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Disambig icon.png This article is about an equippable item. For "Grab Bags", "Loot Bags" and other "gift bags", see Present.
Disambig icon.png This article is about an equippable item. For The Inventory Bags window (F9), see Inventory.
Rarity Common
Type Container
Value 50 Gold
Stackable No

Holds 5 items

— in-game description

A bag is an equippable item that provides 5 additional inventory spaces. A character may wear up to 2 bags at one time. Bags are not visible to other players.


  • Bags may be upgraded to 10 spaces with Runes of Holding.
  • Bags may further be upgraded to 15 spaces with Superior Runes of Holding.
  • Bags can be traded and stored, but only while empty.
  • Bags cannot hold other bags containing items, as a bag cannot be unequipped while it contains items.


Campaign Item Amount Needed NPC Location Region
Leathery Claw Leathery Claw.png 3 Dael Ascalon Foothills Ascalon
Gruesome Ribcage Gruesome Ribcage.png 9 Nazag Fenn Dragon's Gullet Ascalon
Oni Talon Oni Talon.png 1 Hao Zhang Shing Jea Monastery Shing Jea Island
Vermin Hide Vermin Hide.png 3 Bae Kwon Wajjun Bazaar Kaineng City
Sentient Seed Sentient Seed.png 3 Sehyal Sunspear Great Hall Istan
Skeleton Bone Skeleton Bone.png 3 Danton Jokanur Diggings (outpost) Istan
Chunk of Drake Flesh Chunk of Drake Flesh.png 1 Sheltah Mehtani Keys Istan


Bags, like most other inventory containers, can only be dyed with single colors.

  • The dye is applied immediately with the change seen only in the inventory panel.
  • It will not have an effect on the appearance of the character.
Black Blue Brown Gray Green Orange
Bag black.png Bag blue.png Bag brown.png Bag gray.png Bag green.png Bag orange.png
Pink Purple Red Silver White Yellow
Bag Pink.png Bag purple.png Bag red.png Bag silver.png Bag white.png Bag yellow.png


  • In addition to standard bags, there are two additional types of bags, both of which use the same icon (which appears similar to that of the Backpack) and have 10 slot bags:

Inventory (edit)
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