Argo's Cry

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Spell. Create a meteor shower at target foe's location. For 9 seconds, foes adjacent to that location are struck for 120 fire damage and knocked down every 3 seconds.

Concise description

Spell. (9 seconds.) Hits foes adjacent to target's location. Deals 120 fire damage each second. Causes knock-down every 3 seconds.

Related skills[edit]


  • This is a unique skill used by Argo when you encounter him during the Boreas Seabed, Gyala Hatchery, and the Norn Fighting Tournament.
  • In Boreas Seabed, Argo is a boss. Therefore the five seconds casting time is halved to 2.5 seconds and the damage is doubled to 240 per interval.
  • In the Norn Fighting Tournament, Argo is not considered a boss. The spell has its normal casting time and damage.
  • Argo will shout the name of his target when using this skill.
  • This spell's damage is the equivalent to a Meteor Shower with 16 Fire Magic.