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Loading screen of the Shiverpeak Mountains in Prophecies.

For hundreds of years, all the dwarves in this mountain range were united under one flag: the nation of the Deldrimor dwarves. Most of the architecture in the Shiverpeaks was built during this time, and it reflects a time of peace and prosperity—but that time is over now. Today, the mountains ring with the sounds of civil war, and new architecture has sprung up: slabs of stone lashed together with huge iron chains mark the areas where a new guild—those who have broken from the old ways—have made new settlements.

The Shiverpeaks are an inhospitable environment for the ill-prepared. There are only two known passes through the mountains, and any wishing to cross them must endure freezing wind, flash snow storms, and unstable terrain that shifts with the change in temperature.

The Guild Wars Manuscripts

The Shiverpeak Mountains, often simply referred to as "the Shiverpeaks," are a massive mountain range rising up over ten-thousand feet above sea level, and running from north to south almost across the whole continent of Tyria. They are home to the Dwarves, the Norn, Centaurs, Tengu, Dredge, and various wildlife, both dangerous and benign.

The Shiverpeak Mountains begin from the northernmost areas of the known world and stretch down all the way to the northwestern border of the Crystal Desert. They form an imposing barrier between the human kingdoms of Ascalon and Kryta to the east and west respectively. The Woodland Cascades and the Charr Homelands border the mountain range in the northwestern and northeastern areas, respectively.


With soaring peaks reaching high into the sky, the ice of the Shiverpeaks never melts, and it snows year round. Because the majority of the lakes and rivers in and around the mountains are frozen most of the time, conventional ships find it impossible to traverse them, though the Dwarven ice ships can pass over them with ease.

Winding tundra passes, sluggish glaciers, frozen taiga forests, frosted marsh plains, blinding sheer cliffs and snow fallen hills make up the majority of the terrain between the mountain peaks, and life can be encountered anywhere.


While geographically the same, game mechanics divided the Shiverpeak Mountains into three portions that each has their own inhabitants and dangers:

  • The Far Shiverpeaks lie to the far north to the Northern Shiverpeaks and is outside of the Dwarves' rule, instead they are inhabited by Jotun, Norn, and Modniir Centaurs and are littered with ruins of an unknown ancient civilization.


Far Shiverpeaks[edit]

Northern Shiverpeaks[edit]

Southern Shiverpeaks[edit]


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