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This page documents Nicholas the Traveler's previous collector dialogues.



Ascalon Foothills (for 3 Leathery Claws)[edit]
"Greetings, friend, do you have a moment? As you can see by my parcel-laden pal, my packs have gotten overfull and I'm running out of room for all the marvelous things I find on my travels. Oddly enough, the one thing I am without is Leathery Claws. I know a nice young lady who will trade a bag for 3 of them. What she does with them, I don't even want to venture a guess, although I imagine some of the items I gather might seem odd to someone who doesn't really know me. If you come across some of those Leathery Claws, I'd appreciate you keeping me in mind."
Diessa Lowlands (for 3 Singed Gargoyle Skulls)[edit]
"Do you have a minute, friend? I've been on the lookout for Singed Gargoyle Skulls. I know they are very popular with conversation-starved necromancers, and Yakkington and I prefer to befriend, not antagonize, the occasional necromancers we meet. If I could locate 3 to hold onto as gifts, just in case, I know we would feel much more secure roaming these death-plagued parts."
Dragon's Gullet (for 3 Gruesome Ribcages)[edit]
"You know, I was thinking the other day, and I realized that, if you took my requests for items out of context, one might construe that I am a rather twisted fellow. The truth is that I simply try to make the best out of even the strangest objects around the world. Take Gruesome Ribcages as an example. Most people would look at one and lose their lunch, but I see a tool just waiting to be constructed! After vigorous cleaning, they can be turned into quite effective fishtraps. I need 3 more before I have enough for that fishing trip Yakkington and I have been planning."
Eastern Frontier (for 3 Fetid Carapaces)[edit]
"I've never had much love for creatures that burrow in the soil, but my Mary taught me that many of those creepy-crawlies are essential for plants to grow. That may be so, but I just can't imagine there ever being a use for devourers. They're just disgusting little things that live for popping out at unsuspecting travelers. I'm sure that, being such a traveler yourself, you must share my hatred for these grotesque critters. I've seen quite a few of the buggers around lately and would welcome the help in exterminating them. Care to assist me? Shall we make a game of it? For every 3 Fetid Carapaces you bring me, I'll give you a token of appreciation from a fellow traveler wishing to travel without gross disruptions."
Flame Temple Corridor (for 3 Charr Carvings)[edit]
"It's not easy being surrounded by the very beasts that took away everything I had, but sometimes we all must put our feelings aside for the greater good. As you may have noticed, Charr Carvings are a rather hot commodity amongst traders. In fact, they are practically a sort of currency here in Ascalon. Well, I know a small band of Ascalonian soldiers who are low on supplies, but they are still fighting the good fight to keep the Charr at bay. If I could give them some Charr Carvings, they should be able to trade those for the supplies they so desperately need. 3 should be enough to help get them through a few more weeks."
Old Ascalon (for 3 Scorched Lodestones)[edit]
"I've always had a particular fondness for geological trinkets, and Scorched Lodestones are especially compelling. They bear a striking similarity to the enchanted ones I used to collect. In fact, I'm fairly certain that these used to be a common-variety lodestone, but that the Searing has fundamentally altered their internal structures. Almost as if they've lost some part of their former selves, like something has been burned out of them. Come to think of it, they'd be the perfect material for me to construct a modest cairn somewhere to honor all those who lived through the Searing and have suffered long after. The cairn I have in mind shouldn't take more than 3, if you're interested in helping."
Pockmark Flats (for 1 Stormy Eye)[edit]
"Hello, there. Say, I have an odd question for you. Have you ever looked into a Stormy Eye and wondered if it was looking back? It's a delightfully unsettling experience, one I was hoping to duplicate, but I lost my last one in a scuffle with some hungry dinosaurs. Could you find me another one so I can stare at it and contemplate the nature of being?"
Regent Valley (first visit; for 3 Red Iris Flowers)[edit]
"For years, my nightmares have lingered on this place, the place where I lost my Mary. She meant the world to me, but I have mourned her loss long enough. I'm sure if Mary were here today, she’d no sooner want to see those spiders back in her orchard than she would want to see me imprisoned by grief. In just a few short years, deepest despair shocked my beard and hair with white and almost finished what the Charr started when they destroyed my home, my parents, and my Mary. Now I know that I can't let them win like that. I must live on to keep the memory of my beloved alive and find a new home, find happiness again. There is still much work for me to do in this world.
And so my travels begin again with new purpose: to take Yakkington and I to the far corners of the globe and back again. But before my journey continues I feel the need to ask my love for her blessing and pay tribute to her, though I suppose the only thing fitting would be Red Iris Flowers. A bunch of at least 3 would do, but the only Ascalonian flora collector I know of has moved far to the north. She was so young the last time I saw her! It makes me worry that she won't remember me. Although, she was quite fond of the Professor, even if he did eat all those flowers.... I don't suppose you have any, do you?"
Regent Valley (following visits; for 3 Red Iris Flowers)[edit]
"It seems my travels have brought me to this haunted place once again. This time is different though. I've beheld many great sights, from Lyssa's ice cave to Zu Heltzer Cathedral, and along the way, I've received the help of many kind strangers. The glory of this world puts my personal suffering into perspective. To be honest, as the pain and nightmares fade, it's easier to look into the past, which is good. There are so many memories worth looking back on. Even after all these years, Mary rests as firmly in my heart as she did before the Charr destroyed my home.
I carry her with me wherever I go, and my travels are far from over. I haven't found a new home, but I have found a measure of happiness. So, I'll keep wandering with this woolly fellow by my side. Before we depart, however, I should leave a remembrance, and only one gift seems fitting. You don't happen to have 3 Red Iris Flowers for me to leave behind, do you?"
The Breach (for 1 Charr Hide)[edit]
"I spent much time around the wall, cooling myself in its shadow and walking alongside it on the way to Ascalon. And now I wonder how we're going to rebuild it, and if we're even going to rebuild it. Doesn't seem likely, does it? And that makes me sad. Maybe it would comfort me if I had some Charr Hides. I mean, it is their fault, after all. And Charr Hides are quite useful! I could make all kinds of things and not feel like I'm doing this just for the sake of revenge. Perhaps 1 would be enough to make a warm blanket for the refugees. If you have 1, I'm willing to barter for it!"

Crystal Desert[edit]

Diviner's Ascent (for 1 Topaz Crest)[edit]
"Hail, friend! We've traveled extensively across this desert and seen creatures that boggle the imagination. I was just discussing drakes [sic] with my favorite companion here, because I've noticed how fast those things can move. Their speed quite astounds me. As soon as I made this observation, the Professor suggested we approach for a closer examination, but then refused to go near them. Normally I'd sneak in alone for a better look, but I'll trust the Professor's judgment. He's got a good sense of what I can handle. You, on the other hand, look like a capable sort. Maybe you've even slain the drakes [sic] already! If you have, perhaps you came back with some Topaz Crests I might examine? Actually, I think just 1 will do."
Prophet's Path (for 2 Minotaur Horns)[edit]
"Hello, friend. On my last visit with the Dwarves, I gave them some hand-carved war horns made of the Minotaur Horns of this region. I've heard they've become very popular…as drinking flasks. Not exactly sure what I was expecting, but I'm happy to serve, and now they are asking for more. It's a large order, so I could use a little help filling it. I'd gladly barter for 2 if you have them."
Salt Flats (for 2 Jade Mandibles)[edit]
"Watch your feet, friend! There are Jade Scarabs lurking under the sand just waiting for an unsuspecting traveler to eat for lunch. And I don't know about you, but I certainly don't want to be caught on the wrong end of those Jade Mandibles! Those things can chew through solid rock, so I can only imagine what they could do to a human or, say, a dolyak. On the other hand, they can also be turned into quite effective pickaxes for mining. I'd imagine the workers over in Vehjin Mines could find a use for such sturdy tools, so if you find 2Jade [sic] Mandibles, I would be happy to offer you a token of my appreciation in exchange for them."
Skyward Reach (for 2 Shriveled Eyes)[edit]
"Excuse me, are you a ghost? No? Oh, drat. I'm not actually disappointed to see you, it's just The [sic] Professor and I have been doing a bit of ghost hunting. I mean the spirits no harm, but as a man who likes a good story, I've always wanted to hear about Turai Ossa's famous pilgrimage from someone who experienced it firsthand. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble getting them to materialize for us. I have heard rumors that the magical properties of Shriveled Eyes act as a beacon for wayward spirits. If you could bring me 2 of them, that should be enough to get some spiritual attention."
The Arid Sea (for 1 Massive Jawbone)[edit]
"Greetings! Always nice to see another traveler. I'm working on this theory that Professor Yakkington might be descended from an extinct race of dolyak-like creatures, but I need to study more Massive Jawbones. I hope to find the missing link that'll prove me right. If you could find me 1, you'd have the satisfaction of knowing you made a valuable contribution to science. Plus a little gift the Professor insists I give you too."
The Scar (for 2 Dessicated Hydra Claws)[edit]
"How fortuitous to run into a friendly face out here! Yakkington and I were nearly chomped to bits by some hydras when they backed us in a corner near some strange runic circle. I was doing my best to keep them at bay when all of a sudden we arrived at another location with an identical runic circle. I could only figure that something the Professor was doing caused the runes to activate. I don't know how he did it, but I sure am glad I have my buddy here. Would you by chance be willing to make sure the coast is clear out there, and then let us know? Oh, and if you find 2 Dessicated Hydra Claws while you're at it, would you mind giving them to me? They seem like prime bone for carving tools out of."
Vulture Drifts (for 2 Forgotten Seals)[edit]
"Have you encountered the Forgotten? The depth of their wisdom is matched only by the mystery surrounding them. I have many scholarly friends who are quite fascinated by them and are eager for any artifacts or relics that might provide insight into Forgotten culture and ancient history. Forgotten Seals would be a great place to start, so if you find 2, I would be happy to trade for them."


