Tihark Orchard

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a mission. This name is also used for an outpost and a Zaishen mission quest. For the explorable area, see Garden of Seborhin.
Tihark Orchard
Tihark Orchard map.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Region Vabbi
Type Cooperative
Party size 1
Duration Short
Preceded by Rally The Princes
Followed by All's Well That Ends Well

The priestess Kehanni has given you an invitation to the Garden of Seborhin for the Festival of Lyss which the three Vabbi princes are known to be attending. In this mission you must perform tasks around the festival to convince each of the princes you are worth talking to and try to convince them that they should side with Istan and the Sunspears against Varesh and Kourna.

Mission information[edit]



Convince the three Princes of Vabbi to join the fight against Varesh.

Defend the garden and its guests by slaying the harpies.


Normal mode Festival activities Rewards
Standard 3 1,000 XP 100Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png 25 Sunspear promotion points
Expert's 4 1,500 XP 150Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png 25 Sunspear promotion points
Master's 5 2,000 XP 200Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png 25 Sunspear promotion points
Hard mode Festival activities Rewards
Standard 3 1,000 XP 200Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png 80 Sunspear promotion points
Expert's 4 2,000 XP 300Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png 80 Sunspear promotion points
Master's 5 3,000 XP 500Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png 80 Sunspear promotion points


The aim of this mission is to try to convince the three Vabbian princes that they should join the fight against Varesh. However, to gain an audience with them, you must participate in some of the festival's mini-games. Although this can be done without any fighting, gaining the master's reward requires that you defeat at least one foe. Towards the end of the mission, you must also help the guards defeat several mobs of harpies. This means you need to bring a build that includes some damage and some self-healing.

Gaining an audience[edit]

The quickest way to get permission to speak to the princes is:

Speak to each prince in turn, after which Ahmtur will request that you speak with him again, triggering a cinematic of a harpy invasion of the event.


See also: Tihark Orchard/Guide for a detailed walkthrough

To obtain the Master's Reward, you have to participate in five festival events, which in practical terms means just two more mini-games than you need to complete the primary mission.

Hard mode[edit]

The mini-games work the same in hard or normal mode; only the harpy fight is different. However, in either case, you have enough support from the various guards and NPCs in the area that you just need to stay alive while leading your allies to the harpies (or pulling the foes towards your allies).

Harpy invasion[edit]

Four groups of skree will invade the orchard: one near the battle re-enactment, one at the bottom of the main stairwells, and the last near Dende and Mina's original location. To confront the invasion, you will be joined by two Palace Guards and two Vabbi Guard Captains. In addition, various NPCs will also attack the harpies, although many will flee. Even in hard mode, these allies are strong enough to defeat the skree invaders: lead the guards to each of the groups of harpies, step back a bit until the mob is killed, and repeat until the last group is killed.

Skill recommendations[edit]

See also: Tihark Orchard/Guide for a detailed walkthrough
  • This is a solo mission, so you need to bring some Self-healing skills.
  • Although the mission can be completed without damage-dealing skills, it goes more quickly if you bring a few.
  • A spirit spammer can easily win all the fights, including the mini-games (you can typically create the spirits and proceed to the next game while these spirits kill any foes).
  • Speed boosts help you move quickly between the mini-games, which are spread far apart. You can also use shadow steps to jump between floors.




Festival guests[edit]





Interactive objects[edit]


Opening cinematic[edit]

Kehanni: "Welcome to the Garden of Seborhin, the most beautiful place in all of Vabbi. This party is to celebrate the Day of Lyss."
<player name>: "Looks...impressive. Will the princes be here?"
Kehanni: "They wouldn't miss it. It's the social event of the season!"
Kehanni: "Prince Ahmtur the Mighty is down from his citadel. His captains are a dour group."
Kehanni: "Prince Mehtu the Wise is here with his scholars and his daughter."
<player name>: "That's Tahlkora!"
Kehanni: "Yes. Princess Tahlkora. Mehtu's daughter. You mean she never told you?"
Kehanni: "And Prince Bokka the Magnificent. Well, he's here as well."
<player name>: "So it should be fairly easy to talk to them."
Kehanni: "One does not simply go up to a prince and say hello! Talk to the members of their court first. Work your way to the top."
<player name>: "Sounds like a lot of trouble."
Kehanni: "You would prefer to fight monsters? You'll find Vabbi to be a more civilized land, but no less dangerous."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

When reaching Kehanni and General Morgahn.

