Sister Tai

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Sister Tai
Sister Tai.jpg
Affiliation Canthans
Type Human
Profession Monk Monk
Service Henchman
Level(s) 10, 16, 20
Campaign Factions

Sister Tai is one of the Monk teachers of Shing Jea Monastery. Like other Shing Jea instructors, she was one of the first to encounter the Affliction and worked to end it.




Quests given:

Quests involved in:



12 Divine Favor, 12 Healing Prayers at level 20
15 Divine Favor, 15 Healing Prayers as ally in Unwaking Waters mission


Haiju Lagoon and Sunqua Vale


  • No active energy management and many moderately expensive skills.
  • Healing Breeze is not energy efficient or used effectively by the AI.
  • Resurrection Chant has half the range of Flesh of My Flesh or Rebirth. She sometimes uses Resurrection Chant in the middle of a long fight after Resurrection Signets are expended, which tends to work out poorly.
  • The AI will use Divine Intervention on minions; as such, when minions are present, this skill is often recharging when needed to save allies.


Sunqua Vale and Panjiang Peninsula (to Factions monk characters)

"I am comforted to know that you have chosen the path of light. It warms my heart to see new Monks learning the art of prayer, healing, and protection. One day all of Cantha will and join us in prayer and cleanse this land of the evils that infect it.
What has brought you to me on such a beautiful day?"

Sunqua Vale and Panjiang Peninsula (to Factions non-monk characters)

"Hello, there. Ah, it seems that you have chosen a path outside of the light. Do not worry; all studies are valid, but some people cannot seem to see beyond a person's profession to the light within."

Sunqua Vale and Panjiang Peninsula (to non-Factions characters)

"I am afraid I cannot help you. You are not a student here. And do not bother trying to become one... the honor is reserved for Canthans."
Haiju Lagoon
"I need all my concentration for the task at hand."
Zen Daijun outpost
"I am not certain who could unleash a plague like this upon the peaceful people of Shing Jea. Whoever did this must be a tortured soul; this is a cry for help if I've ever seen one. Did you need my help with anything?"
Kaineng City towns and outposts
"Dwayna's love will shake the very pillars of this city and with it dump the sickness, plague, and evil out into the light where it shall repent and be set straight again. Let us hope all of this can be accomplished without bloodshed. In the end all creatures are good at heart.
Is there something you needed?"
The Jade Sea town and outposts
"Hello there. Is there something I can help you with? I'm always willing to spread the light of Dwayna by assisting others, and I'm certain there will be some need for healing if you plan to fight Shiro and put a stop to this plague.
Did you need anything else?"
Divine Path
"I know not what we are going to do on Shing Jea Island without Master Togo. I just cannot believe he is gone."


Shing Jea Island
"I admit that there are some moments when I give in to despair, when I doubt the inherent goodness in all beings. At times like these, I open my heart to Dwayna and I realize that goodness lies within us all."
"Shing Jea Island is truly a wonderful place, but sometimes I miss the city. The bustling marketplace, the smell of sticky buns cooking in the morning, it's really the little things in life that make it worth living."
"We should all be thankful that Master Togo has created this wonderful place where such a diverse group of people from all backgrounds can learn together in an atmosphere of peace and harmony."
Kaineng City
"Dwayna guide and protect us against those we confront and give us the power to forgive them for their misdeeds."
"Dwayna's loving embrace is with us at all times."
"The light of Dwayna will guide our path, always."
The Jade Sea
"It is always a pleasure to see students reach their full potential."
"Seeing how much damage the plague has done to these lands and the Luxon people is truly saddening. I can only hope that someday it may be healed."
"The sea is quite beautiful. I can only imagine what is was like before it was turned into jade."

Battle quotes[edit]

"Be careful out there."
"Can't we all just get along?"
"Don't worry if you die, I'll have you back in no time!"
"Dwayna guide me."
"Fear not, Dwayna shall protect us."
"Here, let me heal that for you."
"I am the soul of forgiveness."
"I forgive you."
"Stay safe."
"Take care of yourselves."



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