Zehtuka's Pack

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Zehtuka's Pack
Zehtuka's Pack.png
Rarity Common
Type Container
Value Can't be sold
Stackable No
Campaign Nightfall
Ruined Bag.jpg

Zehtuka's Pack is one of four items belonging to the Great Zehtuka that randomly appears in the explorable areas of the Desolation. The other three items are Zehtuka's Great Horn, Zehtuka's Jug, and Zehtuka's Shortbow.

It is a container with 10 inventory slots when equipped and is functionally identical to a normal Bag that has been upgraded with a Rune of Holding. A Superior Rune of Holding can be applied to Zehtuka's Pack and make it hold 15 items instead of 10 items.


As with all of Zehtuka's items, Zehtuka's Pack has a chance of dropping only when the party approaches one of its spawning locations:


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