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Auto attacking is a property of Guild Wars mechanics. When a character is ordered to attack or use an attack skill on a foe, the character will continue to attack automatically and indefinitely until the target dies or a different command is given. This means a player can choose a target, command an attack, and do other things (such as chat, watch the health, or other players) while his/her character continues the assault.

Although auto attacks are helpful, they are also dangerous in that they make the character's actions predictable. A player at low health who is wanding a Mesmer on auto attack may soon be caught with Clumsiness, or end up having the character chase the foe into lava as she/he kites. Especially in PvP, players should never let the ease of auto attacks distract them from the possible consequences.


  • Auto attacking can be cancelled by moving or using the "Action: Cancel Action" keybinding (default: Esc); to perform a single basic attack, begin auto attacking, wait for the attack to end, and move or press this key.
  • To begin attacking the current target, use the "Action: Do It" key (default: space); alternating movement and this key allows for auto attacking on the run, circling, and any other tactics you would already use with attack skills.