Cursed Lands (for 3 Decayed Orr Emblems)[edit]
"I've been corresponding with Durmand quite frequently of late. It's clear to both of us that if we can understand the mysteries of our past, we can gain perspective on the present and possibly predict our future. Currently, Durmand's interest lies in Decayed Orr Emblems, which he theorizes have some bearing on Kryta's future. Their tattered state makes them hard to research, so he's asked me to procure 3 more of them. What do you say? Feeling archaeological?"
Kessex Peak (for 2 Forest Minotaur Horns)[edit]
"I've heard disturbing things about this area, and from what little I've seen, I believe it. I tried to strike up a friendly conversation with those Verata cultists, but they turned into an unsavory mob and chased us into the swamp. The Professor bravely blazed the trail ahead of me, but the poor guy ended up with more than a few scrapes and cuts for his efforts. Tromping your way through Spined Aloes and Reed Stalkers takes its toll. I'm worried that next time we won't be quite as lucky, so I'd like to equip him with more defensive measures. With 2 Forest Minotaur Horns strapped to his head, Yakkington will have no trouble leading the way."
Majesty's Rest (for 2 Thorny Carapaces)[edit]
"Oh, hello! How fare you, friend? All this mud and wind and luggage have left Yakkington's fur a bit on the untidy side. I know Thorny Carapaces make some really strong brushes that would be sure to clean up my shaggy friend here. If you have 2, that would be even better; these snarls look particularly troublesome."
Nebo Terrace (for 2 Hardened Humps)[edit]
"Have you come for the hot springs? I adore their soothing waters, but immersion is just a bit too warm for my woolly friend's comfort. I hear that Hardened Humps will absorb and hold the heat of the springs. If you have any, I can take 2 to the springs on my next trip, then add them to the little pile of rocks Yakkington has decided to call his nest this week."
North Kryta Province (for 3 Feathered Caromi Scalps)[edit]
"Greetings, friend. All these refugees remind me of when I left my home so many years ago. I know they had to leave all their amenities behind, but maybe I can make their lives a little nicer by turning the feathers from Feathered Caromi Scalps into pillows. If you had 3, I could gather enough material for a very comfortable cushion."
Scoundrel's Rise (for 3 Bog Skale Fins)[edit]
"Have you ever met Gruhn the Fisher? She spends her days in Twin Serpent Lakes, and whenever she isn't fishing, you can bet she is collecting Bog Skale Fins to create more floats. Last time I was down there, she was having a hard time tracking down enough skales to fulfill her needs. Being a frequent traveler, I recalled this area also has a good amount of skales and promised to gather some Bog Skale Fins for her next time I was in the area. Well, here I am, and as a man of my word, I can't move on until I've gathered 3. Perhaps you have some to spare? I would gladly reciprocate your kindness with a token of my appreciation."
Stingray Strand (for 2 Glowing Hearts)[edit]
"What fortuitous timing, friend! I was just about to start a camp fire, but my Glowing Hearts have been worn down to tiny pebbles, making striking them very difficult. Without 2 to strike together, it will be pretty difficult to get this fire going and I'll certainly need to restock before journeying any further. If you have 2 that you could part with, you would really help me out of a pinch!"
Talmark Wilderness (for 2 Abnormal Seeds)[edit]
"Watch out for that tree! Oh, sorry. It's hard to tell which of these plants is going to spring to life and attack you. My beloved Mary, before she passed on to the Mists, often spoke of these creatures with great fascination. She thought that, with the proper care, they could even be domesticated and used to protect crops from predators. I don't have much of a green thumb, but I have many friends who do. If you could bring me some Abnormal Seeds, I could take them to my friends, and they can pick up where Mary left off. You better bring 2 though. Yakkington is quite fond of seeds and might mistake them for his dinner."
Tears of the Fallen (for 1 Spiked Crest)[edit]
"Have you encountered any of the Drakes in the area? Such amazing creatures! For years, researchers have been trying to determine just how the Drakes of Kryta learned to harness the powers of Air Magic so well. Some believe their power comes from their Spiked Crests. If you come across any while you're making your way through Kryta, I would be happy to give you a token of my appreciation for every 1 you bring me."
The Black Curtain (for 2 Shadowy Remnants)[edit]
"Careful, friend. The very shadows themselves are known to spring to life and attack helpless travelers in these parts. That's actually what brought me and that cowering lump of dolyak to these parts. Rumor has it Shadowy Remnants can be refined and used to grant temporary invisibility to anything you rub it on. Of course, I know that's a load of dolyak dung, but the Professor over there doesn't! If he thinks he's invisible, that may give him just enough courage to follow me to some of the more dangerous locations around the world with a bit less of a fuss. 2 should be enough to cover him completely. I would be happy to trade for any you find!"
Twin Serpent Lakes (for 1 Herring)[edit]
"You don't walk the world without picking up a few culinary tricks here and there. Spices, berries, sugar cane-I've tasted so much! In fact, I've even become quite the gourmet chef, as the galloping girth of my friend here will surely testify. I've an excellent stew recipe I'm working on-excellent, I tell you-and, while Yakkington's in the mood for veggies (if you'll pardon a parlance), I feel like something with a meatier flavor. If you have any Herring, that would be quite a tasty and substantial addition. I'd only need 1. And I'd bet my best boots I could probably find something useful to do with the head..."
Watchtower Coast (for 3 Mergoyle Skulls)[edit]
"Don't let his placid demeanor fool you, friend. When agitated, my plucky pal can put up quite a fight. Once, a Krytan Necromancer got extremely excited to see some Mergoyle Skulls my friend was carrying. I am ashamed to say that, at the time, my ego got the better of me and I didn't correct the Necromancer's misconception that I had slain the monsters. Now, I've been requested to procure 3 more, but Yakkington has taken offense, and he refuses to help. Would you pick those up for me while I try to make amends?"

Maguuma Jungle[edit]

Dry Top (for 2 Tangled Seeds)[edit]
"My friend Yakkington is harrumphing about the banality of his diet. He insists I spice things up, and I can't say that I blame him. Imperial chefs and discerning dolyaks prize Tangled Seeds for a change of pace. If you locate 2, I'd be in your debt."
Ettin's Back (for 3 Mossy Mandibles)[edit]
"Hail! Battling for your life in the jungle is quite a stressful experience. Yakkington is so tense that his fur is starting to fall out! My friend, Headmaster Amara, has recommended meditation to soothe our minds, so I thought to sculpt a Canthan sand garden here for the patchy professor [sic] and I to contemplate. Such an elegant construction should help our strained senses recover nicely. If you bring me 3 Mossy Mandibles, I can use those to craft a rake ideal for my purposes. I would be happy to give you something in exchange, of course."
Mamnoon Lagoon (for 1 Behemoth Jaw)[edit]
"Beautiful, isn't it? It's a shame so few people get to visit this lagoon. In fact, if it weren't for the Behemoths, I'm not sure anyone would travel this far into the jungle. Behemoth Jaws are one of the finest materials for carvings and can fetch a fine price if you're willing to deal with the artisans' constant haggling. Of course, if you would rather leave the negotiations to me, I would be happy to offer you a fair trade for each 1 you find."
Reed Bog (for 1 Maguuma Spider Web)[edit]
"Oh, hello there! Surprising to see another traveler out and about. Even I've gotten lost out here, but thanks to the Professor's unerring nose, we found the path again. I know some people find the heat and the heavy air depressing, but I think it's quite peaceful, even with all the bugs. Speaking of which, have you seen all the Maguuma Spider Webs around here? I bet 1 would be immensely useful for fastening down all these knick-knacks I insist on piling on top of the Professor. I'm willing to barter for it, of course."
Sage Lands (for 2 Ancient Eyes)[edit]
"Hello, friend. It's rare that I see another traveler out here. Not everyone is a brave adventurer like you, me, and the professor. [sic] Long ago, the druids protected these lands, but now the denizens are left to fend for themselves against the dangers of the jungle. Some natives tell me that Ancient Eyes hold helpful magic properties. If I can provide 2, they can make amulets and have some peace."
Silverwood (for 2 Maguuma Manes)[edit]
"Friend, tell me: what kind of hunter has no hunting tools? One with an over-hungry best friend! My masticating pal has chewed through all of the snares I had. I've tried explaining that they are not food, but are merely the means to obtain food. Perhaps something in the material I am using is particularly appealing to my friend's palate and a change is in order. Could you find me some Maguuma Manes instead? I could use 2 to mend my traps."
Tangle Root (for 3 Jungle Troll Tusks)[edit]
"Good day, friend. The Professor may seem amicable to strangers; I mean, he does seem to like everyone he meets, even though I can personally assure you that he finds certain people distasteful. Like that fellow Crispin. Now there's even a guy whom he dislikes more than trolls! Actually, they both hate trolls quite a bit. Maybe there's some common ground there. But Crispin, who is not the most pleasant fellow in the first place, seems to have no love of people, either. The only thing I've seen him happy about is fashioning weapons out of Jungle Troll Tusks. Perhaps if I bring him some as a gift, he'd warm up to us. Do you have 3 that I could take to him? He's not far from here, so I'd like to visit him soon."
The Falls (for 1 Gloom Seed)[edit]
"By the gods, what an amazing place! Yakkington and I were on the way to visit Zinn when we detoured to the west to avoid a large group of trolls, and what a sight to be rewarded with! You know, I've heard tales of something called a Gloom Seed. They say it comes from a realm beyond ours, a realm that has something to do with statues of the gods. I know not how to enter such a place if this is indeed it, nor would I if I could. I dare not travel where Yakkington can't follow, but if you could somehow return with one for me, then I would forever be in your debt! I've always wanted to behold what kind of plant could come from a seed of such legend."

