The Agriculturist

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The Agriculturist
Section Shing Jea Island Quests
Campaign Factions

(Canthan only)

Given by Tahbo Paa
in Kinya Province
(Shing Jea Island)
Type Secondary quest
The Agriculturist map.jpg
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Escort Tahbo Paa to Aerie.

Quest information[edit]





You can find Tahbo Paa at the resurrection shrine in the Southwestern corner of Kinya Province, near the portal to Panjiang Peninsula. To reach the Aerie, simply follow the Western coast North.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Tahbo Paa

"You look like a capable, adventurous sort! Perhaps I could entice you to escort me to Aerie? The Angchu Tengu no doubt await my arrival. I was to be there several days ago, but my hired escort took the advance I paid him and fled! Most discourteous, do you not think so?
You, stranger, look far nobler than he. Guide me to Aerie, and you will be well paid...after we arrive, of course."
Yes Accept: "Sure...what could possibly go wrong?"
No Decline: "Sorry, I'm allergic to feathers...and farming."
Ask Ask: "Hurry, we must reach Aerie. The Angchu Tengu may starve without the advanced farming techniques I bring them!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Tahbo Paa

"At last, Aerie! The Angchu Tengu do not look too angry at the delay...and their beaks will be smiling when they learn these techniques. Thank you, stranger."


Anomaly Anomaly. If you accept this quest then leave the area, the quest marker will be in the wrong place when you return. The marker will still be in Aerie, though you must collect Tahbo Paa again.