Gwen's garden

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Gwen's Garden
Gwen's garden.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Far Shiverpeaks
Type Landmark
Nicholas the Traveler Ice Cliff Chasms map.jpg
Path from Eye of the North (outpost)

Gwen's garden is nestled in a corner behind the Eye of the North. As the name implies, it is a small garden maintained by Gwen. Here she grows Red Iris Flowers, among other things.


Gwen's monologue the first time you bring her here:

"I've always loved red iris flowers, ever since I was a girl."
"I keep this garden for reasons I can't fully explain. Perhaps to keep a little of my home alive in these harsh lands?"
"It's amazing to me that something so fragile could blossom here, in this earth."
"When I look at this garden, I see what I lost, and what we all lost. But when that iris flower blooms, I see hope."
"If these flowers survive, so will we."
"The greatest forest can become cinders with a tiny spark. The Charr knew this, and they sought to stamp out our memories of home when they seared Ascalon."
"But what those beasts do not realize is that new life will always spring and, like a plant shoot, I am still standing. Still fighting for a life beyond this."
"Some day, Ascalon's fields will bloom again, and the scent of smoke in my nostrils will be the scent of clean air."
"People will come to lush congresses of my home and they will know that the blood of heroes allowed the new life to spring forth."
"That is the future I will have. But now, we have work still to do. Come, the journey is long."




Charmable animals


  • Vanguard Pet Master does not spawn the first time you have Gwen in your party.
  • The charmable Jingle Bear and White Jingle Moa will be present by visiting the garden, if Casey Carpenter's Wintersday related quest chain has been completed by the character. The Snowball Dominance quest was also required for unlocking the Jingle Bear during Wintersday 2008.
  • Nicholas the Traveler with his companion Professor Yakkington spawns here collecting Chromatic Scales when it's the appropriate time in his cycle. Like Vanguard Pet Master, he will not spawn if you visit this place with Gwen for the first time.

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