Ring of Fire Islands[edit]

Perdition Rock (for 1 Mahgo Claw)[edit]
"This heat is quite something! Somehow Zinn convinced me and Yakkington to journey out here to retrieve a sample of molten lava for his next great experiment. As smart as Zinn is, he neglected to provide us with a fire-proof means of acquiring the sample. Can you help me out, friend? I'm pretty sure I could use 1 Mahgo Claw to grab the amount Zinn is looking for."

Shiverpeak Mountains[edit]

Anvil Rock (for 2 Frostfire Fangs)[edit]
"Such a shame, don't you think? Dryder attacks. I've seen this before. Ugly business, just ugly. This is a proud village, full of sturdy Dwarves with good hearts. They don't deserve Dryders. When the villagers fight back, many of them get bitten. It gives them a strange illness, invisible to the eye but slowly killing them from the inside. You could help us; I just need a couple of Frostfire Fangs to study. I'm quite handy with all sorts of herbs and medicines, so I'm sure I can come up with some remedy to counteract the poison. I think 2 would be enough."
Deldrimor Bowl (for 3 Shiverpeak Manes)[edit]
"I can trust you, can't I, friend? I have a dwarven [sic] associate, and he is in an unfortunate situation that his people won't understand and that requires the utmost discretion. You see, the poor chap can't grow a proper beard. He's gotten downright frantic about it. Lately, he's taken to cobbling together fake beards made from Shiverpeak Manes. Since he has no real reason to hunt them down, he's afraid that he'll draw attention to himself if he keeps doing it. He's appealed to me for help, figuring that I go all over the world and could easily acquire them. If I remember correctly, 3 are needed for a full beard, so while more are always welcome, I'll accept no less."
Dreadnought's Drift (first visit; for 2 Azure Remains)[edit]
"Careful there, friend! When you are this high in the mountains, even a single footstep can bring danger if it isn't made softly enough. It's the giant wurms. They sense vibrations in the ground like hearing a knock at the door. Makes passing through here with this big lummox at my side a bit nerve-wracking. I've heard the indigenous nightmares survive because of an innate sound-dampening ability that softens their footsteps. I hope to find enough Azure Remains to coat our snowshoes, and I pray that will help get us through here safely. If you had 2, I would happily barter for them to save myself the time spent looking."
Dreadnought's Drift (following visits; for 2 Azure Remains)[edit]
"Careful there, friend! When you are this high in the mountains, even a single footstep can bring danger if it isn't made softly enough. It's the giant wurms. They sense vibrations in the ground like hearing a knock at the door. Makes passing through here with this big lummox at my side a bit nerve-wracking. There's a rumor that the indigenous nightmares survive because of an innate sound-dampening ability that softens their footsteps. While I'm no scientist, we did manage safe passage on our last crossing by using Azure Remains to coat our snowshoes. If you have 2, I would happily barter for them to save myself the time spent looking."
Frozen Forest (for 2 Alpine Seeds)[edit]
"The stark beauty of this area is dulled by the lack of edible vegetation for my poor pal's rumbling stomach. The best local fare I've found for him is Alpine Seeds. Can you help me locate a few more? Yakkington gobbles them up faster than I track them down. Thank you, friend. It should only take 2 more to provide a snack sizable enough to calm his overactive belly."
Grenth's Footprint (for 2 Enslavement Stones)[edit]
"Ah, perhaps you could help me calm the professor [sic] over here down a bit. He overheard some of the Deldrimor Dwarves talking about Wroth Yakslapper, and now he is refusing to budge from this spot for fear of being slapped himself! I came here to try to liberate some of the Enslavement Stones the Stone Summit use to command the Dredge in the area. We're not sure if they actually possess magical properties, or if the Stone Summit simply use them to trick the Dredge, but either way, I have a good friend among the Deldrimor Dwarves who seeks to break the Stone Summit's hold over the Dredge. 2 should be enough for him to start his experiments. As always, I will make it worth your time if you bring them to me."
Griffon's Mouth (for 3 Spiritwood Planks)[edit]
"We think this cave might be haunted. A local man once told me that a fire built with Spiritwood Planks would comfort the spirits. If I had 3, that should keep the fire going through the night and make it so yours truly can get a good night's sleep without having to worry about ghosts popping out of the walls going "OooOoooOoooo!""
Ice Floe (for 3 Mursaat Tokens)[edit]
"Sometimes I question whether my curiosity will be my undoing. Take Mursaat Tokens, for example. I think they're utterly fascinating, like they have an untapped inner power, a power you can sense, waiting to detonate and ruin all life. Yes, I'm concerned that it might be dangerous, but Yakkington adores them. Whenever he sees Mursaat Tokens, his eyes light up like little dancing candles, and I swear he whimpers, just loud enough for me to think I heard it but not be sure. How can I say no to that? If you come across 3, I know the big lummox would be grateful."
Ice Dome (for 2 Icy Lodestones)[edit]
"My normally perky pal here has a bit of an upset tummy, and with so many stomachs, that can be quite the upset. I suspect some metallic scraps have made it into his system. But never fear, I know a few medicinal tricks for dolyaks. I don't suppose you've picked up any Icy Lodestones in your travels? If I can get him to swallow 2, that should collect the offenders in his system and help him recover."
Iron Horse Mine (for 3 Icy Humps)[edit]
"The children in the Shiverpeaks delight in the story of how Yakkington and I met. The downy white fellow was nearly invisible in that snowstorm, and all alone. The gods smiled on me in my snowblindness and propelled me to him instead of my intended destination. I suspect he was as grateful for my warmth as I was for his. As a memento, I'm making carvings out of Icy Humps that depict the clever little baby dolyak and his best friend huddled together. I could use 3 more if you happen across any."
Lornar's Pass (for 1 Phantom Residue)[edit]
"Take care, friend. Being so close to the Underworld gives me chills even the warmth of a hefty dolyak can't melt away. For protection, my friend Eve suggest I rub Phantom Residue all over myself and Yakkington. She claims that it tricks the spirits into thinking you're one of them. I think she might just be having fun with me, but at this point, I'm nervous enough to try anything. For each 1 you give me, I'll give you a little something in return."
Mineral Springs (for 3 Feathered Avicara Scalps)[edit]
"The Avicara of these parts are as fierce as they are feathery, and they do have quite fine feathers indeed. Have you managed to retrieve any of their Feathered Avicara Scalps while doing battle with them? I have need for 3 of them, as I wish to make a fine feathered headdress for Yakkington to wear. He may be a beast of burden by birthright, but he also wants a little pampering from time to time as a reward, and I like to keep the big lug as happy as possible. For now, let's just say his quirks are worth putting up with since the only alternative involves me carrying all of the luggage on his back!"
Snake Dance (for 2 Frosted Griffon Wings)[edit]
"Snowy slopes make for dangerous hopes. That doesn't sound quite right, does it? No matter: I know firsthand that the slopes here are slippery and treacherous. Used to be I wouldn't go anywhere near them. But I befriended the locals and familiarized myself with their ways. Watch and learn, I always say. In time, I discovered that Frosted Griffon Wings, scavenged from the fallen, are the ideal material for traction on snowy paths and frozen hills. If you come across any, I need 2 to make adequate footwear, even though my friend will rightly insist that nothing compares to dolyak feet."
Spearhead Peak (for 3 Frigid Hearts)[edit]
"Mighty cold out here, is it not? Most people would never think about finding ways to cool off while standing at the top of a frigid mountain, but when you travel as much as I and Yakkington here do, you have to prepare for a variety of climates. Last time I was traveling through the Crystal Desert, I would have given anything to cool off. You can only imagine how my woolly friend here felt! I've heard the Frigid Hearts of Ice Imps will remain cold for weeks, even in the hottest of conditions. If you could bring me 3, that should be enough to keep us cool next time we visit a hotter climate."
Talus Chute (for 5 Mountain Troll Tusks)[edit]
"Hello, friend! The Professor is very upset at the rising troll population here. I don't know what incident led to his unrelenting hatred for trolls; I suspect some horrific troll experience occurred before I met him in that snowstorm so many years ago. If you could bring back 5 Mountain Troll Tusks to support the effort to curb their numbers, that would be a lovely present for him."
Tasca's Demise (for 3 Stone Summit Badges)[edit]
"Have you ever tried to bathe a dolyak? It's no small feat, my friend. And certainly not a task I enjoy. We take the perennial journey up to the citadel whenever Yakkington is particularly offensive to the nose. The Dwarves there will wash away his travel residue for a small fee, as long as I can provide proof that I am on their side of the civil war. 3 Stone Summit Badges should be enough to show them I'm no fan of the Stone Summit, but sadly, I don't have any at this time. If you're able to pay for the professor's [sic] much-needed bath, I'll gift you with a small token of my appreciation."
Traveler's Vale (for 3 Bolts of Linen)[edit]
"Did you know that dolyaks will abandon a calf if they perceive it to be weak? Yup, it's true, and it's actually extremely common among their species. I know it seems cruel by our standards, but I imagine that they believe it keeps their bloodlines strong. And who would argue?
It's also the most likely explanation for why Yakkington was alone when I found him, here in this very place. He was as white as the snow itself, but that was hardly surprising, since all dolyak calves are born that way. The poor thing was huddled up against these rocks, but he wasn't actually the one in trouble; I was. I had been nearly blinded by a blizzard for hours and couldn't make heads or tails of where Yak's Bend was. Luckily I stumbled past him before succumbing to the elements!
I approached carefully, because I knew wild dolyaks were particularly dangerous. As I got closer, he held my gaze with those warm blue eyes, and I felt completely safe. Though I couldn't explain it, I knew we had an instant connection. So to honor that night, I wish to craft us a nice, warm blanket, hah! Would you, by chance, have 3 Bolts of Linen that I could take off your hands?"
Witman's Folly (for 3 Intricate Grawl Necklaces)[edit]
"Yak kabobs! Those appalling Grawl are trying to turn my friend here into yak kabobs! Well, I won't have it! The Professor is a most devoted companion and does not deserve such treatment, but reason and logic are clearly lost on puny Grawl brains. As much as I might want retribution, I think distracting them with shinies might be more effective. I suppose 3 Intricate Grawl Necklaces would do the trick. Let me know if you come across any."


