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Affiliation Luxons
Type Human (boss)
Profession Elementalist Elementalist
Service Henchman
Level(s) 20
24 (30)
Campaigns Factions
Eye of the North

Born in: Cavalon
Nation: Luxon
Profession: Elementalist
Age: 37
The Turtle Champion is respected and honored throughout the Luxon territories for his courage, his profound sense of justice, and his awe-inspiring power on the battlefield. He was the first Luxon Champion to earn his title in mortal combat that ended without the death of either combatant. Argo's opponent, Tullus, had fought bravely, and continued to keep his guard defiantly up even after the bloody loss of a foot and many other injuries. Rather than strike Tullus down as the crowd demanded, Argo simply declared himself the victor and handed Tullus his sword. The gesture allowed his foe to leave the arena alive and with honor intact, but was a clear indication of Argo's victory—to hand over his weapon showed that the future champion had nothing to fear. Justice was served, the bloodlust of the crowd was relatively satisfied, and this noble act earned Argo the admiration of all the clans. Even the Kurzicks honor Argo's bravery and skill, as a foe against whom they themselves can hope to prove worthy.

Even more than the Luxons' traditional enemies, Argo carries generations of hatred in his heart for the Canthan Empire, which he, and many Luxons, believe has kept his people cornered in the most desolated section of the continent, the Jade Sea. Yet as much as he despises the Canthan Empire, the continent is still his home. And when threats arise that no one faction can face alone, Argo might be convinced to join forces with the Kurzicks—and perhaps even with the Canthan oppressors—to fight for the survival of all.

The Guild Wars Factions Manuscripts

Argo (born either 1034 or 1035 AE) is the current champion of the Luxon Turtle Clan.


Eye of the North





During Gyala Hatchery mission


Boss in Boreas Seabed mission
Eye of the North, in the Norn Fighting Tournament

15 Earth Magic


  • High damage output.
  • Can knock down foes with Meteor.
  • Lava Arrows prevents him from using Mind Burn too often.
  • Does not utilize spells that break aggro.
  • Can accumulate a high amount of overcast with Mind Burn and Meteor.


Boreas Seabed outpost, as an allied NPC:

"I am Champion of the Turtle. I will win this day, do not doubt it.
We of the Turtle take the time to study our opponents. Because I have studied my enemies carefully, they cannot stand against me. And neither can you, outsider."

The Jade Sea towns and outposts:

"Hello again, (character name). As the victor of this year's Convocation, you have earned the right to fight with a Champion at your side. I have no doubt that together we can turn the tide of this war.
Did you need something?"

Gyala Hatchery:

"We must get these turtles to the Leviathan Pits. Let's move."

Raisu Palace:

"For countless generations, we Luxons have been under the protection and rule of the Canthan Empire. Yet always have the emperors honored the ways of our people and granted us a certain level of sovereignty. We cannot turn a blind eye to their cries for help. We must work together to put down this great evil!"
Ask Shall I come with you and help save the emperor?
"Shall I join you on this noble mission to save the emperor? Once you decide to bring me along, you cannot change your mind."
Yes Accept
"I will represent the Luxons with honor."
No Decline


The Jade Sea:

"Have you met my Seaguard, Hala? I suspect she may take my place as Champion someday. She is very talented."
"I had a chance to be a Captain, once, but I think my time is better spent on the front lines."
"War with the Kurzicks has been hard, but our people will persevere."

Battle quotes[edit]

"Be gone, you blight!"
"Feel my wrath!"
"Feel the might of the Turtle!"
"Feel the power of the elements!"
"For Cavalon!"
"Hear my voice and tremble!"
"No power can stand before me!"
"You cannot hope to defeat us!"
"You will not prevail!"
"<Target name>!!!!!" (when using Argo's Cry)

Items dropped[edit]



  • "Argo" means I start (with) in the old Greek language.
  • Some people believe that Argo is a tribute to the character D'Argo from the science fiction series Farscape (where his race is called Luxan).
  • Latin Argo from Greek Άργώ, the mythical ship of the Argonauts
  • His henchman skills were updated in the 22nd October 2009 update.

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