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Mystic Mandragor.jpg

Mandragors are unusual creatures which combine insect and plant features and are considered animals by Timahr, an Istani biologist who studies them. The Kournans use the roots of their local species to make cakes. The Charr are known to feed Fibrous Mandragor Roots to their prisoners, which can destroy taste buds and stomach lining.

List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Region Name Trophy
Guild Wars Nightfall
Istan Warrior3, 11 Mandragor Slither
Necromancer3, 12 Mandragor Imp
Elementalist13 Stoneflesh Mandragor
Mandragor Carapace (low-level)
Mandragor Swamproot (mid-level)
Luminous Stone
Kourna Warrior22 Mandragor Slither
Necromancer22 Mandragor Imp
Elementalist22 Stoneflesh Mandragor
Mandragor Root
Luminous Stone
The Desolation Warrior22 (26) Mandragor Terror
Necromancer22 (26) Ravenous Mandragor
Elementalist22 (26) Mandragor Sand Devil
Mandragor Husk
Luminous Stone
Guild Wars Eye of the North
Charr Homelands Ranger24 (26) Mandragor Dust Devil
Ranger24 (26) Mandragor Smoke Devil
Necromancer24 (26) Vile Mandragor
Assassin24 (26) Mandragor Shadowfang
Fibrous Mandragor Root
Far Shiverpeaks Ranger20 (26) Mandragor Scavenger
Necromancer20 (26) Ulcerous Mandragor
Mesmer20 (26) Dreamroot Mandragor
Dervish20 (26) Mystic Mandragor
Frigid Mandragor Husk