Coffer of Whispers

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Coffer of Whispers
Coffer of Whispers.png
Rarity Common
Type Present
Value Can't be sold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Nightfall
Coffer of Whispers.jpg

A Coffer of Whispers is an item that, when opened, randomly drops one of the items below. It can only be used in a town or outpost.



Item Chance
1 Miniature Mallyx 00.7%
1 Armbrace of Truth 00.9%
5 Diamonds 03%
5 Rubies 03%
5 Sapphires 03%
5 Demonic Keys 04.8%
1 Primeval Armor Remnant 07.1%
5 Scrolls of the Lightbringer 19.2%
5 Aof one type of Anguish Gemstone 27.3%
5 Elixirs of Valor 31%


  • Ongoing drop rate research can be found here.
  • Players pay a premium for Coffers of Whispers and they tend to be worth more in trade than most of the potential drops.

List of consumables
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