Rabbit hole

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Rabbit hole
Rabbit Hole.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Far Shiverpeaks
Type Landmark
Nulfastu Earthbound map.jpg
Location in Drakkar Lake

At the southeastern corner of Drakkar Lake your party will see a Rabbit. As you approach, the Rabbit will run down a circular warren with a beautiful pool and tree at the bottom. When the rabbit arrives at the bottom, several other rabbits will spawn and all will turn hostile. Worse, Nulfastu will spawn with dozens of other Vaettirs swarming the whole area.

However, you can avoid this by not following the Rabbit and, instead, going counterclockwise along the outer edge of the glade until reaching the north side. From this position, you can attack Nulfastu directly before he is able to raise the Vaettirs. Once Nulfastu has been vanquished you can finish off the rest of the rabbits or simply ignore them.

The rabbit hole has a number of unusual features, likely due to the influence of Nulfastu, a corrupt nature spirit:

  • It is filled with thick fog.
  • It has snow-covered deciduous trees, unlike the surrounding area, which has conifers.
  • The stump and adjacent stones are inscribed with spiral designs, and are surrounded by rising sparkles.
  • The water glows blue.
  • There are floating discs of ice along the outer edge.
  • There are numerous flowers blossoming around the area.


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