Harvest Temple

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Harvest Temple
Harvest Temple.jpg
Campaign Factions
Region The Jade Sea
Type Outpost
Party size 8
Exit(s) Unwaking Waters
Kuan Jun Temple.jpg
Before the Jade Wind.
After the Jade Wind
"Whirlpool" concept art.jpg
Concept art by Daniel Dociu.

The site of Cantha's most infamous murder, the Harvest Temple in which Emperor Angsiyan was struck down by the treacherous Shiro Tagachi still stands. It is the geographic epicenter of the Jade Wind; a place of fear, danger, and bitter memories. Here the mighty dragon Kuunavang still lurks in the caverns beneath the temple, utterly corrupted by the proximity of Shiro's death wail.

— in-game description

The Harvest Temple, also known as Kuan Jun Temple, was the holy place where the annual Harvest Ceremony took place. Before the Jade Wind, the Harvest Temple was a floating temple. It began to sink at the beginning of the Jade Wind causing the waters around it to create a whirlpool which was quickly frozen by the wind's petrifying effect.

Getting there[edit]

Completion of the Unwaking Waters mission is the only way to get here.


Quests available[edit]




(all level 20)

Faction allies[edit]

Other allies[edit]


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  • In the early days of Factions, "Kuan Jun" was spelled as "Kaoya Zun."

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