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Wanding refers to attacking a foe with a wand or staff, usually on auto attack. Since wands and staffs have extremely low DPS, and are the sidearms of characters with powerful attack, shutdown, and support spells around which their primary roles are formed, wanding is not often a primary form of attack.


Nonetheless, wanding is useful at times. It is most likely to occur in the following scenarios:

  • An offensive caster is out of energy, their skills are recharging, or they are waiting for the right moment to unload big, slow, high-energy, or long-recharge spells.
  • A foe is under an effect such as Glimmering Mark whose benefit disappears when a skill or spell strikes them.
  • A player is trying to strip a hit-negating effect like Reversal of Fortune to help the team's damage dealers, without wasting energy.
  • A foe without healing support is near enough to death that using a skill to kill it would waste too much energy.
  • A spike has been called, where the damage from a few wand hits might tip the balance from "near save" to "target down".
  • A party is winning by a large enough margin that healers/support characters do not need to perform their tasks and can attack safely.
  • A melee character is trying to build adrenaline while at range.
  • A player is trying to pull NPC enemies, or pressure player foes out of wand range.
  • Trying to counter foe's health regeneration. A hit to target foe will stop that foe's natural health regeneration.