Echovald Forest[edit]

Arborstone (for 1 Stone Carving)[edit]
"The Stone Carvings found in these hallowed walls are legendary for their quality amongst the people of Kryta. Goods from a foreign land such as this are always of great value to trade, but ones of this particular quality are a rarity even by the standards of a city as prosperous as Lion's Arch. I need to return to Kryta with something worth bartering so that I can continue to feed my big lummox of a friend here! So if you have the time to spare, would you mind helping me find 1 of them?"
Drazach Thicket (for 1 Dragon Root)[edit]
"Well met, friend. I've seen a handful of pilgrims seeking solace from the shrines here. I've watched them for some time and while I haven't ascertained what illness they're suffering from, I could offer a little pain relief if I had some Dragon Roots to make some medicine. I'd greatly appreciate you bringing me 1, as I'm sure these poor people would."
Ferndale (for 3 Amber Chunks)[edit]
"I've stayed with the zu Heltzers on several occasions and, as long as no one mentions Cavalon, I find them perfectly gracious hosts. I've particularly enjoyed this week's stay: wine, dancers, feasting, intellectual board games, and political debate! Seriously, this humble man can't ask for much more than that. The zu Heltzers also try to interest me in the arcane arts and their geological manipulations, but I have more pressing business. Maybe someday I'll stick around long enough to learn more about making Amber Chunks, but for now I'd like to trade you for 3 of them so I can make a personal gift to the Count."
Melandru's Hope (for 3 Dredge Incisors)[edit]
"Hello, friend! I suppose it must be strange to happen across me here, but I have arrived at this location on the advice of my friend Yileng, who said that the bones of the creatures in the Echovald Forest are by far the most superior in structure to any he has ever seen due to the extra minerals in the water. I'm looking at creating a set of bone hooks for Gruhn, and I have been rummaging around for any bones I can find from the deceased creatures in the area. I found a Dredge Incisor that I think will work particularly well given the natural hook shape to it. If I had just 3 more of them, then I'm sure I would have enough to create a nice little present for her. Mind helping me look?"
Morostav Trail (for 1 Truffle)[edit]
"You know, I am starting to think that my "friend" Armand has little to no regard for my well-being. He sent me down here to recover Truffles for him, but sadly, Yakkington just doesn't have the nose for this kind of hunting and is becoming rather melancholy with his failures. If I could procure just 1, I'm sure Armand would be happy and Yakkington could get back to his cheerful self. You don't happen to have any Truffles in those pockets, do you?"
Mourning Veil Falls (for 5 Tempered Glass Vials)[edit]
"Every romantic in Cantha knows that the water from these falls has special properties, and I have the dubious honor of knowing many romantics. Sometimes my good nature can attract too many friends! Anyway, I constantly get requests to bring back water samples. If only I had more Tempered Glass Vials within which to carry the panacean fluid. Friend, do you have 5 I could use? All the heartbroken poets of Cantha would be grateful."
The Eternal Grove (for 1 Skull Juju)[edit]
"The locals say that a Skull Juju will protect you from supernatural harm or vengeful spirits. I'm not too clear on the legend, but I certainly don't want to get into trouble with any vengeful spirits any time soon. Even if the power of the Skull Juju is merely superstition, I'm sure 1 would make a wonderful keepsake, something that reminds me of this sacred place."

Kaineng City[edit]

