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An item is anything a character may pick up. There are two game elements that are referred to as items:

  • Bundle items, representing large objects that needs to be carried in both hands. See that article for details.
  • Inventory items, representing any other item.

Inventory items are added to your inventory when picked up, while bundles can only be carried in your character's hands, replacing any weapon and offhand item you have equipped. Many inventory items are stackable.

An item's name will have a different color depending on its rarity and modifications. See item rarity for more information.

Getting items[edit]

Item found from a corpse of a devourer outside Ascalon

Inventory items are usually found as a drop, from a dead foe in PvE or a chest while either out on a quest, in a mission, farming or just exploring, which is assigned to one player. Sometimes you may find an unassigned item lying on the ground, such as a Red Iris Flower, they are randomly spawned at predesignated locations upon a party member arrival.

Items can also be obtained as a quest reward, given to character upon creation, given when the characters celebrate its birthday, spawn using /bonus command or simply traded between characters.


Main article: Item stacking

A stack is a group of identical items that can be stored in a single inventory space. If an item is stackable, up to 250 copies of it can be held in one stack. The total number of items in a stack is shown as a yellow number over the top of the item's icon.

Inventory item types[edit]