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Rock-Paper-Scissors or RPS is a festival minigame that is tied to Canthan New Year. To play, pay 1 Lunar Token to Lucky Hochei in Lion's Arch.

Game mechanics[edit]

This is a game of rock-paper-scissors played against Lucky Hochei who uses random RPS emotes. Once the player pays the token, he should type one of these emotes:

  • /rock
  • /paper
  • /scissors

Paper covers rock. Rock breaks scissors. Scissors snip paper. The entire sequence takes about 26-28 seconds.



  • If the opportunity cost of playing time is ignored, this is the most rewarding way to use your Lunar Tokens. Over a prolonged playing session, a player will gain two rewards for approximately 2 of his tokens. This is in contrast to spending 3 Lunar Tokens for a single Lunar Fortune and 5 for a single Red Gift Bag with the collectors in Shing Jea Monastery.

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