Bukdek Byway (first visit; for 3 Branches of Juni Berries)[edit]
"I just found out that my old friend Yileng is now an imperial chef. What an achievement! You know, I would expect that when a man reaches a status such as his, that he would live each day with a smile from ear to ear, but he actually seemed troubled when I ran into him. Apparently the fruit he uses for the emperor's favorite dish has been hard to acquire since the plague hit, and he doesn't want to have to tell the emperor that they no longer have the ingredients to make it. I had some spare time, so I volunteered to scour the city for 3 Branches of Juni Berries, but I've had little luck so far. So I ask you, friend, would you help me? I would like to say I knew where you could start looking, but other than having Chuno ship some here from Ronjok, I can't think of a way."
Bukdek Byway (following visits; for 3 Branches of Juni Berries)[edit]
"I just found out that my old friend Yileng is now an imperial chef. What an achievement! You know, I would expect that when a man reaches a status such as his, that he would live each day with a smile from ear to ear, but he actually seemed troubled when I ran into him. Apparently the fruit he uses for the emperor's favorite dish has been hard to acquire since the plague hit, and he doesn't want to have to tell the emperor that they no longer have the ingredients to make it. I had some spare time, so I volunteered to scour the city for 3 Branches of Juni Berries, but I've had little luck so far. So I ask you, friend, would you help me? I would like to say I knew where you could start looking, but other than having Chuno ship some here from Ronjok, I can't think of a way."
Nahpui Quarter (for 3 Celestial Essences)[edit]
"You know, I always seem to meet friends under the most bizarre circumstances. From time to time, I wish I could just sit around a campfire and shoot the breeze, but I no longer believe that the fates have that in the cards for me. For instance, today I find myself in a region divided up between two rival gangs, so I wake up and ask myself, "How do I get through this day?" To which my inner conscience responds, "Find 3 Celestial Essences, and sprinkle some all over yourself and Yakkington to see if they accept you as a celestial envoy." I tell you friend, sometimes I don't even make sense to myself."
Pongmei Valley (for 2 Rot Wallow Tusks)[edit]
"Oh, dear, I'm in a predicament, friend. Yakkington got himself into a scuffle earlier today, and while the big guy emerged victorious, he did not come out unscathed. Yakkington's dealt with this sort before, you understand, so it didn't concern me at first. Then he got a little woozy and I got to thinking: what if Rot Wallow Tusks have venom in them after all? It would make sense because he came back with so many scratches this time-more than I've seen before. I can't leave his side in his condition, but I can't be sure of what happened until I examine the Rot Wallow Tusks myself. Could you bring me 2 of them while I watch over my infirm friend? If I'm correct, I can extract their internal essences and prepare an antidote."
Raisu Palace (for 3 Soul Stones)[edit]
"Breathtaking, isn't it, friend? Some who know my past try to console me by saying, "At least you're breathing." When I experience the glory of a place like this, it reminds me that living isn't enough. At least we're dreaming: that's where hope lies. You can help me offer more hope to these people if you bring me 3 Soul Stones. I'm told that the stones are given to children who have lost a parent. The child will place it under their pillow at night, and it helps them to dream without nightmares."
Shadow's Passage (for 3 Jadeite Shards)[edit]
"Oh, thank Dwayna you are here! I got caught in Jade Brotherhood territory without sufficient barter for safe travel, and there is no reasoning with these Afflicted. If you could bring to me 3 Jadeite Shards, I think Yakkington and I can continue on this passage safely by buying a little of the Brotherhood's protection to get through the Afflicted."
Shenzun Tunnels (for 3 Vials of Ink)[edit]
"The Am Fah are not entirely beyond reason, although they are definitely on the brink of insanity. They will offer me far less trouble if I can offer them Vials of Ink, which they use to tattoo their bodies. If you have 3, I would be greatly appreciative."
Sunjiang District (for 3 Putrid Cysts)[edit]
"Oh hi. Sorry if I seem short, but I am quite busy helping an imperial apothecary with some research on the recovery from that horrible, deadly plague. You see, I am not unhandy when it comes to obscure remedies, and it appears that my reputation has preceded me. I am honored to assist, but getting usable samples of the disease to experiment with has proved difficult. If you come across 3 Putrid Cysts, please bring them to me so I can start researching."
Tahnnakai Temple (for 3 Jade Bracelets)[edit]
"Hello, friend! Have you seen the craftsmanship of the local Jade Bracelets? What amazing quality, indeed! And highly coveted across all the lands, I can assure you. When I hold these exquisitely well-crafted objects in my hand, I try to imagine what sort of people would adorn their persons with such finery. I imagine hushed halls, exotic pillars, huge turtles looming on the horizon...but enough of my meandering thoughts. I have to restock my best bartering tool, so I could really use 3 Jade Bracelets. Now that you know how much I want them (which, I admit, may not be the best negotiating tactic), you must know I'll offer you something quite nice in return."
The Undercity (for 3 Ancient Kappa Shells)[edit]
"My friend Yileng, the imperial chef, has sent me down here to acquire Ancient Kappa Shells. He says they make for an amazing presentation of some of his more elaborate meals, and I believe him. Unfortunately, I am afraid I didn't realize quite how fierce the creatures are that they come attached to. Would you help me scrounge up 3 of them? I'm hoping Yileng will be so delighted that he'll whip up one of those famous dishes for me!"
Wajjun Bazaar (for 3 Plague Idols)[edit]
"I'll let you in on an interesting secret I've learned here: the Jade Brotherhood will actually welcome you if you offer them a few Plague Idols to smash into pieces. It may seem like an odd practice, but I try not to judge. Who knows? Perhaps it'll even be a useful survival tip for you. They've let me into this trader's paradise, and I intend to stay until I've bartered so much I can barter no more. I hope they extend my visit, so would you find me 3 more Plague Idols?"
Xaquang Skyway (for 3 Vermin Hides)[edit]
"Fascinating city, fascinating culture, isn't it, friend? The moon is important to Canthans both inside and outside the city, but the moon seems to bring the vermin out in the city. In exchange for room and board here, I've offered to do some exterminating. If you help me, I think I can make it worth your while. Bring me Vermin Hides. If you can prove this way that you've exterminated 3, I'll have something for you."

Shing Jea Island[edit]

Haiju Lagoon (for 1 Gold Crimson Skull Coin)[edit]
"Ho there, friend. I'm glad you came by. I'm about to set sail with some pretty shady folks. Now, them I can handle. The real trouble is they ask quite a bit of coin for transporting something as big as a dolyak, and they don't deal in small change. Would you be willing to trade me 1 Gold Crimson Skull Coins [sic] to help pay my fare?"
Jaya Bluffs (for 3 Stolen Supplies)[edit]
"Hail, friend! These mountains are a rough place. You and I are equipped to handle ourselves here, but I feel bad for that nearby caravan owner. I don't think he realized how dangerous it is out here. He's so terrified by the creatures that robbed him that even my docile, furry pal here is spooking him a bit. Maybe if I can return some of his Stolen Supplies while accompanied by Yakkington, he'll be able to calm down in the dolyak's presence. If you've happened upon 3 of his Stolen Supplies, we will make sure they get back to him."
Kinya Province (for 5 Copper Crimson Skull Coins)[edit]
"Hail, friend! Did you see those unsavory raiders nearby? They've been demanding payment from the villagers for quite some time. I don't know that I can battle them all, and even if I did, I'm sure more would return after I move on. If you have 5 Copper Crimson Skull Coins, I'll distribute them among the villagers to help them pay off the villains."
Minister Cho's Estate (for 5 Forgotten Trinket Boxes)[edit]
"Do you know Mi Fai? She has inspired me to action, as I share her boundless compassion for the families of those poor unfortunates. I know from personal experience how hard it is to lose someone you love; Mi Fai evidently understands that too. I'd like to relieve some of her burden before she wears out from working so hard to comfort others. I plan to visit the families myself and make deliveries, so if you have gathered 5 Forgotten Trinket Boxes, I would see that they make it to the right hands."
Panjiang Peninsula (for 3 Naga Hides)[edit]
"Ah, hello friend! I've found myself in a bit of a pickle; perhaps you can help. I've been invited to a feast at the palace, and it is customary to bring a gift for the Emperor, but being caught a bit off guard by this honor, I've found myself with nothing to give! Rather than insult the Emperor by showing up empty handed, I was hoping to fashion something suitable out of his Imperial Highness' favorite material: young Naga Hides. Unfortunately, my beastly companion here has a panic attack any time I step foot towards that cave. Snakes and darkness are two of his biggest fears, so I'm stuck here while Su just laughs at us. If you wouldn't mind, I'd be most grateful if you ventured in there yourself and acquired 3 Naga Hides for me. You'll receive the usual payment for such assistance, of course."
Saoshang Trail (for 5 Mantid Pincers)[edit]
"Artists are an eccentric bunch. I have a friend who will only write with special quills made from Mantid Pincers. Trouble is, he's a playwright and writing all the time. Say, if you happen to have 5 of those Mantid Pincers, I could keep him stocked in writing supplies through his next couple of productions."
Sunqua Vale (for 3 Feathered Scalps)[edit]
"Oh, thank the gods you've found me! I find myself in quite an unfortunate predicament. You see, I was making my way to Aerie to visit the Angchu Tengu, when the professor [sic] and I got caught in the middle of a battle between some members of the Sansali [sic] tribe and a Yeti. Yakkington here panicked and dropped all of our pots and pans, making such a racket that everything but me and that lumbering oaf was swept away by an avalanche. What's worse is that an Angchu scout heard the noise, arrived to see the carnage, and now has everyone thinking I'm some sort of great warrior! As a rite of passage, they're demanding that I obtain the Feathered Scalps of their Sensali rivals. Yakkington and I can hold our own in a fight if needed, but neither of us are experienced in art of scalping. On the other hand, I would hate to upset the delicate relationship between humans and Tengu in these parts. Could you, perhaps, acquire 3 Feathered Scalps for me?"
Zen Daijun (for 5 Rolls of Parchment)[edit]
"Ahh yes, well met, friend! I am here working on a piece of writing to add to the library at Durmand's request, but I am rapidly running out of Rolls of Parchment. Would you be able to pick up 5 pieces of it for me? I have much recording to do of the circumstances leading up to the searing, [sic] and the years following. Perhaps you may even get to read it someday! I am thinking of entitling it "There with Yakkington: A Traveler's Tale", what do you think, pretty catchy, huh?"

