enter Battle, the battle will load then abort. You will then be sent back to the staging area and given dishonorable points for leaving early. This usually happens when you load into the game after the match has already begun.
Bug Bug.The scoreboard lists the top three players in the wrong order at Checkpoint 2 and and again at the bridges after Checkpoint 5, probably due to the game's inability to distinguish vertical distances (see: Z-axis).

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Order Gamer points and Lunar/Victory Tokens
First place 7
Second place 5
Third place 3
Fourth place 2
Fifth and sixth place 1

Event Reward Fastest 100 accounts
Anniversary Celebration Victory Tokens Unknown
Canthan New Year Lunar Tokens Miniature Greased Lightning
Dragon Festival Victory Tokens Unknown

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