Kai Ying

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Kai Ying
Kai Ying.jpg
Affiliation Canthans
Type Human
Profession Elementalist Elementalist
Service Henchman
Level(s) 10 (20), 16, 20
Campaign Factions

Kai Ying is an instructor for elementalists at the Shing Jea Monastery. He is available as a henchman in some parts of Cantha.

He is labeled as an "Earth Henchman."




Quests given:

Quests involved in:



12 Earth Magic at level 20
15 Earth Magic as ally in Unwaking Waters mission


Panjiang Peninsula, Haiju Lagoon
Vizunah Square
(see notes section for more details)




  • Not as high damage output as other elementalists.
  • Outside the Raisu Palace and Imperial Sanctum missions, he only has 7 skills equipped.


Panjiang Peninsula (to Factions elementalist characters):

"I was afraid I had "Blurred Vision" for a moment, but it seems that you are indeed an Elementalist. Excellent! I am Kai Ying, and this may come as a "Mind Shock", but I am an Elementalist trainer extraordinaire! Get your "Fireballs" in order; we have a lot of work to do.
What would you like to learn first?"

Panjiang Peninsula (to non-elementalist characters)

"You are not an Elementalist, are you? What a "Blinding Flash!" For a moment I was filled with fire and brimstone, all ready to train a new student. Ah, well.
Listen, I know what you should do: close your eyes and say "I want to be an Elementalist" three times, then go with "Windborne Speed" and talk to Headmaster Vhang about becoming one.
On the other hand, you could always report to your true headmaster."

Monastery Overlook:

"Now is not the time to talk. Please concentrate on your studies."

Kinya Provence (to Ronsu, during the Stone of the Elements):

"Ha ha! It is time to rekindle our previous Conflagration!"

Haiju Lagoon:

"No time to talk, tempers are about to flare..."

Zen Daijun mission outpost:

"These are dark times that we are living in my friend. That is why it's up to us to light the way! We could give in to all of these problems plaguing us but that just wouldn't be in the proper spirit that Master Togo has shown us. Did you need something?"

Kaineng City towns and outposts:

"Isn't this city lovely? Plague running wild, gangs in the streets, merchants trying to rob us all blind, I feel like I'm truly alive! Look on the bright side, all kinds of horrible things could be happening that aren't. Why I haven't seen a single Yeti trying to eat anyone since I got here?
Did you need anything?"

The Jade Sea towns and outposts:

"A shadow has fallen across Cantha, (character name), and it cannot get back up."
"Did you need my help with anything?"

Divine Path:

"It has been an honor to know you, and that is no joke."


Shing Jea Island:

"What do you call a kappa's house? A shell-ter! Ha ha ha ha...shell-ter...kappa have shells! Anybody? Nobody appreciates a good joke these days."
"What's green and red and goes round and round? A naga in a whirlwind! Because naga are green and the red... is... oh I give up!"
"You might think it's a good idea to stand around here waiting for some plague-infested abomination to find us. You might think that, but I don't."

Kaineng City:

"Good always triumphs over evil. Here's to hoping we're the good guys."
"How many Am Fah does it take to fix a broken wagon? It takes ten! Nine of them to steal the parts, and one to fix the wagon!"
"We have to appreciate everything we have, and since I have so much, I appreciate myself constantly!"

The Jade Sea:

"Anyone care for a swim? Perhaps one of you should dive in first and check the water."
"I wonder if anything still lives beneath this sea."
"I'm impressed. You move as slowly as the jade sea!"
"If we stand still long enough, perhaps our foes will think we are jade sculptures!"

Battle quotes[edit]

"A firestorm can only improve your looks."
"Am I sensing some hostility here?"
"Don't let your failure go to your head."
"I never forget a face. For you I'll make an exception."
"I would call you witty, but I'd only be half right."
"There's nothing wrong with you that rebirth wouldn't cure."
"Watch it there. You almost hit me!"
"You don't look so well. I hope it's nothing trivial."
"You had better rest. You look dead tired."
"You have delusions of adequacy."


Anomaly Anomaly. If you start Vizunah Square from the foreign quarter and there are no human players coming from the local quarter, Kai Ying uses a Fire Magic build that includes Prophecies-only skills.


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