The Jade Sea[edit]

Archipelagos (for 3 Black Pearls)[edit]
"Over the years, I've gotten quite adept at bartering my way through some tricky spots. For instance, Margrid and I have an arrangement: she provides transportation for me to remote islands, and I bring her the Black Pearls she's so fond of. Not that her boat would get us very far in this particular sea, mind you, but it's good to have some bartering chips for the future! If you have 3 I would gladly offer you something in return. For some reason, she charges my quadruped companion double, even though he's not the one that gets seasick all over her deck."
Boreas Seabed (for 2 Kraken Eyes)[edit]
"Have you ever been to a Luxon wedding, friend? The dancing, the drinking, the's quite the sight to see. The most amazing thing about them is the Kraken Eyes they use for jewelry. A young couple I know has asked me to bring them 2 for their betrothal rings. If you have any available, I'll gladly compensate you for them."
Maishang Hills (for 1 Guardian Moss)[edit]
"I thought the sea air would do him some good, but the Professor here still has a case of the sniffles. He began sneezing violently as soon as I started to read aloud from my favorite book. One would think he's allergic to literature! Hah! Wouldn't that be something? Before this progresses into a full-fledged illness, I need to get Guardian Moss and make some medicine, but the big baby won't let me leave his side to get it. Would you pick up 1 for me?"
Mount Qinkai (for 3 Naga Skins)[edit]
"Hello, friend. With all this traveling, I have worn out more than a few items of clothing. Lately, Yakkington keeps licking the sea salt off my garments. It's amazing how destructive a yak tongue can be. You wouldn't have any Naga Skins on you, would you? They are pretty durable, hopefully enough to last against constant assault from a dolyak tongue, and I could use 3 to repair this tattered old thing."
Gyala Hatchery (for 2 Moon Shells)[edit]
"The sea-faring Canthans are much more attuned to the moon than you and I, friend, but my furry pal here also enjoys a good moon bath. Helps him sleep at night...must be something special about the moon. Some local fellows tell me that Moon Shells not only glow like the moon, but absorb some of the moon's powers. I think 2 would help Yakkington sleep on cloudy nights."
Rhea's Crater (for 3 Bone Charms)[edit]
"I doubt we'll ever know exactly how the Outcasts see this world, or how far has their insanity driven them. Obviously they have gone too far from salvation, but they still cling to their Bone Charms. That's quite fascinating, because it suggests that they have retained some rudimentary behaviors, probably deep-seated memories of their childhood combined with a basic tribalism. These Bone Charms interest me, and I'd love to add 3 of them to my collection. They'll remind me of all the madness out there on the edges of the world."
Silent Surf (for 1 Keen Oni Talon)[edit]
"Hail, friend! Best watch yourself out here; the Oni are everywhere! I've seen them use their Keen Oni Talons to efficiently skin all manner of beast. Such extraordinary sharpness intrigues me. I'd really like to have 1 to study as a potential material for the crafting of kitchen blades. My good friend Yileng is always on the look out for good keen blades and I enjoy helping him in the search. In your travels, have you acquired any Keen Oni Talons that you would be willing to part with?"
Unwaking Waters (for 1 Azure Crest)[edit]
"Hi, friend. Have you noticed Yakkington has the biggest, bluest eyes ever? Those eyes made that first bond of trust between us nearly a decade ago on that snowy peak. I've never seen anything quite as blue, which is why the color is so difficult to match when making Yakkington dolls! I've tried so many different materials but have had no luck yet getting it just right. I've heard that Azure Crests come close, but I'm skeptical. If you happen to come across any, I'd happily exchange a gift for one so I can try it out."



Cliffs of Dohjok (for 3 Copper Shillings)[edit]
"Ahh, what a pleasure to see a friendly face today! Now that you're here, I wonder if you can solve my predicament? You see, I will be traveling to Kryta fairly soon, but I promised 3 friends there who collect coins from afar that I would obtain Copper Shillings for each of them. If I don't come through, I'll have to skulk quietly away when I see them. I'd happily barter for any you might have to avoid such a fate!"
Fahranur, The First City (for 3 Sentient Seeds)[edit]
"I must congratulate the Istani farmers. They've managed to cultivate some incredibly impressive crops. Moreover, I believe some of the plants on this island rival the magnificence of the Maguuma Jungle. I have a sneaking suspicion that such lush verdure is caused by the Sentient Seeds found around these parts. I hope to study the seeds more closely but they can be hard to come by. So here's my suggestion: bring me 3 of them, and I will amply reward your time!"
Issnur Isles (for 1 Drake Kabob)[edit]
"Thank the gods you're here! I'm starving! Yakkington just chowed down the whole day's rations while I had my back turned, and he didn't bother saving me any! *stomach grumbles* Oh, how I wish I had gotten a Drake Kabobs [sic] from Chef Lonbahn while I was still in Kamadan. You wouldn't by chance, have the fortitude to retrieve one for me, would you? I don't feel like making that trek on an empty stomach, and Yakkington looks too full to carry me… *stomach grumbles* I hate him so much right now."
Lahtenda Bog (for 3 Mandragor Swamproots)[edit]
"A swamp is such a dreary meeting place for friends, don't you think? Well, I'm glad you came anyway! I'm searching for 3 Mandragor Swamproots. I'll give them to some farmers I met along the Elon River, who have been having trouble with water runoff carrying their soil into the river below. My understanding, however, is that the Mandragor Swamproots grow into vines that, if planted properly along a hillside, latch onto the soil and keep it from eroding."
Mehtani Keys (for 2 Silver Bullion Coins)[edit]
"There's a nice Istani family who have been giving me shelter for several days now, but it is about time for me to ship off again! Unfortunately, I feel I must stay until I can repay their kindness. You see, I recently learned that some filthy Corsairs raided their house and stole their food stores and family savings. This is unacceptable! If you could somehow get a hold of 2 Silver Bullion Coins, I'll give them to the family to replenish their stores and reward you handsomely. You'll leave knowing that this family will be back on their feet and ready to farm!"
Plains of Jarin (for 1 Pahnai Salad)[edit]
"You know, I don't think I've ever been in awe of so many beautiful places in such a brief span of time. Istan is truly amazing. Yakkington and I just got done touring Kamadan, the Sunspear Great Hall, and even the Astralarium! All that walking has me famished, but I shouldn't eat anything too heavy since we still intend to make for Fahranur soon. Perhaps you're the caring type, and you care to bring me a Pahnai Salad? That should be just enough to get me moving without weighing me down and I'd be happy to repay your efforts!"
Zehlon Reach (for 1 Bowl of Skalefin Soup)[edit]
"That storm was insane! Did you see it? What craziness! Lightning bolts and huge, painful thunder claps, over and over again, like we had a swarm of mages pursuing us. And I'd swear I saw Destroyers in the waves that night. Yakkington and I finally made it to Istan this morning, but now he refuses to budge. I think that wild storm made him seasick. Food is the safest way to calm him down, even when he's sick, so maybe you could find some Bowl of Skalefin Soup for my friend while I tend to him?"


Arkjok Ward (for 1 Mandragor Root Cake)[edit]
"Oh, thank the gods, help has come at last! My bullheaded companion here refuses to budge an inch, because he hasn't had his daily allotment of sweets. I swear he is as stubborn as, well, as stubborn as a dolyak, I suppose. Do you have time to swing by Yohlon Haven and talk to Yajide? See if he still makes that wonderful Mandragor Root Cake. I bet that would get Yakkington going again."
Bahdok Caverns (for 1 Sentient Lodestone)[edit]
"Ahai, friend. You wouldn't have happened across a Sentient Lodestone today, would you? I break them into pebbles and put them into a hollowed-out gourd to create something I call an Elonian jumping gourd. I often give them as gifts to the people of this land, and in return for this little contraption, I have gained many friends to visit in my travels."
Barbarous Shore (for 1 Gold Doubloon)[edit]
"The Corsairs around here are very interesting people to do business with, especially when you want passage on one of their ships. I must admit that the exchange rate they give for most currencies is bothersome, so if you happen to acquire a Gold Doubloon, would you trade it to me before I have to pay for the charter?"
Dejarin Estate (for 2 Heket Tongues)[edit]
"Hello, friend! This may sound a bit strange, but I just met a young lad named Dalzbeh who was on the lookout for Heket Tongues. I promised him that I, too, would join his noble quest to scare the village girls. I think 2 of them would suffice to live up to my word, so if you find some, I'll happily reward you."
Gandara, the Moon Fortress (for 3 Kournan Pendants)[edit]
"Ahai there, friend! I've been seeking safe passage through this area for some time, but as an outsider I can have trouble convincing the locals of my good intentions, especially with all the mistrust between the common folk and the military. I am willing to bet that if I gave one of the local chieftains 3 Kournan Pendants, they would be more inclined to guide me through the region. What do you say, friend? Will you help me?
Jahai Bluffs (for 5 Elonian Leather Squares)[edit]
"Well! It's finally time to make some quality straps for Yakkington! I can't believe how long it's been since I had sturdy materials, although it surprises me how long the ones I made from those old worn belts have held together. They are on their last leg though, and I direly need 5 Elonian Leather Squares for new straps. Do you happen to have that many?"
Marga Coast (for 3 Insect Carapaces)[edit]
"Ahai, friend! You haven't happened across 3 Insect Carapaces in your own travels today, have you? It may sound strange, but they actually make for quite sturdy bowls if carved up just right. Both Yakkington and I travel with them since they are so lightweight. We had plenty of them until last night, when my big lummox of a companion here sat on the entire stack!"
Sunward Marches (for 2 Sentient Spores)[edit]
"Another day, another adventure! That's how it goes for all of us nomadic folk, right? Well, today I have a reprieve for once, and I'm looking for mischief instead. If you find 2 Sentient Spores, then please do let me know! If you know the secret, with a little nurturing and water, a small plant-creature will hatch out. Rather interesting company for a day or two, before it gets big enough to cause serious damage. Then you have to let it go, of course, but it's fun for a little while!"
The Floodplain of Mahnkelon (for 6 Dwarven Ales)[edit]
"I tell you, all this wandering of the floodplain has me dreaming about one of my favorite ales from back home. You know that ice-cold liquid refreshment made from only the purest of pure mountain water springs, the kind that are so pure they taste like spring itself? That, kind friend, is the only thing I need right now, so if you had any way to retrieve a 6 pack of Dwarven Ales for me, then I'd be forever in your debt. Until then, you can find me wistfully dreaming of it right here."
Turai's Procession (for 1 Water Djinn Essence)[edit]
"Ahai, good friend! How fortunate it is that I have encountered such a bold adventurer today! These good people were just telling me that their well has run dry, and I had to explain that the only way to avoid digging deeper was to sprinkle some magical Water Djinn Essence into the well since it attracts water from far and wide. If you feel as bold as you look, would you hunt one down? I am sure these people would forever remember such a magnanimous gesture."

