Infantryman Hareh

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Infantryman Hareh
Awakened paragon.jpg
Affiliation Undead
Type Mummy
Profession Paragon Paragon
Level(s) 24
Campaign Nightfall
Infantryman Hareh Map.jpg

Infantryman Hareh is an undead who dreams of greatness.



Quests given:



"No respect, I tell you. No respect! It's always 'Kill this, Hareh' or 'Hareh, can you slay that for me?' One day I will call the shots, mark my words!"


  • The rocky area Hareh is on is separated from the rest of the explorable area by a gap. There is a pillar on the southwest cliff that you can knock down by using Junundu Smash to bridge the gap. This is most easily done by luring some of the Awakened from southeast of the pillar to the base of the cliff, building adrenaline, and then smashing them, the pillar itself cannot be targeted. The pillar won't stay down once you leave the area.