Professor Gai

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Professor Gai
Professor Gai.jpg
Affiliation Canthans
Type Human
Profession Ritualist Ritualist
Service Henchman
Level(s) 10 (20), 16, 20
Campaign Factions
Professor Gai no mask.jpg
Professor Gai without mask

Professor Gai is the initial profession trainer for ritualists at the Shing Jea Monastery.

He is labeled as a Spirit Henchman.



Quests given:



9 Communing, 12 Restoration Magic, 9 Spawning Power


Haiju Lagoon (level 15)


  • Can provide both healing and protection.
  • Possesses passive energy management skills.
  • Can remove conditions (only if spirits are within range).
  • His spirits provide defensive support and some utility (synergizes with other Ritualists).
  • Flesh of My Flesh has twice the range of Resurrection Chant (Danika's and Sister Tai's resurrection skill), and can bring back dead party members after a fight quickly due to its cheap cost, fast cast and no recharge.
  • His skills retain most-to-all effectiveness even if there are no spirits in range or if unable to utilize an item spell.
  • Cannot remove hexes (unlike Sister Tai).
  • Flesh of My Flesh resurrects only with half as much health as Resurrection Chant (available from other henchmen); it also causes him to lose half of his health, which can leave him vulnerable in the middle of a fight.


Sunqua Vale (to Factions ritualist characters)
"At long last, the thriving mind I have awaited has arrived. Most comprehend mortality only to a minuscule degree. You, however, will soon perceive the ecstasy of oblivion, for you will be a great Ritualist one day! I expect considerable achievements from you, but not to worry: all who choose the path of the Ritualist are already on the road to eminence.
What would you like to learn about?"
Sunqua Vale (to Factions non-ritualist characters)
"Most comprehend mortality only to a minuscule degree. You, for example, will never truly perceive the ecstasy of oblivion, for you are not a Ritualist. Should you wish to evolve, it is conceivable that I could be of assistance. For now, however, you should seek out your headmaster."
Sunqua Vale (to non-Factions characters)
"I am afraid I cannot help you. You are not a student here. And do not bother trying to become one... the honor is reserved for Canthans."
Haiju Lagoon
"This is not the best time to converse."
Monastery overlook
Now is not the time to talk. Please concentrate on your studies.
Zen Daijun mission outpost
"One would think that the best way to withstand this plague would be to confabulate with the spirit realm. However, I am dismayed to find that Master Togo has not yet consulted me. I am of course the preeminent authority on the spirit realm and those ethereal denizens who reside therein. Did you have a question for me?"
Kaineng City towns and outposts
"The accumulation of living within the city makes it a ripe location for the contagious development of the plague. If we keep our wits about us, perhaps we will subsist long enough to see this jaunt to the mainland be successful despite the odds of being principally stacked against us.
Did you need my assistance with something?"
Echovald Forest towns and outposts
"I have heard anecdotes of the Kurzicks' skill with speech and theory. It is truly magnificent to correspond with people of my own intellectual caliber.
What did you come to converse about?"
Divine Path
"Approbations to you."


Shing Jea Island (Zen Daijun)
"I have often found that Ritualists will progressively become more incisive, mordant, and paradoxical as they maintain confluence with the Mists."
Kaineng City
"Being surrounded by such intellectually infantile progeny is disturbing."
"I need not be able to see to recognize we are stopped for no good reason."
"While we are resting, does anyone have a topic they wish to discuss?"
Echovald Forest
"Comprehend reality like I do, and you would realize the time has come to proceed."
"I am astounded the Kurzicks have accounts of their Houses dating back millenia."
"One must stop to contemplate the path one is on."

Battle quotes[edit]

"A mind as small as yours cannot hope to overcome my intellect."
"Intellectually, it is a wonder you are functioning at all."
"The spirit world awaits you."
"Try not to think too hard. I'd hate for you to hurt yourself."
"You believe you will win. I know you will not."
"You have lost already. Accept your fate."
"You will never understand my omnipresent powers."
"You will wilt before the spirits I chain to this world."
"Your absurd attempts at combat are laughable."
"Your vision is your weakness. You cannot truly see."



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