Red Gift Bag

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Red Gift Bag
Red Gift Bag.png
Rarity Common
Type Present
Value Can't be sold
Stackable Yes
Event Canthan New Year
Red Gift Bag.jpg

Uses remaining: 1
Double-click to open.

— in-game description

Red Gift Bags can be acquired during the Canthan New Year.


  • Core
  • Factions
    • During a Canthan New Year finale, as a reward from the celestial animal for bringing enough ingredients for the banquet; the number depends on how many dishes that district can complete:
      • 5 dishes: 16 Red Gift Bags
      • 4 dishes: 12 Red Gift Bags
      • 3 dishes: 8 Red Gift Bags
      • 2 dishes: 6 Red Gift Bags
      • 1 dishes: 4 Red Gift Bags
      • 0 dishes: 2 Red Gift Bags


Opening a gift bag randomly yields one of the following:

Item (amount) Total title points 1 Rate 2
Bottle of Rice Wine.pngBottle of Rice Wine 1 Drunkard points 5%
Red Bean Cake.pngRed Bean Cake 2 Sweet Tooth points 5%
Sugary Blue Drink.pngSugary Blue Drink 1 Sweet Tooth point 15%
Champagne Popper.pngChampagne Popper (3) 3 Party Animal points 20%
Sparkler.pngSparklers (3) 3 Party Animal points 20%
Bottle Rocket.pngBottle Rockets (3) 3 Party Animal points 20%
Lunar Token.pngLunar Token (10) - 10%
Gold.png 100 Gold - 5%
1Average title progression per gift: 0.25 Sweet Tooth points, 0.05 Drunkard points and 1.8 Party Animal points.
2Percentages are calculated from user-submitted drop rates, see Red Gift Bag/Drop rates.


  • Consider selling your Rice Wine to merchants and using the proceeds to purchase other alcohol from players: Rice Wine will sell for 200Gold, but players will sell other 1-point drinks for far less.


  • Red Gift Bags evoke images of the Chinese New Year custom of giving red envelopes.
  • This item uses the default appearance for items which do not have an exclusive render.

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