Charr Homelands

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Charr Homelands
Charr Homelands.jpg
Continent Tyria
Town Doomlore Shrine
Neighbor(s) Depths of Tyria
Far Shiverpeaks
Campaign Eye of the North
"Steppe" concept art.jpg
Loading screen
Charr Homelands 2.jpg
The location shown on the loading screen can be found in Polymock Crossing.
Charr Homelands map labelled.jpg
Interactive Map of the Charr Homelands
Charr Homelands signpost.jpg
Charr Homelands signpost.

The Charr Homelands lie to the north of Ascalon and, as the name implies, is the current homeland of the Charr. Its geography is much like how Ascalon was before the Searing and is home to Grawl, Skale, Worms, and a variety of Devourers among other creatures. Its true name is unknown.

The Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik can be seen sleeping in the center of this region, between the three explorable areas.



Explorable areas[edit]

Connected dungeons[edit]



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  • The Doomlore Flame
  • The Charr (originally from Guild Wars Prophecies)
  • The Great Northern Wall (originally from Prophecies)
  • [untitled] (originally from Prophecies; plays during the cutscene depicting the Searing)

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