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An example of a tank pulling a group and cornerblocking afterwards.

Pulling or "drawing" is normally a PvE tactic that involves attacking or otherwise aggro-ing NPC enemies or mobs, followed by a small retreat. The purpose of a pull or draw is to ensure the safety of a party by controlling how many foes it faces, when it faces them, and where. Pulling is an essential PvE tactic that limits the damage a player's party faces.


Pet Pulling[edit]

Pet Pulling is a technique that uses your animal companion to pull. It is most useful in Ascalon (pre-Searing), when farming Charr in the Northlands.

Basic technique[edit]

  • Choose a target that is out of your and your pet's danger zone, and set your pet to attack.
  • Run towards the target, stopping just short of the danger zone, then turn around and run to a mob-free area to fight. Your pet will continue running at the target.
  • Once the monster has started attacking your pet, set your pet to flee, so that it returns to you, drawing the foes after.
  • Remember to reset your pet to attack or guard once the monster and its group has followed you.

Useful Tips[edit]

  • It helps to run towards the target backwards: it's slower (so decreases the chance of attracting aggro too soon) and you will be pointed in the correct direction when you run to the safe spot.
  • Remember to bring a pet heal.