Gyala Hatchery (outpost)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about an outpost. This name is also used for a mission, an explorable area, a Zaishen mission quest, and a Zaishen vanquish quest.
Gyala Hatchery
Gyala Hatchery (outpost).jpg
Campaign Factions
Region The Jade Sea
Type Mission outpost
Party size 8
Exit(s) Maishang Hills

The largest hatchery of its kind, Gyala Hatchery supplies a wide variety of eggs and hatchlings, including many species of fish and other aquatic life unavailable since the Jade Winds passed over the oceans. The hatchery is also the world's primary provider of giant turtle hatchlings, primarily for purchase by the Luxon Turtle Clan.

— in-game description

Gyala Hatchery is a place protected by the Turtle Clan and is where the Luxons' massive beasts are raised.

Getting there[edit]





Other allies[edit]

Animal companions


Turtles (visible as located outside the outpost area)

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