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When you find yourself in a town or outpost without enough players with which to form an adventuring party, or if you wish to adventure without other players, you may add henchman [sic] to your party. To do so, simply left-click on that henchman, then click on the "+" symbol next to that henchman's name in your party window. You may continue to add henchmen until your party is full.

During a mission, henchman [sic] will follow you and attack the targets you choose. They'll also heal your party and resurrect fallen party members if possible. Remember that henchman [sic] take their share of the spoils of each mission, including experience points and loot.

Tablet of Wisdom

Players gather in outposts and towns, organizing expeditions for their journeys outside city gates. Whenever your character is in town, you may occasionally find it difficult to assemble an ideal group of players. When this happens, you can usually find several NPC adventurers waiting near the town gates, ready for recruitment.

Game Mechanics[edit]

Henchmen are computer-controlled adventurers who are always ready to travel with you. Some players hire one or two henchmen to round out a team. Others actually prefer to play alone, using one character to lead an entire team of henchmen, often complemented with heroes.

Party Search

In order to hire a henchman, press "p" on your keyboard to open the Party Search panel. After that, click on the tab that reads "Henchmen". Then choose on the ones you want by clicking on them and choosing "add" on the bottom-right hand corner of the panel. Double-clicking the names will also add them to your party, or remove if they were already added. You can also add henchmen individually by clicking on the NPC and then on the "+" symbol in your Party Window.


The level of a "henchie" depends on your current location. When you map travel to another town or outpost, henchmen who aren’t available in that location drop from your team. The ones who remain will have the same level they normally would if you recruited them from the new location. They also take their share of any gold and items you find on your adventures (Although items which drop for them do not appear).

Formation and positioning
Main article: Positioning

Henchmen will stick to a player in a formation according to the player's weapon as illustrated below, where 'x' represents the player.

   2 x 3
   4 5 6
   7 8


   2 3 4
   5 x 6
   7 8

The player will always be in the center position of either the front or the middle row, depending on which weapon type is equipped. Martial weapons will position the player in the front row, whereas players wielding projectile weapons (or without a main hand weapon equipped) will be placed in the middle row. This also means that in a party of four, the player will be in the center, behind the three henchmen.

Regardless of in what order the henchmen are added to the party, they will generally assume a formation from 2 through 8 by a fixed profession order, where the highest rank takes the top left most position:

  1. Warrior Warrior
  2. Dervish Dervish
    • Assassin Assassin*
  3. Paragon Paragon
    • Assassin Assassin*
  4. Ranger Ranger
  5. Necromancer Necromancer, Mesmer Mesmer, Elementalist Elementalist, and Ritualist Ritualist
  6. Monk Monk
  • It is unknown at this time what priority rank exists for Assassin henchmen, though it is higher than Ranger, but lower than Warrior.[verification requested]

Henchmen by campaign[edit]

Core (Battle Isles)
Zaishen Challenges
Heroes' Ascent
Guild Halls
Codex Arena
Warrior Zaishen Fighter
Ranger Zaishen Archer
Monk Zaishen Healer
Elementalist Zaishen Mage

WarriorNecromancer Lora Lanaya
WarriorElementalist Teena the Raptor
Warrior Adepte
RangerWarrior Daky
Ranger Haldibarn Earendul
MonkMesmer Blahks
MonkMesmer Divinus Tutela
NecromancerElementalist Erick
NecromancerElementalist Ghavin
MesmerRitualist Syn Spellstrike
ElementalistParagon Rollo Lowlo
Elementalist Bacchi Coi
Elementalist Hobba Inaste
Elementalist Suzu
AssassinWarrior Fuu Rin
RitualistMonk Nuno
Paragon Cole
Paragon Khai Kemnebi
Dervish Alsacien
Dervish Uto Wrotki
WarriorElementalist Disenmaedel
WarriorElementalist Pudash
WarriorAssassin Dahlia
Ranger Errol Hyl
Ranger Lulu Xan
MonkWarrior Julyia
MonkDervish Redemptor Frohs
Necromancer Bellicus
Necromancer Dirk Shadowrise
MesmerDervish Tannaros
Mesmer Cassie Santi
ElementalistMesmer Luzy Fiera
ElementalistRitualist Motoko Kai
ElementalistRitualist Vincent Evan
Elementalist Hinata
AssassinWarrior Kah Xan
Ritualist Narcissia
Paragon Aurora Allesandra
Paragon Blenkeh
Dervish Zen Siert
Warrior Paresh
Ranger Cardis
Monk Marin
Necromancer Soheila
Mesmer Atu
Elementalist Vinson
Prophecies (Tyria)
Factions (Cantha)
Warrior Devona
Warrior Little Thom
Warrior Stefan
Warrior Zaishen Fighter
Ranger Aidan
Ranger Reyna
Ranger Zaishen Archer
Monk Alesia
Monk Lina
Monk Mhenlo
Monk Zaishen Healer
Necromancer Claude
Necromancer Eve
Mesmer Dunham
Elementalist Cynn
Elementalist Orion
Elementalist Zaishen Mage
Warrior Devona
Warrior Lukas
Warrior Seaguard Eli
Warrior Talon Silverwing
Ranger Aidan
Ranger Aurora
Ranger Daeman
Ranger Yuun
Ranger Zho
Monk Danika
Monk Jamei
Monk Redemptor Karl
Monk Seaguard Gita
Monk Sister Tai
Monk Taya
Necromancer Brutus
Necromancer Eve
Necromancer Sheena
Necromancer Su
Mesmer Erys Vasburg
Mesmer Lo Sha
Mesmer Seaguard Hala
Elementalist Argo
Elementalist Cynn
Elementalist Headmaster Vhang
Elementalist Kai Ying
Elementalist Kisai
Assassin Emi
Assassin Mai
Assassin Nika
Assassin Panaku
Ritualist Aeson
Ritualist Chiyo
Ritualist Professor Gai
Nightfall (Elona)
Eye of the North (Tyria)
Warrior Devona
Warrior Timera
Ranger Abasi
Ranger Aidan
Monk Kihm
Monk Mhenlo
Necromancer Eve
Mesmer Odurra
Elementalist Cynn
Elementalist Herta
Paragon Sogolon
Dervish Gehraz
WarriorRanger Talon Silverwing
WarriorNecromancer Devona
RangerElementalist Aidan
RangerDervish Zho
MonkWarrior Mhenlo
MonkAssassin Lina
NecromancerMesmer Eve
MesmerNecromancer Lo Sha
ElementalistMonk Herta
ElementalistParagon Cynn
Special events
Necromancer Mad King's Guard (Halloween)
Elementalist Enchanted Snowman (Wintersday)


Anomaly Anomaly.
  • Henchmen move at 104% the speed of player characters and heroes.
  • Most Eye of the North henchmen move faster than heroes - a notable exception to this is Eve, who moves at the same pace as heroes.
  • Attempting to add a henchman to your party that is already in your party will display the message "That henchman is already in your party." in the chat window.
Bug Bug.Though Necromancer, Mesmer, Elementalist, and Ritualist henchmen share their positioning priority, not all henchmen of these professions will mimic the party order on the field.

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