Kehanni: "Morgahn, I didn't expect to see you here. It has been too long, general.
General Morgahn: "And I did not expect to find you in the company of Istani spies, dear Kehanni."
Kehanni: "Lyssa guides me in all I do, Morgahn. You should remember that which Priest Jeshek has taught us. Trust me when I say this is for the greater good."
General Morgahn: "A valid point, Kehanni. Now it is time to celebrate Lyssa and her beauty. I will spare your friends during the festivities, but don't think for a moment that I am not watching."
General Morgahn: "Know this, Istani, you are my enemy. I have sworn on my honor to crush you. Should we meet again, I won't turn a blind eye."
Kehanni: "Don't worry about Morgahn. He's a man of his word and will spare you this day. We need to attend to the matters at hand. Do not be distracted."
Kehanni: "Spread out and talk to the princes. I need to converse with Morgahn about the Kournans."

At the top of the second flight of stairs.

Vabbi Noble (1): "I hear the Kournans are taking an unusual interest in Vabbian art and history. Perhaps we have misjudged Varesh. A woman of grace and culture would soon realize that Vabbi is worthy of a strong alliance. It could be best for both our provinces."
Vabbi Noble (2): "Art? History? My friend, you're far too trusting in rumors. Varesh doesn't want to study Vabbi. She wants to conquer it!"
Vabbi Noble (1): "No. Be serious. Varesh Ossa? She's a noble ruler, as her father before her. The treaties between Vabbi and Kourna are sterling."
Vabbi Noble (2): "There's sterling, my friend...and then there's gold. I'll bet you I would know which of the two Varesh has more interest in. Why else would her army be massing at our door?"

At the bottom of the second flight of stairs.

Vabbi Noble: "Famian the Fabulous is staging a new play this month in the Bokka Amphitheatre. I already have tickets, of course. I hope it's as meaningful and moving as his last production. Norgu was in it, and you know how I adore his work."
Vabbi Peasant: "What? You mean "Assault of the Twenty Foot Bananas?" I suppose I would call it "moving," if by that you mean the audience disappeared from the theatre faster than a ham from Bokka's buffet line."
Vabbi Noble: "Hmmph. Obviously you don't appreciate true art."
Vabbi Peasant: "Either that or I don't like bananas."

If agreeing to teach Dende how to dance.

Dende: "Are you ready? Let's dance the night away!"

After showing Dende how to dance.

Dende: "Thank you for showing me those moves. I guess girls aren't so bad after all."

If agreeing to teach Mina how to dance.

Mina: "Oh, you're so dreamy! This will be so much fun!"

After showing Mina how to dance.

Mina: "Thank you for teaching me to dance. You've got smooth moves!"

At the top of the third flight of stairs.

Vabbi Guard (1): "General Morgahn attended another gathering here a few months ago. I found him to be quite cultured; and such a deep faith the man has in Lyssa. The soldiers under him are lucky to have such a noble leader."
Vabbi Guard (2): "The general, yes. But if you speak of all Kournan leadership...well, I have to disagree. I do not personally like the direction Varesh is taking her province...and Morgahn has done nothing to stop her."
Vabbi Guard (1): "Don't assume just because Morgahn follows orders that he agrees with them. Anyone in the military will tell you...obey first, then question. General Morgahn is a loyal man who believes in the good of Kourna. He followed Varesh's father, you know."
Vabbi Guard (2): "Well, in this case, the apple has fallen quite far from the tree. The Ossa lineage is not what it once was."

At the bottom of the third flight of stairs.

Vabbi Noble (3): "Will there be a new production this month? I would love to escort you to another play. You looked resplendent the last time we attended the theatre."
Vabbi Noble (4): "The last time...? Ah, yes. Now I remember you. Yes, I do believe a new play is opening soon. But, I believe it's by a Kournan playwright. Trying to understand Kournan plays always gives me a headache."
Vabbi Noble (3): "Ah, but I heard this is a light romantic comedy; just your style! You do enjoy romantic plays, don't you? Remember the performance during the winter festival? The one that made you cuddle up against me?"
Vabbi Noble (4): "That wasn't because of the play. It was snowing."

After agreeing to the drinking contest with Zilo the Drunkard.

Zilo the Drunkard: "I don't have any drinks for you. This trusty keg here is for me alone. Slip through the party and nab drinks from the willing. If you can imbibe 12 mugs before I finish this keg, you win. But trust me, you don't have a chance, lightweight."

When taking a mug from a NPC.

