Temple of the Monoliths

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Temple of the Monoliths
Section The Desolation Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Officer Lohru
in Remains of Sahlahja
(The Desolation)
Preceded by A Deal's a Deal
Followed by A Show of Force
Type Secondary quest

Officer Lohru sends you to reclaim an area said to have seen an increase in the number of Graven Monoliths.

Quest information[edit]


  • Investigate the area plagued by graven monolith attacks.
  • See Officer Lohru for your reward.



The temple is located in the southwestern corner and can only be reached via Junundu. Be careful of hidden Mandragors along the way, but otherwise you should be able to reach it without fighting. Once you near the quest marker, the quest is complete and you can map back for your reward; you do not have to clear out the temple.



Demons (Margonites)



Initial dialogue[edit]

Officer Lohru
"You must be the unbound ones that my master has found useful. I oversee the reclamation of his domain. Most of my men have been sent to deal with Varesh. Recent patrols have reported a great increase in the number of graven monolith attacks in the southwest area of the Sulfurous Wastes. If my master has seen you fit enough to continue living, surely a few rocks wouldn't give you any problems, would they?"
Yes Accept: "I've seen worse. Bring it on."
No Decline: "Sticks and stones may break my bones...so I'll let you handle it."
Ask Ask: "Have you anything to report on the graven monoliths in the Sulfurous Wastes?"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Officer Lohru
"What? There is a temple of Abaddon? And Margonites are there? They must be using the temple to awaken more monoliths. This is grave news, indeed. With Palawa's troops otherwise engaged, we're wide open for an attack! I must report this news to my master at once. You have done well. I see why he spared your life."


  • The quest Requiem for a Brain takes you to the same temple, so you may want to do both at the same time.
  • Since there's a good number of monoliths inside the temple, it's a good place to try to get Inscribed Shards needed for the Sticks and Stones quest. Otherwise you may have great difficulty farming for the shards later.
  • The three Margonite Clerics that spawn inside the temple while this quest is active are not allied to the monoliths; they will not heal the monoliths and they are in their own aggro group.
  • There is a Treasure Chest inside the temple area.