Party Animal

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Party Animal
Eternal Party Animal.jpg
Campaign Core
Title type Character

Points for the Party Animal title track are gained by using festive items, including various fireworks and tonics. Some of these items are only available during special events.

Party Animal title track[edit]

Tier Title Points
1 Party Animal 1,000
2 Life of the Party 10,000



Festive items can be obtained throughout the year through a variety of sources, including:


Character titles
Core Cartographer Drunkard Guardian Maxed Titles Party Animal Protector Skill Hunter Survivor Sweet Tooth Vanquisher
Prophecies Legendary Defender of Ascalon
Nightfall Lightbringer Sunspear
Eye of the North Asura Deldrimor Ebon Vanguard Master of the North Norn
All campaigns Legendary Cartographer Legendary Guardian Legendary Skill Hunter Legendary Vanquisher
Core Champion Codex Gamer Gladiator Hero Lucky Treasure Hunter Unlucky Wisdom Zaishen
Factions Kurzick Luxon
Retired Commander