Professor Yakkington

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Professor Yakkington
Professor Yakkington.jpg
Affiliation Not specified
Type Dolyak
Level(s) 20
Campaign Core
Secret Garden Map.jpg
Location from Fort Ranik, pre-Searing

Professor Yakkington (born in 1057 AE) is the companion of Nicholas Sandford the Traveler. He was found by Nicholas during a blizzard in Traveler's Vale, having been abandoned by his mother like most young Dolyaks perceived to be weak. After using each other for warmth in the blizzard, Yakkington has joined Nicholas in his travels across Tyria.

In their travels, Yakkington is the fighter of the pair, holding back the wildlife for Nick. He also has a good sense of smell which comes in handy when trying to find their path again should they get lost.

Since his travels, Yakkington has become pampered by Nicholas, and often becomes stubborn. He enjoys having daily sweets and eating Red Iris Flowers, but has a strong fear of snakes and darkness. Because of his fears, Nick often puts Enchanted Lodestones to act as lights at night when Yakkington sleeps. According to Nick, he is 6'8", weighs about a ton, and his lucky number is 5.


  • Other — the location varies from week to week.


*Yakkington sniffs at your pockets a bit, and then nuzzles his head underneath your hand for a pet.*

Collector items (pre-Searing)[edit]

Professor Yakkington[edit]

Location: Pre-Searing Regent Valley in the secret garden.
Collecting: 50 Red Iris Flowers

Item Stats Value
Small Equipment Pack 5 weapon or armor slots 0 Gold

Professor Yakkington[edit]

Location: Pre-Searing Regent Valley in the secret garden.
Collecting: 50 Red Iris Flowers

Profession Item AR Armor bonus Value
Warrior Warrior Krytan Helm 27 Item's Attribute +1 (Stacking) 3 Gold
Ranger Ranger Simple Mask 12 Item's Attribute +1 (Stacking) 3 Gold
Monk Monk Dragon Scalp Design 7 Item's Attribute +1 (Stacking) 3 Gold
Necromancer Necromancer Ragged Scar Pattern 7 Item's Attribute +1 (Stacking) 3 Gold
Mesmer Mesmer Discreet Mask 7 Item's Attribute +1 (Stacking) 3 Gold
Elementalist Elementalist Third Eye 7 Item's Attribute +1 (Stacking) 3 Gold


  • Professor Yakkington is one of three pre-Searing characters that can be regularly found at level 20; the others are Nicholas Sandford and Lieutenant Langmar.
  • He was added to pre-Searing Ascalon in the April 9th, 2009 game update.
  • He was updated on April 23rd, 2009 to become a collector in pre-Searing Ascalon. At the same time he was also added as a traveler in the post-Searing world.
  • You can get a Miniature Yakkington from the Gift of the Traveler (post-Searing).
  • His dialogue is always the same, even when you are in non-human form like Siege Devourer or Junundu. However, at Gwen and Keiran's wedding ceremony he is silent.
  • According to Nicholas Sandford's and Nicholas the Traveler's dialogue:
    • Enjoys playing "Catch the bone".
    • He has a strong dislike for Crispin Bryllis.
    • He once became sick from a fight with a rot wallow but Nicholas was able to fashion an antidote using rot wallow tusks.