The Threat Grows

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The Threat Grows
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Factions

(Canthan only)

Given by Soar Honorclaw
in Kinya Province
(Shing Jea Island)
Preceded by Warning the Tengu
Followed by Journey to the Master
Type Primary quest
The Threat Grows map.jpg
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Having warned the Tengu, hurry on to warn an Instructor and students in Kaitan Village.

Quest information[edit]





This quest may seem difficult because of the groups of enemies you will be fighting, but it's really quite simple. Make your way to Kaitan Village but stay away from the quest marker to avoid spawning the enemies. Instead, wait on the left side of the NPCs and watch for the group of Canthan Guards to get close to the Kaitan Village sign. Once they are there, move to the NPCs and activate the spawns. The enemies will approach from the southwest. If done correctly, the level 20 Guards will kill the mobs for you and complete the quest.

An easy way to time this (and alleviate boredom) is to couple this mission with Cash Crops. Just avoid the quest marker (after kneeling at the appropriate places for Cash Crops), by circling to it from the south, and approach from the southwest.

If you walk to the peninsula right after receiving the quest from Soar Honorclaw, you can talk to Tahbo Paa near the map entrance to Panjiang Peninsula, to get the quest The Agriculturist. You also will have higher level henchmen if you walk from Ran Musu Gardens to the peninsula.







Initial dialogue[edit]

Soar Honorclaw
While you were away dealing with that plague creature, Ang the Ephemeral left a message for you. Apparently, several of your fellow students are visiting Kaitan Village on the Panjiang Peninsula, but Master Togo has sensed a growing threat in that area, and he believes that the students might be in mortal danger. He wants you to travel with all speed to Kaitan Village in Panjiang Pensinsula [sic] and help them deal with any threat.
Yes Accept: "I will leave at once."
No Decline: "Surely, the threat is not so dire."
Ask Ask: "The message from Ang the Ephemeral indicated that you should hurry to Kaitan Village on the Panjiang Peninsula."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Sister Tai
It is so good to see you <Character Name>. Master Togo sent word that help was coming, and here you are. You arrived just in time.


  • Instructor Weng Gha does not participate in combat, even if he is standing within aggro range of the fighting.