The Desolation[edit]

Crystal Overlook (for 1 Luminous Stone)[edit]
"All the spirits around here have spooked Yakkington a bit, so he's been restless at night, keeping me up with his fidgeting. It would be a great comfort to both of us if you could find a Luminous Stone to help him sleep. I had hoped to stay here a few more nights before traveling back to the Crystal Desert, but without something to calm him down, I'm afraid the Professor may not hold together long enough for me to finish my business."
Joko's Domain (for 2 Inscribed Shards)[edit]
"Pretty eerie, isn't it? This place gives me the creeps, and I was hoping to leave soon, but I boasted to Durmand that I could retrieve at least 2 Inscribed Shards from the Desolation. In retrospect, it was a rather foolish claim, but I guess that's what happens when you're inebriated. Well anyway, would you mind helping me cheat a little bit on my boast? Just promise not to tell Durmand, or I'll never hear the end of it!"
Poisoned Outcrops (for 2 Margonite Masks)[edit]
"What a bleak place to meet your end. Bones are scattered everywhere, and the only creatures I recognize are ravens. I find neither of these things to be the best of omens, though a Norn might disagree. I would like to leave with the fleetest of strides that Yakkington and I can muster, and I'm sure you do too. Would you mind hastening my retreat by finding me 2 Margonite Masks? I hope they have clues that'll help Durmand reveal the secret origin of these monsters."
The Alkali Pan (for 1 Ruby Djinn Essence)[edit]
"Have you ever heard of the great artificer Zinn? Well, he has me out here searching for a Ruby Djinn Essence. I don't know why, but for some reason I empathize with the little guy. The last time we met he was muttering about running out of something, and he was fretting about the power core redesign of his latest construct. I'm not entirely sure what the Ruby Djinn Essence has to do with it, or what a "power core" even is, but I figured I'd help anyway. You'll let me know if you find one before I do, won't you?"
The Ruptured Heart (for 1 Demonic Relic)[edit]
"Thank the heavens that you've arrived! Durmand sent me on an expedition to secure an item from beyond the great vortex, but I dare not venture any closer. Even though Yakkington and I snatched quite a few artifacts while dodging the demon patrols, I can't tell if they came from our realm or another. Perhaps you could find a Demonic Relic for me? I am certain Durmand could work with such an artifact."
The Shattered Ravines (for 1 Sandblasted Lodestone)[edit]
"The Sandblasted Lodestones may not glow as brightly as the ones back home, but I think that's because they've been in the Desolation for so long. I'd venture a guess that with a little polish and buff, they'll shine brighter than a star on a moonless night. I've already gathered a few and I can't wait to get more. For each one you bring me, I'll gladly repay the favor with a token of my appreciation!"
The Sulfurous Wastes (for 3 Mummy Wrappings)[edit]
"So this is the Desolation, land of the dead and home to no man. It does have its perks, though! For instance, I haven't heard a single sniffle out of the Professor over there since we arrived. I think it's because of the way the sulfuric fumes combine with the naturally dry desert air. He's had a lingering cold, and on top of that he got nipped on the leg when we had to run from a pack of hyenas. Speaking of which, would you happen to have 3 Mummy Wrappings that I can use to mend his leg?"


Forum Highlands (for 3 Skree Wings)[edit]
"I may not look like it, but I do fancy myself somewhat of a storyteller. I don't tell the most remarkable tales, by any stretch of the imagination, but I do report to Durmand on the different people I see on my travels and the trials they go through. That is not quite the reason I am here, though. Today, I find myself in search of feathers from Skree Wings to make more writing implements for both myself and for Durmand's scribes. As you can imagine, he has them going through their own supplies rather quickly. He is quite the taskmaster, after all! 3 Skree Wings worth of feathers should make enough quills to keep them writing for some time."
Garden of Seborhin (for 2 Roaring Ether Claws)[edit]
"Hey there, friend! I just snuck between these plants to give Yakkington a quick bath. He's been having a tough time with all this desert wandering, so I thought this would be a nice break for him. Of course, now I realize that I don't have any implements handy to give the Professor a vigorous post-bath combing, which he holds so dear. Would you, by chance, get 2 Roaring Ether Claws for me while I finish up here? Those should make for a nice comb."
Holdings of Chokhin (for 1 Pillaged Goods)[edit]
"I'm here visiting my old friend Nichi, and he tells me (between his arguments with Chitohn) that the giants around here have Pillaged Goods that rightfully belong in the Halls of Chokhin. Yakkington and I are by no means formidable enough to take one down, but I'd wager you're up to the task. So what say you: can you help us?"
Resplendent Makuun (for 1 Sapphire Djinn Essence)[edit]
"Ahh, I see you, too, must have business with Prince Bokka. I am here on behalf of local villages that clearly need his aid, but I am not sure he will hear what I say unless there is something in it for him. Do you happen to have a Sapphire Djinn Essence on you? Such a gift would surely get him to hear my plea in full."
The Hidden City of Ahdashim (for 1 Diamond Djinn Essence)[edit]
"You won't believe this, but the Professor has decided that since we have somehow found ourselves in the Hidden City of Ahdashim, he wants a no-expenses-spared spa retreat. I know this must seem really, *really* silly, but I need someone, hopefully you, to bring back a Diamond Djinn Essence from the city. I have heard that the princesses of Vabbi themselves wash their hair with it to appear even more beautiful and fairer than is natural, and I think it may be just the thing to appease Yakkington's whim."
The Mirror of Lyss (for 1 Roaring Ether Heart)[edit]
"Wow, now that's a gorgeous view! It's truly astounding that such a place can exist amid such a parched landscape. That reminds me: desert nights feel like they're chilly enough to freeze one's innards, and tonight will surely be one of the colder ones. Maybe there's a chance you can find me a Roaring Ether Heart before nightfall? They're quite reliable fire starters, and I know I will be in desperate need of the warmth."
Vehjin Mines (for 2 Cobalt Talons)[edit]
"Ahai friend! Would you happen to have procured 2 Cobalt Talons on the way to our chance encounter today? Yakkington has had an awful itch lately, and upon further examination he seems to have picked up fleas somewhere in our travels. I plan on getting him properly treated and bathed soon, but in the interim I think I might just help him scratch his itch with any Cobalt Talons that can be scrounged up. The more we get, the bigger the scratcher can be!"
Vehtendi Valley (for 1 Bottle of Vabbian Wine)[edit]
"A long day's travels can certainly leave a man parched and needing something a bit more...robust, let's say. Would you be so kind as to grant this weary traveler's wish and find me a Bottle of Vabbian Wine so I can have a nightcap and put this day at rest? There must be a local villager around here somewhere who would have some."
Wilderness of Bahdza (for 2 Behemoth Hides)[edit]
"Quite the amazing architectural feat, isn't it? I rather enjoy find [sic] beautiful vistas like this to fill my gaze while I mull over the day's more mundane tasks. Speaking of which, I am on the hunt for 2 Behemoth Hides today! A few of Yakkington's packs have worn thin at the bottom. Leaving them alone would just invite a truly frustrating moment into my life, so I'd like to head it off at the pass and fix him up some new ones with all the Behemoth Hides I can get."
Yatendi Canyons (for 1 Geode)[edit]
"Ahai, friend! Yakkington and I are taking a tiny break from our travels and looking for something to ward off the waves of boredom. I was wondering if you happened to have a Geode on your person today? I've seen the beetles in this area hoarding them, and I thought that Yakkington might enjoy playing with one as well. He does love the sparklies, [sic] after all. Isn't that right, Professor?"

