Rainbow Candy Cane

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Rainbow Candy Cane
Rainbow Candy Cane.png
Rarity Common
Type Sweet
Value Can't be sold
Stackable Yes
Event Wintersday
Uses 1
Sweet points 1

Uses remaining: 1
Double-click to give your party a 5% morale boost. This morale boost does not cause skills to instantly recharge. This item cannot be used in PvP.

— in-game description




Location: Great Temple of Balthazar
Collecting: 5 Rainbow Candy Canes, 5 Honeycombs, 5 Wintergreen Candy Canes, 5 Pumpkin Cookies, 5 Refined Jellies

Icon Item name Description Value
Mandragor Root Cake.png 5 Mandragor Root Cakes Uses remaining: 1
Double-click to use while in town. Eating sweets may give you a Sugar Rush.
Can't be sold

Collecting: 25 Peppermint Candy Canes, 50 Rainbow Candy Canes, 50 Honeycombs, 50 Wintergreen Candy Canes, 50 Pumpkin Cookies, 50 Refined Jellies

Icon Item name Description Value
Delicious Cake.png Delicious Cake Uses remaining: 1
You must eat it.
Can't be sold


  • It can be quite useful in hard mode to reduce any death penalty and prevent a party from becoming defeated due to the entire party accruing maximum death penalty.
  • This item cannot be consumed when every party member has 10% Morale Boost.

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