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To spam is to rapidly and unconditionally repeat an action. In Guild Wars, it is used in one of the following contexts:

  1. Skill spamming is the repeated use of certain skills for a period of time to increase damage or other effects.
  2. Item spamming is the rapid use of consumables to progress the Drunkard, Party Animal, and Sweet Tooth titles.
  3. Chat spamming is the repeated sending of (often identical) messages in chat channels.

Spamming details[edit]

Skill spamming[edit]

Item spamming[edit]

  • Consumables that are spammable generally trade for higher prices than those that are not, since the former allows rapid progress in a title. For example, Jars of Honey and Rainbow Candy Canes both offer two points towards the Sweet Tooth title, but the honey can be spammed, whereas the candy can only be used a limited number of times (until the resulting morale boost is lowered).

Chat spamming[edit]


  • The term "Spam" often refers to the repetition of an action, to unsolicited or undesired electronic messages, to illegal blanket advertising in public places, or to the canned meat product itself. Its widespread use as a verb followed the popularity of Monty Python's spam skit. (See