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The Grawl are humanoid creatures roaming Tyria from the Charr Homelands to the southern areas of the Shiverpeak Mountains. This species has an ape like physique and seems to possess a primitive form of culture with a social hierarchy and different professions.

While the Grawl are seen fighting beside the Charr quite often, there is no clear evidence that they are allies. The only sign of organized cooperation between the two was working alongside Vatlaaw Doomtooth and later an attempt to form an alliance by Torch Harrowkeeper. Galton Franks, a collector for the Ebon Vanguard, seems to believe that "the grawl are either proto-Charr or, more likely, an important source of Charr nutrition".

While the exact nature of their religious beliefs are unknown, Durmand believes that their necklaces hold some evidence for their religious tendencies. Along with that, the Grawl seem to congregate at a few locations with statues to the Gods of Tyria - such as at Melandru's statue at King's Watch, Lyssa's statue outside the Ruins of Surmia outpost, and outside the Temple of Grenth.

In Regent Valley, there are groups of Grawl who fight each other: the Grawl Petitioners and Grawl Heretics. These two groups indicate a form of civil or religious split.

As theorized by Nicholas Sandford, the number of necklaces worn by a grawl may indicate a special status or strength. Nicholas further speculates that the Grawl have to outnumber the necklaces worn before they can attack.

List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Region Name Trophy
Guild Wars Prophecies
Pre-Searing Ascalon Ranger 1 Grawl
Ranger 1 Grawl Invader
Ranger 3 Grawl Longspear
Monk 2 Grawl Shaman
Grawl Necklace
Ascalon Warrior 4 (22) Grawl
Warrior 4 (22) Grawl Heretic
Warrior 4 (22) Grawl Petitioner
Monk 3 (22) Grawl Ulodyte
Monk 3 (22) Grawl High Priest
Monk 3 (22) Grawl Petitioner
Ornate Grawl Necklace
Southern Shiverpeaks Warrior 22 (26) Grawl
Warrior 24 (26) Mighty Grawl
Necromancer 22 (26) Grawl Crone
Necromancer 24 (26) Barbed Grawl
Intricate Grawl Necklace
Guild Wars Eye of the North
Charr Homelands Warrior 24 (26) Grawl Champion
Ritualist 24 (26) Grawl Dark Priest
Paragon 24 (26) Grawl Demagogue
Stone Grawl Necklace


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  • In the alpha test version of Guild Wars, the Grawl were called "trogs", as in "troglodyte".