"Did you see what just happened?"
"Hey, that was my drink!"
"Hey, where are you going with that?!"
"I hope you like backwash!"
"I suppose I've had enough. Thank you, waiter."

When taking a mug from The Great Zehtuka.

The Great Zehtuka: "My drink has been stolen. Time to hunt down this lascivious liquid thief and dish out the thrashing of a lifetime!"

When Zilo the Drunkard is one quarter finished with his keg.

Zilo the Drunkard: "Give up now, amateur. You'll never beat me!"

When Zilo the Drunkard is half finished with his keg.

Zilo the Drunkard: "Itsh a miracul yur still standin!"

When Zilo the Drunkard is three quarters finished with his keg.

Zilo the Drunkard: "Yus better hurry. My three kegsh almosh gones!"

If Zilo the Drunkard beats you.

Zilo the Drunkard: "I ish victori- *hiccup* victori- *hiccup* victori- *HICCUP*...da man! I toldsh you ah would winsh!"

If you beat Zilo the Drunkard.

Zilo the Drunkard: "What? You *hiccup* beat me? My pants off to you. *hiccup* Now if you'll *burp* excuse me...I have to attend a meeting between an empty *hiccup* bucket and tonight's dinner. *burp*"
<Character name>: "I love you, man!"
Zilo the Drunkard: "I love you, man!"

At the north-western side of the Tree of Seborhin.

Vabbi Peasant (1): "Kwesigam! It's so good to see you! Where have you been keeping yourself lately? You haven't been at the library at all, and I was hoping to twist your ear about the latest book on making paint from cuttlefish scales."
Vabbi Peasant (2): "Oh, I've been doing landscape work for Prince Mehtu. They're going into his private vault. I'm not sure why he wants so many paintings, but he pays well and I'm happy to work for someone so well-regarded."
Vabbi Peasant (1): "Private vault? How interesting. Tell me, what does he keep in his private vault?"
Vabbi Peasant (2): "I don't know. I've never been there and the prince is being quite mysterious about the whole thing. He even has a special name for the vault...Ahdashim. I don't know what it means, but it certainly sounds ominous!"

After agreeing to re-enact the Battle of Jahai.

Duel Master Lumbo: "Lords and ladies of Vabbi, gather 'round. For today, we celebrate the victory of the mighty Turai Ossa at the battle of Jahai!"
Duel Master Lumbo: "Long ago, two great armies met near the Grand Cataract of the Elon River to determine our people's fate."
Duel Master Lumbo: "One army led by the undead lord Palawa Joko, the scourge of Vabbi, set to bring destruction and chaos to our lands."
Duel Master Lumbo: "The second army was led by the great hero of Elona, Turai Ossa, who sought to lead our people to the promised lands of the gods."
Duel Master Lumbo: "The two leaders faced off to determine the outcome."
Duel Master Lumbo: "Witness the great battle between these great heroes as it was long ago!"
"Palawa Joko": "On this day, Palawa Joko will prove victorious!"

During the re-enactment.

Vabbi Noble: "Crush him, Turai!"
Vabbi Noble: "Lyssa, give Turai your blessings!"
Vabbi Noble: "Show Palawa no mercy!"
Vabbi Noble: "Smash him like a bug!"
Vabbi Noble: "The scourge of Vabbi must be defeated!"

After defeating "Palawa Joko".

"Palawa Joko": "Turai Ossa, you are the victor. I, Palawa Joko, scourge of Vabbi, yield to you!"
Duel Master Lumbo: "Ladies and gentlemen, our hero and protector, Turai Ossa, is victorious!"

At the south-western side of the Tree of Seborhin.

Vabbi Child: "Oh, daddy! Look at that tree! It's floating!"
Vabbi Noble: "That's the Seborhin tree, Ashante. It's Lyssa's favorite tree in all the world. It's fed with water from the Elon and grows in the light of Lyssa's smile."
Vabbi Child: "Look! A leaf fell right into my hands. Can I keep it, Daddy! Can I?"
Vabbi Noble: "Of course you can, sweetheart. That means Lyssa is watching over you."

If Lumo the Mime beats you.

Lumo the Mime: "You move with the grace of a baboon! I warned you that you stood no chance! Be gone from my sight."

If you beat Lumo the Mime.

Lumo the Mime: "I have lost?! Impossible! I feel like half the mime I used to be. Enjoy your success while it lasts, for it will never happen again!"

When engaging the Royal Guard Captain.