Northern Tyria[edit]

Charr Homelands[edit]

Dalada Uplands (for 3 Superb Charr Carvings)[edit]
"I'm glad to find an ally out here! This isn't my favorite locale, but I ventured here to help a friend. Durmand is amassing quite an extensive collection of art from other cultures, and he's always interested in more. He mentioned wanting Superb Charr Carvings, and, while I'm no fan of the Charr, I can't say no to a friend in need. I promised I'd bring him 3 from my travels. If you come across any, I would be happy to trade for them."
Grothmar Wardowns (for 2 Fibrous Mandragor Roots)[edit]
"Hail, friend! My professorial partner is complaining that I don't provide him with enough sweets. If I fed him Mandragor Root Cake every day, he'd quickly lose that yakkish figure, so he's just going to have to settle for a chewy substitute. If you have any Fibrous Mandragor Roots, I'm sure that will keep him happy. 2 should get him through the next few days, then I promise I'll get him a nice treat at the end of the week."
Sacnoth Valley (for 2 Stone Grawl Necklaces)[edit]
"Good to see you out here. These lands are awfully inhospitable to man and beast alike. The inhabitants aren't very charitable, either. Nevertheless, Durmand insists that grawl [sic] have religious tendencies. He claims to have found proof in their Stone Grawl Necklaces. Judging by his excitement, I'm sure he intends to include them in whatever treatise he writes about the natural history of this area. Perhaps if I had 2 of my own to study, I could assist in the research. Two minds are better than one, as they say, and I've always had a fondness for history."

Far Shiverpeaks[edit]

Bjora Marches (for 1 Jotun Pelt)[edit]
"Oh dear, I'm afraid I've done it now. Last week I lost the professor's [sic] favorite blanket. He doesn't need it for warmth, but it has sentimental value. You see, it was the first Jotun Pelt Yakkington ever won in battle. So we traveled all the way back up here to get another, and now the professor [sic] insists that, since he didn't lose the blanket, he's not responsible for finding the replacement Jotun Pelt. Could you help me out, friend? Jotun Pelts aren't exactly easy to acquire. I think I only need 1."
Drakkar Lake (for 2 Piles of Elemental Dust)[edit]
"Hail, friend. The Vanguard leaders have asked me to help them figure out a puzzle. Norn fighters never have any trouble with ice on their metal weapons and armor at extremely cold temperatures. I have a theory as to why, but I need Piles of Elemental Dust to test it out. If you could bring me 2, I could do another trial experiment."
Ice Cliff Chasms (for 1 Chromatic Scale)[edit]
"Forgive me. It may seem like I'm hiding out here, but it's not from you. You see, there are people within these walls that I have not seen since the Searing, and for all they know I've been dead these last few years. I think I'll feel a bit sheepish when I show up at such a late hour, especially alive, don't you? Of course, I'm also nervous about showing up empty-handed, especially when I see Gwen. Are you willing to track down a Chromatic Scale for me? I could probably make a nice wind chime out of it for my old friend to put in this garden. Hopefully between that and a reunion with the Professor, I can have a nice visit without having to fully explain why I've been gone so long!"
Jaga Moraine (for 3 Berserker Horns)[edit]
"Poor Yakkington is doleful because the Norn don't have a totem spirit of the dolyak. They're so noble, hardy, and strong, and the friendliest of beasts, too. Perhaps if the Professor and I built a dolyak shrine, we could convince the Norn. I think I have all the materials I need except horns, but I could never use horns off a real dolyak. That's just cruel. Berserker Horns, on the other hand, are pretty darn close. If you come across any, keep me in mind! I think 3 would be enough to get me started."
Norrhart Domains (for 3 Frigid Mandragor Husks)[edit]
"Greetings, friend. I just saw some tiny, little seedlings growing over near the settlement, but I'm afraid these nomadic Norn don't know much about tending plants. Not like my Mary. She could make anything grow. It would be too sad to see those young plants die out before they had a chance. Could you bring me Frigid Mandragor Husks if you see any? I'm sure I could fashion a little plant shelter out of 3."
Varajar Fells (for 3 Modniir Manes)[edit]
"Hello there! You know, as a traveling merchant, I not only barter with found items, but I also craft quite a bit of what I sell, which is what brings me out here on this fine day. One of my crafts is fashioning various writing implements such as quills and brushes. I have a client who obsessively procures brushes from all over Tyria, fanatically seeking the softest brush in existence. He has sent me to ascertain if rumors about the silkiness of local centaur hairs is true, and to make him a full array of brushes from the stuff. As you can guess, convincing a centaur to part with his precious mane is a little tricky, and I need at least 3 manes worth of hairs! I've tried reasoning with them, but for once, my bartering skills seem to fail me. I'd gladly trade for them, so if you are interested in my wares and find a way to convince these centaurs to part with their hair, consider this a work order for 3 Modniir Manes, and good luck to you!"

Tarnished Coast[edit]

Arbor Bay (for 3 Krait Skins)[edit]
"If you've faced the Krait in battle, chances are you have seen them perform their remarkable metamorphosis before your very eyes. Because of this ability, their skins have evolved to be extremely tough and quite flexible. Naturally, this makes Krait Skin the perfect material for a variety of uses. If you bring me 3, I'm sure I will be able to find someone in need of it throughout my travels."
Alcazia Tangle (first visit; for 2 Quetzal Crests)[edit]
"Have you met Vael? The last time I saw him, he sprang out of the bushes and gave Yakkington such a fright that he bolted straight into a Siege Devourer! After untangling that mess, Vael told me he's planning to go back in and spy on the Tengu. He wants to make sure they're not plotting another war. Granted, he's paranoid. But the Tengu did suffer a lot at Cantha's hands, so I'm inclined to partially believe his suspicions. I know his last covert operation with the Tengu didn't end well, so I want 2 Quetzal Crests, which I'll use to design a completely different disguise for him. Maybe if he's dressed as one of these wild Tengu, it won't be quite so bad when his beak falls off."
Alcazia Tangle (following visits; for 2 Quetzal Crests)[edit]
"Have you met Vael? He's quite the sneaky fellow. Once, he sprang out of the bushes and gave Yakkington such a fright that he bolted straight into a Siege Devourer! After untangling that mess, Vael told me he regularly spies on the Tengu. He wants to make sure they're not plotting another war. Granted, he's paranoid. But the Tengu did suffer a lot at Cantha's hands, so I'm inclined to partially believe his suspicions. His covert operations don't go well if he's poorly disguised, so I want 2 Quetzal Crests in order to craft a splendid costume for him. No doubt he's still using the last one I gave him, which is likely so worn that he looks positively mangy by now."
Magus Stones (for 2 Weaver Legs)[edit]
"The giant spiders in these parts are quite dangerous, but they also have their benefits. For example, if you take a Weaver Leg and wrap it in some of their webbing, you can fashion yourself quite an effective torch. That sort of thing will come in handy when Yakkington here decides he's done getting a closer look at the waterfall and is ready to dry off. He's quite a lot of dolyak to dry though, so I'll need 2, if you can find them."
Riven Earth (for 5 Saurian Bones)[edit]
"Excellent timing, friend! The Professor and I are on the hunt and would welcome any assistance. See, Zinn is always going on about Saurian Bones. If he had a choice, he'd build everything with them. Just the other day, he told me "the weight-to-strength ratio makes Saurian Bones superior to metallic or arboreal sources for truss material." Then he lamented about how he'd never get a chance to prove it to me, because Saurian Bones are so "hard" to get. I could just find him one, but I'd love to hand him 5 and watch him stand there speechless! Can you imagine Zinn speechless? Makes me snicker just thinking about it. So if you find any, be sure to let me know!"
Sparkfly Swamp (for 2 Amphibian Tongues)[edit]
"Oh, hello. I apologize if we don't seem our regular chipper selves. The carnivorous dinosaurs around these parts are giving Yakkington quite a fright. To keep them from taking my friend as their next meal, I need a little distraction for their chewing habit. Something tough and chewy and long-lasting so we can slip past them. If you could get some Amphibian Tongues for me, I think I could slip 2 to the next saurian predator and ensure our safety."
Verdant Cascades (for 3 Skelk Claws)[edit]
"Well met, friend! If there's one thing I've learned about myself, it's that I like working with my hands. Putting things together and the like. Take Skelk Claws, for example. Did you know I can make excellent digging implements out of them? I may not look like a farming expert, but there was a time in my life when I would have given anything to settle down on a farm with the right woman. Oh, I may sound nostalgic, but I'm being practical, too. Farmers these days have enough to contend with. Come to think of it, with 3 Skelk Claws, I can make them some tools, maybe feel like I'm a farmer too."