Requiem for a Brain

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Requiem for a Brain
Section The Desolation Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Infantryman Hareh
in The Sulfurous Wastes
(The Desolation)
Preceded by A Deal's a Deal
Followed by Raising an Army
Type Secondary quest

Help Infantryman Hareh retrieve an ancient book of knowledge.

Quest information[edit]




After you have accepted the quest, make your way to the monolith temple in the southwestern part of the map. There you have to fight a few Margonite groups and you can claim the Ancient Tome of Knowledge. The tome itself is actually lying on the ground at the temple entrance. On your way back, along the path leading out of the southwestern corner, two more Margonite groups will spawn in an attempt to stop you from leaving; but since your party is inside Junundu, they should pose little threat.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Infantryman Hareh

"Braaiiiins! It's all about brains around here! Just because I'm not a scholar I can't be a commanding officer! Everyone's always giving me orders, telling me what to do... And of course, when the plan goes to hell, it's always blamed on the lowly peons like me. If only I was smarter I could convince someone to give me a chance... then things would go better around here. Maybe you could go to the old temple in the Sulfurous Wastes and get me an ancient tome of knowledge! I bet if I spent a few days reading over it, I'd have all the brains I need."
Yes Accept: "Read books. Get brains. Sounds simple."
No Decline: "You'll need more than knowledge to fill that gaping hole between your ears."
Ask Ask: "Have you found the tome of knowledge yet? It's in the old temple in the Sulfurous Wastes."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Infantryman Hareh

"Wow, you got it! Thanks so much. Now I can finally become the officer I was meant to be instead of just a lowly gentleman! And to think, dad said I'd never amount to anything. I sure showed him! That tome looks pretty thick, though.... I hope there aren't too many big words in there."