Royal Guard Captain: "Thieves! Keep them away from the prince's possessions!"

When giving the Golden Phoenix Feather to Jejumba.

"Ah, you have the golden feather! Here, take this silly vase off my hands. I'm sure the prince will be more than happy with it, especially if you cram a sandwich inside!"

Intermediate cinematic[edit]

Prince Ahmtur the Mighty: "The flaw in Palawa Joko's invasion of Vabbi was that he outran his supply lines. Once Turai Ossa flanked him, Palawa's forces were doomed."
Prince Ahmtur the Mighty: "What's that?"
Goren: "Sounds like harpies. Skree Harpies!"
Prince Bokka the Magnificent: "Don't be a fool, Goren. There are no harpies anywhere near here!"
Norgu: "Of course, you have been wrong before."
Prince Mehtu the Wise: "Everyone move to the exits in an orderly fashion! There is only one of them! This is not the time to panic!"
Prince Mehtu the Wise: "Very well! This is now the time to panic!"
Tahlkora: "This way, Father. I'll protect you."

End cinematic[edit]

Prince Bokka the Magnificent: "What a mess!"
Prince Ahmtur the Mighty: "Yes, but the question is - why would the Skree Harpies attack here?"
Prince Mehtu the Wise: "All I can say is - thank the gods for Warmarshal Varesh!"
<player name>: "WHAT?!"
Prince Mehtu the Wise: "If the harpies are raiding, we'll need all the troops she can spare!"
Prince Ahmtur the Mighty: "True. Excuse me. I need to check in with my forces."
Prince Mehtu the Wise: "Yes, I had best get back as well. Will you be joining me, Daughter?"
Tahlkora: "I have made my own arrangements, Father."
Prince Mehtu the Wise: "I see that you have. We will speak of this, later."
Prince Bokka the Magnificent: "And I had best get back home as well. The new theatre season is about to start! Goren! Fetch my sedan chair!"
<player name>: "Those idiots!"
Kehanni: "Let them go. You've broken the ice. I have some leads that we should follow up on."


Gw2logo.png The Guild Wars 2 Wiki has an article on Tihark Orchard.
  • Complete exploration of this area contributes approximately 3.2% to the Elonian Cartographer title.
    • If you let the guards by the north stairwell fall to the Harpies and leave the Harpies on the south balcony (near Dende and Mina), you can take the north stairwell to explore the entire orchard area for the Elonian Cartographer title. You can come back to the south Harpies to finish the mission after you have finished exploring. Exploring the whole map this way takes about 25 minutes with speed boosts.
    • Alternatively, bring Death's Retreat, Return, Heart of Shadow or Ebon Escape and shadow step past the guards (e.g. by using the skill on a dropped item).
  • Looting a Food or Drink tray before the final Harpies are killed by the guards will cause your character to be holding it in the final cinematic. This has no impact on the story.
  • If you leave the Harpies be and take the north-eastern way to the back of the garden, you will see the princes, Norgu, Goren, Talhkora and Vabbi Guards standing ready for the final cinematic.
  • Tahlkora appears in the mission as a level 12 Monk, wearing her own armor and weapons (wand and focus item).
  • Death during this mission will cause a note to come up saying "MISSION FAILED: You died during the party. Drink responsibly next time!"
  • You can participate in six festival activities: the dance, the mime duel, the re-enactment, the drinking duel, obtaining the vase, and bribing the finance minister. To obtain Master's Reward, you only need to participate in five.
  • After completing this mission, your character will be taken to The Kodash Bazaar.
Anomaly Anomaly. Unlike Augury Rock, you can use summoning stones during this mission.
Bug Bug. As with Margrid in "No Me, No Kormir", Morgahn will call you an Istani even if you are a Prophecies or Factions character.


  • After beating Lumo in the mime contest, he says "I feel like half the mime I used to be", a paraphrase of "I'm not half the man I used to be", a line from Yesterday by the The Beatles.
  • In the dancing area near the group of musicians the male Vabbi Peasants perform the male ranger dance, the dance of female Vabbi Peasants is close to female elementalist dance, while the male and female Vabbi Nobles perform the dance of male warrior and female dervish, respectively. After you have taught to dance Mina or Dende, they start their own simple dance.
  • When speaking to the wandering Nobles: the quotes "I Drank What?" and "Have you ever seen a body like this befoe in your life?" are taken from the movie Real Genius, as are a few others throughout the game (Library of Chokin, etc).

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